Sailor Phobos & Deimos


It was another peaceful day at the cherry hill shrine. The sun shone lazily down through the afternoon haze, and a slight breeze danced among the leaves of the trees.

"Umm, could you move for one second? I wouldn't want to sweep these leaves into your hair." Raye asked.
"Oops! Sorry for getting in your way." Ohiko apologized, and lifted herself off the entrance of the shrine. She had been lying there for quite some time, soaking in the sunshine and listening to the rustling of the leaves.
"Thats okay. Grandpa just wanted me to sweep up." Raye replied, and swept the last bit of leaves away. Then she sat down on the edge of the entrance and pointed for Ohiko to join her. Ohiko sat down beside her and took deep breath and let it out with a sigh. She felt really content. "This temple is beautiful." Ohiko sighed wistfully, "I can see why Terra likes spending so much time here." and she lay back, gazing up towards the sky.
"Where is Terra?" Raye looked around, remembering Terra had been around earlier.
"I think she went inside with Chad," Ohiko pondered, "I think I heard something about a song."
Raye gave a half-hearted groan, but she was in to good a mood to let it bother her.
Ohiko continued to let her gaze wander around the sky. She finally focused on two birds circling above them. "Raye, whats with those crows?"
Raye looked up, "Actually, they're ravens. They follow me around the temple wherever I go."
"Terra thinks they're parculiar too. I'm used to it though, they've been watching over me since I can remember. Terra thinks that's strange too because she thinks they shouldn't live that long." Raye explained.
"Well, Terra would know." Ohiko replied, although she thought it didn't really matter.
The two of them sat quietly for some time, enjoying the nice weather. Then Raye suddenly stiffened. Ohiko noticed Raye and sat back up, "What's wrong?"
Raye seemed to gaze off into space for a moment. "Somethings not right" she replied in a trance like state. Then they heard this low rumbling noise. They actually felt it before they heard it. "That wouldn't be Chad's music would it?" Ohiko asked uneasily.
Raye shook her head. It was getting louder. Just then the entrance to the shrine opened and Chad and Terra peeked their heads out.
"Raye whats all that noise? I can't hear my music." Chad complained.
Just then something broke through the wall that enclosed the temple sending cement flying in all directions and then plowwed into the pile of leaves the Raye swept earlier. The four stared in awe at what they saw. In the pile of leaves lay a large hairy ball that had spines sticking out of it in all directions. The spines right now were covered with leaves.
"Terra, what is that?" Ohiko whispered.
"I don't know." Terra whispered back.
"Maybe it's a giant, headless porcupine with no arms and legs." Raye whispered back sarcastically.
"Oww!" Terra pinched Raye on the shoulder for that remark. Then the spiny ball began to stir. It appeared to uncoil and after a few seconds arms and legs were visible and then its head. Finally, in front of them stood a dark brown creature, it's head, back and the backside of its arms and legs were covered with spines. "Who put this pile of leaves here!" squeeked the creature. "Do you know how long it take to remove leaves from my spines?"
The four started to giggle a little because of the creatures unusually high pitched voice compared to it's relatively large body. This enraged the creature, who was already upset because of the leaves. It raised one of its arms. "See if you laugh at this!!" it squeeled.
It then threw it arm down sending a wave a spines at them. Ohiko and Raye jumped out of the way while Chad closed the door just in time. A rain of spine impaled themselves on the door. Terra then opened the door again.
"Terra, what are you doing?" Chad yelled and tried to close the door.
"Sorry!!", said Terra as she pushed him out of the way and stepped outside, closing the door behind her.
"Earth Life Power!!"
"Mars Star Power!!"
"Solaris Star Power!!"
"I am Sailor Mars! Were sorry about the leaves but we can't have you trying to hurt innocent people. If you don't stop it on your own we'll have to force you."
"Hmmph! Go ahead and try!!" it squeeked back defiantly. It then quickly curled back up into a ball and charged the girls. Sailor Sun and Earth jumped clearly out of the way but the Mars was not so fortunate. Sailor Mars was knocked off her feet and landed on her chest, knocking the wind out of her. She tried to get up and the creature uncurled and raised it's arm, ready to shower her with spines. "I'm waiting to force me to stop!!" it screeched.
Sudden, the two ravens which had been circling high above before dove down out of the sky at the creatures head and continued to attack it. Mars took this oportunity to put some distance between her and the creature. Just then the creature managed to swat both the birds out of the air, hitting them to the ground.
"NO!!!" Mars screamed.
"You asked for it pal!!" Sailor Sun shouted.
"No Sun! you'll set the temple on fire!!" Mars yelled but it was too late.
"Solaris Super Nova!!"
Sailor Sun was just about to launch her attack when Sailor Earth stepped in.
"Earth Life Energy Absorb!!"
Sailor Earth started to absorbing Sailor Sun's power as quickly as she could to reduce the strength of Sun's attack. Then blast left Sailor Sun and connected with the creature. It was apparent the Sailor Earth's efforts were successful. The creature was severely scorched and fell to the ground, but nothing else was touched.
Raye still looking at the creature lying on the ground groaning, "Quick thinking Earth."
"Yeah, I'm really sorry." Sailor Sun apologized, "I should had thought about what damage I could have done before I acted."
"Th-t-th-tha-that's o-o-ok-okay," Sailor Earth stuttered out.
Both Mars and Sun glanced at Sailor Earth, noticing her stutter. Earth was flinching noticably and her body had a literal aura about her.
"What happened?" They both asked surprised.
"I-I th-thi-think I ab-absorb-ed t-too mu-much ener-en-nergy." she sputtered out.
They both started giggling.
Earth got upset, "I-it's n-not fu-funny!!" and she started jogging on the spot.
Sailor Sun laughed even louder but Mars had stopped laughing, remembering the birds. She walked over to where they were. She found them crumpled up on the ground. One had a couple spines in it's wing while the other had a spine through one of it wings and another through in it's leg. Raye gave a sigh of relief, they were still alive. She carefully pulled out the spines. She was amazed at how calm they appeared and how much they seem to trust her.
After removing the spines, Raye began to worry again. They weren't moving at all and their breathe seemed somewhat shallow.
"Terra? can't you do anything?" Mars pleaded.
"I-I do-don't kn-ow. I-I'm n-not a ve-et y-yet. Be-sides, I c-can't kee-keep m-my han-ands st-still."
Then Sailor Sun, leaned down beside Mars to look at the birds. "Poor things! They look like their out of energy." She thought outloud.
"Thats it! Ohiko your a genius!" Mars exclaimed, "Terra, transfer some of that excess energy to them!"
"WHAT!?!", the first word Earth had been able to get out on the first try.
"Just do it!!" Mars yelled.
"O-ok-ay..." Earth, was obviously a little skeptical but wanted to get rid of the energy.
"Earth Life Energy Return!!"
The ravens at first appeared to get better but then all of a sudden they started to shake uncontrollably.
"What did you do?" Mars yelled at Earth.
"I'm sorry, I couldn't control it! It was too much energy. It's not like I've given energy to birds before anywayz." Earth apologized, staring down at the birds.
"Now you know how I feel," Sailor Sun looked at Earth.
Suddenly the birds disappeared in a cloud of feathers. The three jumped back with a start. Then out of the cloud of feathers stepped two almost identical girls in sailor outfits. Earth and Sun's jaws dropped and Mars passed out.
The one in yellow with her black hair tied back with a bow asked, "Are you okay?" to the other who was in blue with her black hair tied up in a pony-tail.
"Just a flesh wound, you?" she replied.
"Ditto." the one in yellow answered.
They both turned to the two standing scouts and simultaneously asked, "Where is the walking pin cushion?"
Sailor Earth came back to her sense first, "Who? Oh, you mean him," she point to the smoldering creature who was still rolling around in agony.
"PAY BACK TIME!!" the two girls cheered together.
"Deimos Tornado Strike!!"
The two girls produced a small power twister that the girl in blue brought down on the spined creature. The tornado picked the creature up and threw it up high into the air, letting it crash down into the ground. It let out a horrific howl as it hit the ground.
"My Turn!!" yelled the girl in yellow.
"Phobos Shockwave Strike!!"
The two girls the produced two pockets of high pressure air which the girl in yellow slammed together producing a shockwave which sent flying into the creature knocking through the wall of the temple. The creature let of a final shriek and then faded away to dust.
"Moon Dusted!!" the two girls let out a final cheer and started hopping around.
Sailor Earth had by this time managed to revive Mars.
"Um, just who are you two?" Sun asked.
The two girls stopped jumping around.
"I am Sailor Phobos!" replied the one in yellow.
"I am Sailor Deimos!" replied the one in blue.
"and we're the Sailor Guardians!!" they sang in harmony.
By this point Mars had gotten back to her feet. "I think you two have some explaining to do."

