Sailor Earth: Land of the Rising Sun

Landing of the Rising Sun

By Terence Ladan.

It was a weary windy cold day as the girls gathered in the usual park, huddled around a bench that sat by the lake. Serena, Ami, Mina and Raye sat on the bench while Lita and Terra stood in front of them. The cold overcast sky deepened their resentment for having to be there. "I want to go home, why do we have to this stupid meeting here!" Serena complained, pulling her jacket tightly around her.

"Because the temple is being 'renovated' because of our last guest," Raye groaned. It was now her turn to stay with Terra in her apartment.
"That's not what I meant. Why are we even having this meeting," Serena explained, "We anihilated that bird woman so what's the problem?"
"With Terra's help." Raye added.
"Yeah, yeah. Terra's proven she's a scout now, but that's not what I asked," Serena replied grudgingly.
Terra turned around and looked out across the lake, and smiled. She was the only one out of the group that was dressed warm, although she looked really out of place with them. "Need warm clothes where I come from," she had replied when she joined them earlier that day.
Luna poked her head out of the bag Serena held in her lap, "That's no reason to relax Serena. Katsy said there are four elementals and you've only defeated one."
"Yeah, and Atrax was supposed to be one of the weakest and you guys had a hard time." Artemis, who lying underneath the bench, added.
"Okay, okay, but can't we go somewhere warmer?"
"How about the antigravity room?" Mina suggested.
All the girls' moods improved with the joke. Serena and Terra didn't understand. "Sure, that's as good a place as any." Lita agreed.
"Antigravity room?? Oh, I remember now." Serena finally remembered.
"Well I don't remember, what's the antigravity room?" Terra asked, not liking not being a part of the joke.
"You had to be there it was a blast," Lita replied, "well, until the monster showed up anyway."
Ami decided to explain it to Terra, "We don't know how she did it but somehow Reeni had managed cancel the effects of gravity inside a building we were in."
"Weird," Terra thought out loud.
Serena got up from the bench and addressed the group, "Well, shall we go?"
Luna, whose head was still sticking out of the bag, said, "But they don't allow cats in that restaurant."
Serena pushed Luna's head bag into the bag, "We'll sneak you in." From inside the bag Luna could be heard muttering, "Great, relying on Serena's super slooth abilities. Now I'm really in trouble."

"Trulum, have you found Atrax yet?" Whisper growled, he was obviously in a foul mood making Trulum feel somewhat agitated.

"No sire, nor Rubius either. I fear the worst."
"I care not about Rubius. That fool will appear when it is most inconvenient," Whisper snarled.
"Well maybe I should come back another time then?" a voice replied sarcastically and Rubius entered through one of the chambers many mirrors.
"Yes that would be appreciated unless you happen to know where Atrax is?" Trulum mocked.
"Hmm, last time I saw her she was splashing about in a birdbath. Very well, I will come back some other time," Rubius stated with a smirk on his face and turned to leave.
"Rubius wait," Whisper stopped him, "what exactly do you mean by that?"
"Just as I said, the last I saw of her she was a little sparrow in a birdbath. The scouts defeated her. She almost won too but under estimated the power of that new scout."
"Hmm, that is most unfortunate. Apparent she let her pride get the best of her," Whisper sounded sincerely disappointed, "and we still do not know the last scouts abilities."
"You mean Sailor Venus? Sailor Earth apparent tripled her power and I got a good look at Earth's power as well. Some sort of energy geizer. Not all that powerful but effective." Rubius explained.
"And how did you come by all this Rubius? See as how your not supposed to leave here." Trulum asked accusingly.
"Sorry, after hearing about this new scout I followed Atrax and watched. Atrax was not the only one who can move about undetected."
"I will let your disregard of orders slip this time Rubius seeing as you are now again our Scout expert, but do not do it again." Whisper pointed out, making it apparent to Rubius that he was serious.
"Now Trulum, it would appear you have lost your scout distraction so you're going to have to produce your own."
Trulum bowed to Whisper, "Yes sire, I have been fearing this would happen and have already come up with a back up measure."
"Good, I'll trust you with the details. Now Rubius, follow me. I want a detailed description of what happened." Whispered said, a little more relaxed and passed through one of the mirrors.
Grutag pointed for Rubius to follow Whisper and when he had done so, Grutag followed.

