Sailor Earth: To Kill a Mocking Bird

To Kill a Mocking Bird

By Terence Ladan.

The wind outside the temple was beginning to pick up. Terra stood pinned against a tree by a very tall creature. Terra held Reeni behind her, trying to protect her.

The creatures was all red and blue and much taller than Terra. It had sharp points sticking out of it body, a crown of yellow feathers on it head and had a dart at the end of each of it's fingers which it held at Terra throat. It was obvious to Terra that this creature was a walking dart gun but she doubted it would put her to sleep. It would do much worse.
"If you don't come out right now Sailor Venus, I will do these two in!" The creature howled again.
Suddenly the door to the shrine flew open and Sailor Venus could be seen in the open doorway, her hair dancing in the wind.
Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
The Love Chain struck out at the creature and knocked it down and away from Terra and Reeni.
"Terra, get Reeni out of here!"
Terra nodded, grabbed Reeni about the waist and picked her up. She then raced towards the shrine entrance where Venus was standing. The creature by this point managed to get back to its feet and launched a wave of darts after the retreating Terra and Reeni. Terra lunged out of the way of the flying darts, and crashed to the ground with Reeni beneath her.
Sailor Venus dashed towards the creature, "Venus Punch!" Venus hit the monster across its jaw with her fist and sent it stumbling back. Terra looked over her shoulder to see the creature stumble back, picked up Reeni and ran into the temple and told Reeni to hide.
After seeing Terra and Reeni safe into the temple, Venus turned to the Negamonster, "How did you know I was here?"
"Lucky guess," the monster spat, and lunged at Venus with it hands. Venus backflipped out of the way.
"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!"
Venus' beam caught the creature in the shoulder as it tried to avoid it. It screeched in pain and sent a blizzard of darts at Venus with its good arm. Venus jumped behind a large tree to hide from the wall of darts. She heard the "Thack, Thack, Thack," sound of the darts hitting to tree she hid behind and jumped back in horror as the tree began to rot.
"Oh NO! You're not going to do that to me buddy!" Venus yelled.
Sailor Venus raced towards the creature. The monster threw another storm of darts at the scout. Venus leapt over the wave of darts and flew directly towards the creature.
"Venus Kick!"
Venus landed a kick to the creature's ribcage, sending it flying into a nearby tree. As Venus landed on her feet, one of her legs collapsed underneath her and she fell to the ground. The limp leg was impaled by the spines that covered the creature's body.
"Owww!" she squirmed as she tried to get up but realized she couldn't.
The creature however had managed to get back to its feet. "Nighty-night Sailor Venus. Rest in Peace!" it scoffed, a smug expression on it face. It then sent another wave of dart at the helpless scout.
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!" Rings of fire leapt out from behind one of the tree, catching the darts and sending them to dust. The creature turn to look where the fire had come from to see four scouts step out from the trees
"You didn't actually think we'd let you finish off one of our friends did you?" Jupiter pronounced.
"Because if you did, you seriously misjudged us," Mercury added. "Because we are the Sailor Scouts! We stand for Love and Justice. In the name of the Moon..."
"And in the name of Mercury... "
"And in the name of Jupiter... "
"And in the name of Mars, We Shall punish you!"
The creature stared at the scouts for a moment, "Finished?"
The scouts all nodded in reply.
"Good. I'll let you know it not wise to surround me." The creature growled as it balanced on one leg and began to spin.
"What's it doing?" Jupiter asked.
"I don't know." Sailor Moon replied, confused.
Suddenly a spine flew out from the spinning monster and struck Sailor Moon in the right wrist causing her to drop her scepter. "Oww!" She then picked it up with her good hand.
"Everyone, hide behind something!" Mercury yelled and jumped behind a tree just as more spines started flying outward from the monster. The rest of the scouts followed Mercury's lead and hid behind trees.
"What's going on?" Sailor Moon yelled as she cringed behind a rather small tree, holding her scepter in her good hand.
"The monster is using it's centrifical forces to throw out it spines." Mercury replied.
"Uh, guys we got a problem!" Mars called out. The trees they were hiding behind began to rot. "What will we do?" Sailor Moon panicked.
"Where's Mina?" Jupiter called out from the tree she was behind.
All scouts gasped as they remembered they left Venus out there. Mars peeked out from around the rotting tree she was hiding behind. She could see Venus lying close to the ground, the darts not seeming to reach her.
"She's Okay! Everybody get as close to the ground as you can." Mars called out.
All the scouts did as they heard and lay flat out on their stomachs.
"Great, how are we supposed to fight like this?" Jupiter grumbled.

Sailor Earth had finally gotten Reeni in a place she felt comfortable with and was about to leave the shrine and join the other when she could hear the sounds of the darts impaling themselves on the walls of the temple.

"What's going on out there?" She thought to herself and decided to peak out the window. The first thing she noticed was the spinning monster sending out waves after wave of darts in all directions, and then she noticed the scouts pinned down to the ground in the trees.
She then quickly ducked as a wave of darts came flying in through the window.
"No good in me going out there," She thought, "but as long as I can see it I could steal it's energy and give it to one of the others out there." she quickly decided and peeked out the window again to look at the monster.
"Earth Life Energy Absorb!"

The scouts outside noticed the ground beneath the monster glow.