A little while later the three scouts had changed back to normal. The two girls also changed out of their outfits but remained human. They had gathered in one of the rooms of the temple. Chad had brought them some crackers, which Ohiko was busy nibbling away at, and then he left.

"Tell me again, what exactly are you guys?" Raye asked.
The two girls let out a sigh and then Phobos did all the talking. "We are the Sailor Guardians. It is our job to help protect the Sailor scouts. You don't remember us because back in the time of the Moon Kingdom, we were kept a secret. Queen Serenity thought it wiser to keep us a secret so we would be a surprise to the negaverse when we did make ourselves known..."
"Besides, we weren't ready back then," Deimos mumbled.
"How come you haven't helped us before then?" Raye inquired.
Again, Phobos answered, "Because it was such a long time since the negaverse first attacked. When they finally did attack we didn't have enough energy to transform."
The two girls turned to Terra and bowed, "Thank you!"
Terra giggled, "Don't mention it."
Phobos continued, "Anyway, you are no longer in danger so we are no longer needed." and with that, disappeared in a cloud of feathers and is replaced by a raven which hopped up to the window sill and caws back at Deimos.
"Wait a second! Will you two..." Raye started but was cut off by Deimos, "Yes, we have enough power now so we will help whenever we are needed."
Deimos then quickly grabbed a cracker and gobbled it down. Then, she too disappeared in a cloud of feathers. The second raven joined the first on the window sill and they flew off.
The three girls stared out the window for a few moments. Raye's head hits the table with a thud and groaned. Ohiko looked over a Terra, "I don't think this place will be nearly as quiet now."
Terra, still looking out the window, replied, "I think your right."

Thus introduces Sailor Phobos and Deimos. I'm not sure how this will fit in with the rest of my story but it was fun to write and it gave me a chance to work out Sailor Sun as well.