"This is much better!" Lita exclaimed, happy to be inside as it had started to rain. Lita plopped down into one of the booths of the restaurant overlooking the drab street and slid up to the window. Mina sat down beside her while Ami and Raye sat across from them. Serena and Terra took up seats in the table right next to them, Serena dropping the bag she was carrying on to the table.

"Easy for you too say," Luna groaned from inside the bag.
"Quiet Luna," Serena hissed quietly.
"Well it is definitely better than sitting out in the rain." Mina agreed.
"Yes, the weather is almost as bad as it was last time." Ami added.
Suddenly lightning ripped across the sky followed by a thunderous boom.
"A little too much like last time," Serena cringed.
"Can I take your orders?" politely asked the short, black haired waitress.
"Sure, I'll have a tea please," Mina responded first.
"I'll have a hot chocolate," replied Lita. "Oh that's a good idea, can I change mine to that as well?" Mina asked the waitress. The waitress nodded and scribbled it down on her notepad.
Raye thought for a moment, "I'll have a tea."
"Me too," Ami smiled.
"I'll have a large double strawberry milkshake!" Serena beamed.
Terra was stunned for a moment by Serena's request, "I'll just have a coffee."
"That'll stunt your growth you know," Serena decided to point out.
"Too late."
The waitress walked away chuckling to herself. Raye waited until the waitress was out of earshot, "I hope you can afford that girlfriend, because we're not bailing you out this time."
"Don't worry, don't worry," Serena pleaded.
The girls spent the time waiting for their beverages by telling Terra about the last time they were there. Then the waitress finally returned with their drinks and proceeded to put them on the table. Unfortunately, Raye and Mina hadn't noticed her and were still talking.
"Of course you had to stick your head up my dress." Mina accused.
"It's not like I WANTED to see your underwear!"
"Uh, you guys, your drinks are here." Lita awkwardly pointed out to the two of them.
Mina and Raye slowly turned their heads towards the waitress, noticing the shocked look on her face. The two of them went beat red with embarrassment.
"It's not what you think." Raye tried to explain.
"W-we were here on this one day when something really weird happened." Mina stammered out.
The waitress quickly regained her composure, "Oh, you were here when THAT happen. I heard about it." She then smiled and went to another customers table.
"Swift going guys," Serena mumbled and then pounced on her shake. Mina and Raye groaned audibly.
"May I remind you that we are here to talk scout business," Luna muffled voice could be heard coming from Serena's bag.
"Right!" all the girls cheered at once. Then after a long pause, Serena finally broke the silence "So what's there to discuss?"
All the girls dropped their heads for none of them knew.
Luna finally popped her head out of the bag with frustration, "How about what we should do when we encounter the next Elemental consider it will be stronger than the last one and we almost didn't make it."
Raye interrupted Luna, "If it weren't for..." but Serena cut Raye off, "Terra, yes we know already! Do you always have to bring it up?"
Terra didn't like being the reason for the argument, "Raye, the only reason I was of any help was because I was lucky enough not to get thrown into a building like Lita, else I wouldn't have been any help either."
"Yeah, so there." Serena agreed.
"Oh my gawd, I just helped Serena against Raye," Terra thought as she realized what she had just done and smacked herself on the forehead.
Serena noticed this, "What did you do that for?"
"Nothing... nothing..."
"Anywayz as I was saying," Luna tried to continue.
"Don't worry Luna. We just underestimated Atrax an let our guards down," Ami tried to calm Luna down.
"Right. Now that we know what they're capable of, we won't let that happen again." Lita nodded.
"That's for sure," Mina added, "my uniform looked like it was steam pressed with me in it."
