"Why should Sailor Earth even exist? Isn't Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask) the scout of Earth?"
Although during the past and present, Mamoru is the senshi of Earth, in the future he is King Endymion. Like Queen Serenity of the future, who doesn't become Sailor Moon, King Endymion would no longer change into Tuxedo Mask. This leaves the future Earth without a protector, which is what Sailor Earth is. Therefore Endymion is the scout of Earth of the past and present while Sailor Earth is the protector from the future.

"Shouldn't Sailor Chibi Moon (Chibiusa) become the next leader of the senshi, not Sailor Earth?"

First of all, My story takes place before Sailor Chibi Moon even exists making this question somewhat moot. However, in trying to keep the Sailor Moon continuity intact, when Sailor Earth was appointed, Reeni was niether a Sailor Senshi, nor old enough even if she was. Therefore Terra could be seen as sort of a retainer until Chibi Moon is old and wise enough to leader herself.

"How and why exactly does Terra end up in North america?"

As you know, Terra is from the future but did not go back in time like Chibiusa did. Terra instead did what the rest of the senshi did only she went back through time instead of forward and was reborn as a Terra Mackenzie. As for where she appeared, she could have appeared anywhere on the earth as long as she wasn't in Japan (The Dark Moon wanted her far away from the other senshi) so ending up in North America was a random thing.

"Why is Terra's last name different from Gurio Umino who is supposed to be her true father?"

This is sort of answered in the previous question. When Terra was living in the future (Crystal Tokyo), her last name was Umino, the same as her parents (this is Chibi Earth's last name as well). However when she went back through time and was reborn, she was given the name of her new parents, Mackenzie.

"Why did I use green and BROWN instead of green and blue for Sailor Earth's colors?"
I used brown instead of blue for a few reasons. First, each scout has it's own trademark color (ie: red for Mars, yellow for Venus, etc.) and brown wasn't being used but blue was by Mercury. Second, a lot of the scouts already have blue in their uniform (Sailor Moon, Venus, Mercury, Uranus) and I wanted her to be original. Third, brown is the color of earth (by this I mean the stuff under your feet). Lastly, the blue of Earth would signify water which is the domain of Sailor Neptune and I didn't want the two to overlap.
However, more than likely, Super Sailor Earth will have blue included in her outfit as well as the brown and green.

"Where did I get the pictures from?"

I get asked it a lot so I figured I should answer it here. The pictures of Sailor Earth (and my other senshi) I drew myself on paper and then scanned them in. I did not get them from somewhere else on the internet. This is why I say again, please do not take my pictures without asking me first, especially for use on the internet or your own personal benefit.

"What programs do I use to make all the pictures and animations?"

I basically use two programs to do most of my artwork. I used to use Paintshop Pro to do most of my editting Although I now use Photoshop. I also use gifanimator for the animations as well as for making transparencies.

"Am I planning on making individual story's for my other senshi?"
I've been asked this primarily because people want to know more than just where they came from and what there powers are (particularily Sailor Sun). Unfortunately, the answer is officially "no" I will not be making INIDIVIDUAL story's for each senshi because it's would take to long and I have a hard enough time just typing out Sailor Earth's story. However, I do intend to start adding my other senshi to my Sailor Earth story, much like in the regular Sailor Moon so that they can interact with each other as well as the original senshi. So yes, you will be able to read about the escapades of the other senshi.
One of the other senshi will get their own story to begin with however. Sailor X and Quirinus will be getting a story on her own that takes place before Sailor Earth. This is only because Sailor X and Quirinus are created by my friend Jim so he is actually writing the story for her (no I don't want your help with the other senshi). Her story also ends before Sailor Earth appears but she will reappear in Sailor Earth's story itself.

"Am I planning on adding in the outer senshi to my story, and if yes, How?"

I've been asked this a couple of times and my answer is, later. Although none of the outer senshi, save Pluto, will appear in the current Sailor Earth storyline, they will appear in the story following after it, Sailor Moon Infinite.

"Can I write a Sailor Earth (or other Neo Senshi) Story for you?"

I get asked this question occasionally. Right now I'm going to have to be a big meanie and so no. Right now I have the story for Sailor Earth and the rest of the scouts for the next 20+ episodes (I haven't actually counted) and I don't want to have to work around somebody elses story.

"Can I use your senshi for my own fanfic?"

Again, I'm going to have to be a big meanie and say no. I started this site with the hopes of making a unique and original internet site and I believe what makes my site original are my neo senshi. If I started letting people use my senshi it would, my site would loose it's uniqueness which is why I say no.

"How will this story end?"

Yes, I've been asked this. My answer is you'll just have to wait. I personally hate spoilers so you won't be seeing any on this site. It is also why Sailor Zanadu and Eros have no history right now.