With that they all began to laugh. Raye quickly stopped however, noticing that someone else was laughing with them as well. Sitting behind Lita, across in the next booth, sat a lone girl who was obviously trying to stifle her laughter. "She's eavesdropping!" Raye thought to herself, "funny I didn't notice her before."
Raye then leaned across the table and motioned to Lita that she want to whisper in her ear. Lita leaned across the table and listened.
"Eavesdropping?!" Lita shouted as she sat back up, causing Raye to cringe and the rest of the girls to stare at Lita's outburst. Luna quickly pulled her head back into the bag not wanting to be seen.
The girl in the next booth sunk down into her seat, realizing she had been caught, only to feel someone tapping her on her shoulder. She looked up to see Lita leaning across the booth seats, staring down at her.
"Do you mind?" Lita asked civilly.
"Sorry," The girl apologized turned around and sat up to face Lita.
Lita went into shock. The girl was looking down on her.
"I didn't mean too," the girl continued, "I couldn't help but overhearing... and it's just that I'm a... I'm..." the girl stammered out, obviously distraught with embarrassment.
"Your what? Nosy?" Serena exclaimed, hoping the girl hadn't noticed Luna.
The girl face went beet red, "Sorry," she said as she bowed deeply. The girl then quickly got up out of the booth, almost stumbling, put some money on the table for the waitress and bowed again, "I'm really sorry." The girl then walked quickly towards the exit, her head bowed down trying to hide herself. Unfortunately she wasn't watching where she was going and cracked her head on the frame of the doorway and went crashing down to the floor.
"Oh, that's gotta hurt," Mina gasped.
"Oh Jeez," Terra mumbled to herself. Feeling sorry for the girl, Terra got up and walked over to the girl and helped her up. Terra realized what had caught Lita off guard.
"This girl is stratospheric," Terra thought to herself, and then asked, "You Okay?"
"Yes thank you. I'm really sorry," the girl murmured and then dashed out the door, ducking this time. The embarrassment was obvious more than the girl could take.
Terra paused for a moment to watch the fleeing girl and then returned to her seat.
"Is she okay?" Mina asked.
It took Terra a few moments to realize Mina was asking her, "Hmm? Oh, yeah I think so."
"Well she deserved it. You shouldn't be eavesdropping on other people's conversation. It's rude." Serena declared after finishing the last of her shake.
"I don't know. She seemed nice enough," Terra pondered out loud.
"Do you think she noticed Luna?" Ami asked. "I don't think so," Raye replied.
Meanwhile Lita hadn't moved an inch. Mina poked her in the side with her finger, "Hello, Lita? Earth calling Lita."
Terra decided to use this for a joke, "Hey, your not Earth, I am!"
"Ha ha," Mina replied half heartedly.
"Taller... she was tall..." Lita finally mumbled out in a trance-like state.
Mina poked Lita in the side again, this time with a fork.
"Ow, hey that hurt!" Lita complained.
"She's alive!" Serena cheered.
"Very funny guys," Lita griped and was about to sit back down when she noticed an umbrella in the booth where the girl had been sitting. "Oh great, she left her umbrella here," Lita picked it up to show the others.
"She must still be downstairs," Ami announced, " I highly doubt should would have went outside in this rain."
"Yeah, she's probably just too embarrassed to come back and get it until we leave." Raye added.
"Here," Serena grabbed the umbrella and got up, "Since I'm already finished I'll go downstairs and give it to her," and then dashed out the doorway.
After a brief pause, it dawned on Raye, "She had better come back to pay for her shake!"

Serena dashed down the stairs and glanced around the shoppe that was below the restaurant. "Well, a girl her size shouldn't be hard to spot but I don't see her," talking to herself. Serena quickly looked down all the aisles of the store but realized the girl wasn't here.

"Guess she did go outside," Serena headed to the entrance of the shoppe and stepped outside. It was raining harder than before reducing visibility. Serena looked down one direction of the street only to see a few pedestrians with umbrella as well as the occasional car. She then stared down the street in the other direction seeing more pedestrians with umbrella's and farther off in the distance, a the silhouette of a truck, it's arms reached up and bent a light standard.
"Well, unless she had two umbrella's she's not out here either," and turned around to go back inside.
"Wait a minute... ARMS?!?" Serena dropped the umbrella and dashed back inside.

Serena came flying in through the restaurant entrance.

"About time Serena," Raye nagged, "What took you so long?"
"Did you get the umbrella to her?" Mina asked.
"Umbrella? Umm, never mind that," Serena replied gasping, "Big truck... (gasp) with arms... (gasp) destroying the street. We gotta go!"
"WHAT?!?" they all yelled simultaneously and got up.
"Lets go!" Serena cheered and dashed back out the door. The rest of the girls following.
"You forgot to pay!" yelled the waitress at the fleeing group of girls.
Terra, who was the last of the girls to leave, "We're just going to the toilet. You know us girls gotta go in groups!" and dashed out the entrance.
"But the toilets that way," the waitress replied as she pointed to another doorway but realized that they were already gone, "Great, now I'm in for it."
"You're not the only one," Luna groaned. She was still hiding in Serena's bag, which was still on the table.

They ran out into the street to see that the 'truck' was closer than before and therefore could see it in better detail.