"Are there going to be anymore neo senshi in the fanfic?"
Besides Sailors Earth, Sun, X, Appollo, Zanadu, Chibi Earth, Phobos & Deimos, and the latest scouts Quirinus, Charon and Eros, Terry has only a possible male character in the works. However, don't expect to see him and Sailor Eros for quite some time as they won't appear until the second Sailor Earth Series Sailor Moon Infinite. Whether or not Jim will be making anymore characters is unknown at this time.
NOTE: This does not include the "Chibi's Day Out" Independant Fanfic which will include an almost entirely new cast of scouts.

"I've just come up with a new senshi! Will you put it on your page?"

Due to the theme of our pages, Jim and I get A LOT of people with ideas for new senshi wanting us to put them up on ours sites. Many of these senshi are very good ideas, but unfortunately with the size of ASMO plus the my other web projects (S6, Angels RPG and Minions of RPG) I don't have the room to put them anywhere. Also, I wouldn't want to play favorites as to which senshi I'd accept and I can't accept all of them for there would be far too many.

"Where are these other planets?"

Well, I could try and explain where Zanadu, Appollo and X (Quirinus) are but I figured it would be easier to draw so I did.
Zanadu shares the same orbit around the Sun as the Earth but is always on the opposite side of the Sun so it can never be seen by the Earth. Appollo was destroyed a long time ago and is now the asteroid belt we all know and love. Planet X (aka Nemesis) is possibly that theoretical object beyond pluto that gives pluto is erractic orbit of the Sun.

"Where do you get your names for your senshi?"

Besides Earth and Sun, I got most of the names for my senshi from Roman mythology. Apollo is the god of Truth, Quirinus is the God of Harvest, Minerva a Warrior Goddess and Cupid is the God of Love. Eros is actually the greek equivalent to Cupid. Zanadu is the only scout name I got from movie, "Xanadu".

For name birth names, most of their names have some significant meaning. (Note: With Japanese names, last names are given first)

  • Terra Mackenzie (Sailor Earth): "Terra" is latin for earth and "Mackenzie" is supposed to give a hint as to her place of birth.
  • Taiyo Ohiko (Sailor Sun): "Ohiko" is a variation of on one of the Japanese words for sun, "Ohimi". (Note: it is quite common for a Japanese girls name to end in 'ko'). "Taiyo" is another word for Sun.
  • Tokojiki Junko (Sailor Appollo): Amusingly, I just made up "Tokojiki Junko" completely off the top of my head only to find out later that both names acutally have meaning. With her last name, "toko" means bed and "jiki" means immediately while her first name "jun" means pure.
  • Uchuno Ajime (Sailor Charon): The name as a whole translates to "Ajime of Space". Although "Ajime" holds no comprehendable meaning.
  • Bikkuri Eureka (Sailor Eros): "Eureka" is actually an english word but it sounds a lot like japanese, "Yurika". "Bikkuri" is japanese for surprise.
  • Umino Naru (Sailor Chibi Earth): "Naru" is the Japanese name of Molly while Umino is Melvin's last name in Japan. Hence, she (and Terra) are the daughters of Molly and Melvin.

    I got most, if not all of the japanese stuff out of a english-japanese dictionary.

    "Which is your Favorite Senshi?"
    Well, there are two ways I can answer this. If you mean overall, it would definately be Sailor Mars. It think this is obvious as I originally based Terra's personality off of her and made her Terra's bestfriend
    Now if you mean which one of the new scouts is my favorite, you may be surprised but it is not Sailor Earth. My favorite of our scouts is Sailor Appollo.

    "You spelt Apollo and Xanadu wrong."

    Call it artistic expression. I just like 'Appollo' better. Besides, the planet Appollo was around long before any of us were around so maybe it is us earthlings who are spelling it wrong. The reason I spelt Zanadu wrong is to avoid any possible legal action considering Xanadu is the name of a movie.

    "Why do some of the senshi look like characters from other cartoons?"

    I've been asked this a lot lately, particularily with Sailor Quirinus, Charon and Sun. First of all I'd like to say it's really hard to make a character that does not look like another character from another cartoon in some way or another.
    Quirinus supposedly looks like Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth although I don't see it. They look nothing alike except from their school uniforms. The reason they have the same uniform because Quirinus goes to the same school as Hikaru. This was Jim's idea and Quirinus is his character after all. No one's noticed this but Jim's other character, Sailor X, wears the same uniform as Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2 as well.
    I'll admit my first picture of Sailor Charon's was based off of Tokiko Mima, aka Key the metal idol. However, I did not copy her outright, I just used her as a base for creating Charon. She does not act like Key though but acts more like Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager minus all the nasty borg qualities. However, from now on I'll attempt to make Charon different from Key. Lately I've also been told that Sailor Sun looks like Belle from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". Now although they do share some similarities, it's entirely coincidental. I've never really liked Beauty and the Beast and am I not fond of Disney in general so they would be the last company I'd rip off. Besides, stealing from Disney is asking for trouble.

    "What in the world is Chibi Earth saying in that one picture?"

    What I am saying in that piccy is "matta kite kudasai" (mah-tah kee-teh koo-da-sigh) which is roughly Japanese for, "Please come again".

    As more relevant frequently asked questions come up, I'll answer them here. Do you have a question? then e-mail me at yelling@ramiel.org