"Serena, that's an giant squid, not a truck!" Raye pointed out.
"Actually it's a nautilus," Terra corrected Raye.
"Terra, save the biology lecture for later, We gotta stop this thing." Serena stated bluntly.
She was right. The large nautilus (it looks like a squid with its body in a hard snail shaped shell) was pulling itself along on the light standards and was indiscriminately destroying things as it went. Slamming it's many arms into the buildings on either side of the street and throwing cars this way and that.
"Moon Crystal Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Jupiter Star Power!"
"Mercury Star Power!"
"Earth Life Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"
"Listen squid face! I am Sailor Moon and I stand for love I..." Sailor Moon started but was interrupted by Mars.
"I don't think it understands."
"Oh yeah, you're probably right."
"Right so lets just get it over with and fry this thing!" Jupiter pronounced.
"Jupiter I don't think that's a wise idea," Earth commented but it was too late.
" The lightning bolt struck the nautilus in the side but suddenly spread and leapt along the water soaked street. The scouts all jumped at the shock they each received.
"Hello! Water and Electricity don't mix Jupiter," Mars complained.
The creature however appeared unscathed.
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"
The rings of fire leapt out at the creature but fizzled out by the time they reached it due to the downpour.
"Hello, Water and Fire don't mix Mars," Jupiter imitated Mars' previous remark.
"I should have saw that coming," Mars groaned, "I hate this rain!"
"Well my power shouldn't be effect by the rain," mentioned Mercury and stepped forward.
"Mercury Icestorm Blast!"
Mercury attack was partially successful. While it had reached the monster and froze part of it, it did not really seem to slow the creature down any. "Sorry, guys."
"Well maybe if you had a boost in energy," Mars suggested.
"Wouldn't hurt to try." Earth agreed and closed her eyes.
"Earth Life Energy Absorb!"
The ground beneath both Sailor Earth and the giant nautilus glowed momentarily and then stopped. Earth opened her eyes and blinked, staring at the creature.
"Well?" Serena asked impatiently.
"It didn't have any," Earth astounded, "not enough that I could take any."
Mercury pulled out her computer and scanned the nautilus, "She's right, it doesn't appear to have much energy at all."
"Well, it would explain why it's moving so slowly," Jupiter remarked.
"Well, I guess I might as well try," Earth decided.
"Earth Magma Strike!"
A geizer on energy burst out from underneath the nautilus knocking it over on its side. It lay still for a moment and then reached over to a light standard with one of its arms, righted itself up again and continued on with its business.
"Apparently it's shell is pretty tough," Mars groaned, "Your turn oh great leader."
"Yeah, even you should be able to hit that large and slow target without any problem," Earth teased.
"Very funny. Alright here I go."
"Moon Scepter Elimination!"
The blast flashed towards the nautilus but struck something before hitting it. Mercury quickly scanned it with her computer, "It's some sort of energy barrier"
"Well now we know where all it's energy is."
Before any of the scouts realized it, one of the nautiluses many arms rose up in the air to strike down on Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon shrieked in terror as she saw the arm come barreling down on her.
"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
The love chain struck out at the arm, knocking it aside so that it came crashing down beside Sailor Moon. They all then beat a hasty retreat out of the range of it arms.
"Earth, how do we beat that thing?" Moon whined.
"How should I know?"
"Well you are little miss animal expert."
"Sorry, I was never tested on giant air-breathing nautiluses with forcefields."
"Well, couldn't you steal the energy from the forcefield?" Venus asked.
"I don't think so. I can only take energy from living creatures." Earth apologized.
"Well, what do we do now?" Jupiter asked.
"What you guys need is more power!" they all heard a voice echo down from up above them. They all looked up to the top of a five-story apartment to their left. Suddenly the clouds above the building parted and the sun shone down on a lone girl standing on top of the apartment. She was dressed in a white and yellow scout outfit.
"Who is she?" Earth asked, obviously puzzled.
"I don't know," Mercury replied, equally puzzled.
"Solaris Super Nova!" the mystery scout yelled, and threw her arms and head back, raising one knee slightly. She then brought her head forward, stomped her raised foot and clapped her outstretched hands together in front of her. Putting her hands in front of her, she pulled them apart, a glowing fiery white ball of energy materialized between them and grew to the size of a basketball.
"Catch this!" she yelled down at the creature and threw the ball of energy down at it. The ball of energy came into contact the barrier and exploded producing a blinding white blast. The force of the explosion knocked the scout on the ground off their feet.
A moment later. the scouts struggled back to their feet, the smell of cooked nautilus hung in the air. The scout surveyed the area, or what was left of it. All of the buildings nearby showed signs of scorching and had their windows blasted out. The street had been superheated and was now bone dry while cars had been tossed like toys. What was most obvious however was the crater that spanned the width of the road where the nautilus had been, the smell was emanating from within.
The scouts walked to the edge of the crater, to look down upon the nautilus within it. It's flesh was obviously cooked
"Anybody hungry?" Venus joked sarcastically.
The rest groaned. Suddenly the nautilus began to stir.
"It's not dead?" Jupiter gasped.
"Sailor Moon, I think you had better finish it off now." Mars stated anxiously.
"Right, Moon Scepter Elimination!"
This time there was no barrier to protect the creature and the blast struck it, turning it to dust.
"Moon dusted!" Sailor Moon cheered.
"Finally, now will somebody tell me who she is?" Mars yelled, and point up at the girl.
"Don't forget to pay your bill!" the scout called and disappeared.
"She's gone!"
"She's the waitress?" Sailor Moon responded.
"I don't think so," Earth replied.
"Well she did say Solaris Super Nova so my guess is she's Sailor Solaris." Jupiter thought out.
"Great, and where is this planet Solaris?" Sailor Moon asked.
"Solaris is the name of our sun stupid! How ever did you pass astronomy?" Mars accused.
"I'm the school expert on the Moon," Sailor Moon scoffed.
"Figures," Earth mumbled.
"Sailor Sun huh?" Sailor Moon thought out loud as she looked up to the place where the clouds had parted before and was now clouding over again.
"Mercury, what are you doing? It's dead already." Venus noticed Mercury was scanning with her computer again.
"That's not what I'm looking for," Mercury answered and continued scanning, "These elementals are collecting energy right? Well that nautilus wasn't so I think it was just another distraction."
Mercury stopped and faced down the street in the direction the nautilus had come from, "That way, I'm getting a massive surge of negaenergy from that direction."
"Well, let's go then," and Jupiter charged down the street followed by the others.

They continued to run down the street when Venus came to a stop beside an entrance to the subway system.

"What is it?" Sailor Moon and the rest stopped as well.
"What is that smell," Sailor Venus gagged.
"Eww, smells like rotting fish," Earth gasped as well.
"Well, that's where the energy is coming from down there," Mercury stated.
"We hafta go down there?" Moon complained, "isn't one monster a day enough?"
"Come on," Venus coaxed Moon and they headed down the stairs to the subway plugging their noses.

When they reached the main floor of the subway and found a few people lying collapsed at the bottom of the stair

"Now where?" Venus asked. Suddenly they could hear screams coming from further down the hall.
"That way!" Jupiter yelled and dashed off in the direction of the screams followed by the rest of the scouts. They soon found a group of people trapped by a scaly creature with spiny fins and it's mouth surrounded by tentacles
"Hold it righd dere swid faze, How dare yew polude our air! I am Saila Moon. I s'and for lub and jusdice, and in de name ob de Moon, I shall puniz yew." Sailor Moon called out.
"Quit plugging your nose stupid!" Mars complained.
"Alright, alright. But it smells..."
Earth leaned over to Venus and whispered, "Just where do you guys come up with this stuff."
Venus giggled, "Don't worry, you'll be able to make speeches like that soon."
"Not sure I want too."
The creature turned around, "Ah the sailor louts, what an unpleasant surprise. Let me introduce myself. I am Trulum, warrior master of water."
"Yeah? Well I am Sailor Moon, warrior master of moon dust and you're about to come under my control."
"I don't think so," Trulum replied and suddenly the cover to a drainage pipe in the floor flew off from a jet of water exploding from underneath. The column of water then struck out at the scouts knocking them off their feet.
Trulum began to advance towards the scouts, extending the spines on his body when a single rose landed in front of his feet, stopping him in his tracks. He looked up in the direction the rose came from to see Tuxedo Mask standing atop a turnstile.
"I don't recall Tuna being on today's menu," Tuxedo Mask mocked.
"As much as I would like to play with you some more, I rather like to keep the energy I have collected so until next time," Trulum stated and jumped down into the drainage pipe and disappeared.
Mars got up and look down into the pipe, "He's gone."
The rest of the scouts joined her looking down the pipe. "How did he fit down that?" Venus asked as it was obviously quite narrow.
"Well, now what?" Mars asked.
"Nothing much we can do accept head back to the restaurant and pay our bill," Earth replied.
"Guess your right," Sailor Moon agreed and they left.

The girls had changed back and had returned to the coffee shoppe and were greeted by the same waitress.

"Oh, you came back," she replied surprisingly.
"Oh course we came back, I told you we were only going to the toilet." Terra defended.
"Some bathroom break," the waitress said sarcastically looking at her watch, "You needn't worry though, your friend paid for you guys."
"What friend?"
"That tall girl, and she said not to worry, she had her umbrella."
"Gee, that was nice of her," Mina acknowledged.
Serena was busy looking around the shoppe, "Ummm, where's my bag?"
"I think your friend took it," answered the waitress, "Anywayz, I have to get back to work. Please come again." and she disappeared back into the shoppe.
Serena started bawling.
"What the matter Serena? It's not like you were going to do that homework anyway." Terra replied.
"How's that supposed to make her feel better?" Lita scolded Terra.
"Sorry, I didn't come out the way I meant."
Serena calmed for a moment to say, "That's not it guys. She's got Luna," and then Serena broke out into an all out wail.