"All right Terra!" Mars cheered.
"What she going to do with it?" Sailor Moon complained, "none of us are in any position to use the power."
Earth had realized this too as she looked at each of the scouts hiding amongst the trees. Then she realized there was one scout missing amongst the group in the tree. She then spotted Venus sprawled on the ground quite some distance from the others.
"Well, she not in a much better position than the others but it can't be helped."
"Earth Life Energy Return!"
Venus noticed the ground beneath her begin to glow and the pain in her leg vanished. She then realized what was happening. She jumped and danced around cheering, "Yeah!! It's my turn! I get a new Power!" Amazingly, not one dart touched her as she danced about.
"Venus Love Chain..."
A single love chain appeared and encircled her, protecting her from the rush of darts.
"This isn't new!" Venus complained.
Then suddenly a second and third love chain appeared and they, plus the first, began to dance about Sailor Venus like charmed snakes.
"Wicked Cool!" She cheered.
"Venus Melt my Heart Strike!!"
Sailor Venus then pointed to the creature and stated, "Sick'em Boys!"
The three love chains speared towards the spinning monster. The monster quickly stopped spinning and avoided the first chain only to be caught in the shoulder by the second and then the leg by the third. The first chain then came back around and struck the monster from behind, impaling it through the chest. The Monster screamed out in agony as it's chest and then the rest of its body melt's away to a golden yellow dust.

All the scouts cheered and ran towards Venus and gave her a big group hug.

"Sailor V saves the day again!" Sailor Moon boasted, transferred the scepter to her weak hand and patted Venus on the back.
Venus turned to Sailor Earth, pretending to scold her, "I was wondering when it would be my turn to get an energy boost."
"Hey, this is the first time I've seen you in action!" Earth defended herself.
"Where's Reeni?" Mercury asked.
"Oh she's in the Temple." Earth replied.
Just then, another scream could be heard coming from inside the temple. "That was Reeni again!" Jupiter gasped.
"But we just saved her!" Sailor Moon whined.
"This is no time to complain Serena! Let's go see what's wrong." Sailor Earth yelled and was just about to race back into the shrine when the roof of the shrine exploded outwards. Atrax appeared out of the hole holding Reeni in her grasp. "Well, well princess, you're not what I was looking for but you'll make a nice extra bonus!" Atrax cackled at Reeni and flew out over the scouts.
"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!"
The beam caught Atrax in the wing causing Atrax to fall out of the sky with an "awk!" Atrax fell down to the earth while Reeni landed on top of Sailor Moon. The rest of the scouts quickly surround Atrax.
"Weren't expecting us were you?" Jupiter scoffed.
Atrax snarled in response.
After pushing Reeni off of her, Sailor Moon joined the rest of the scouts, "Time to say goodnight bird-woman!" and held up her moon scepter.
Atrax looked up at Sailor Moon with a smile and leapt up into the air snatching the scepter away from her weak hand.
"Thank you! I was waiting for you to show that!" Atrax laughed, "Did you really think it was that easy to catch the scout of the elementals?"
"Don't mock us! Jupiter Thunderbolt Crash!"
Atrax simply moved out of the way of the bolt. "Ha! I don't fall the same trick twice Jupiter!" Atrax laughed.
Suddenly the air around Jupiter began to revolve around her and quickly became a powerful vortex. The twister then picked up Jupiter and flung her into the wall of the shrine which gave way due to the incredible force at which she was thrown.
"Hey!" all the scouts yelled in unison, Reeni ran off in the direction that Jupiter was thrown to see in she was Okay.
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"
"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
"Mercury Icestorm Blast!"
Atrax again laughed and sent a shockwave much stronger than the one she used on the helicopter against the three scouts who tried to attack her. The shockwave knocked their attacks out of the air and slammed the three scouts into the ground. The three let out a groan of pain and tried to return to their feet.
"Not enough?" Atrax smirked and sent another shockwave, bigger than the previous, against the same three scouts slamming them hard into the ground again. They went silent.
"Earth Life Energy..."
"Oh no you don't!" Atrax yelled at Sailor Earth and picked her up and threw her in the same way Jupiter had been thrown.
Atrax then turned towards Sailor Moon, "So what are going to do without this?" Atrax asked, twirling the moon scepter in her hand like a baton.
Sailor Moon stood defiantly, "I'll show you!"
"Moon Tiara Magic!"
Sailor Moon tossed her tiara at Atrax. Atrax laughed and caught the tiara in her hand. "Is that the best you can do?" and then threw it back at her followed another shockwave. The wave caught Sailor Moon, hitting her to the ground.
"Time to say goodnight Moongirl!" Atrax scoffed.
"Not yet!" someone called from behind Atrax.
Atrax turned to see Sailor Earth picking leaves and twigs out of her hair. "Are you still alive?" Atrax smirked. "Next time, throw me at something harder." Earth replied. "So what are you going to do? Steal my energy? You don't have anyone to protect you or give the energy to for that matter." Atrax laughed.
"No, but I can do this!" Terra yelled followed by,
"Earth Magma Strike!!"
Earth pinwheeled her arms from back to front, stopping with her hands together in front of her, palms down and leaned forward slightly. The earth beneath her feet began to glow momentarily. Then the glowing stopped.
Atrax paused for a moment, "Well, that was impressive." she exaggerated.
Then the ground shook and buckled beneath the Atrax. The ground then exploded outwards beneath her and a jet of green energy burst out striking Atrax out of the air. Atrax screamed in pain and dropped the scepter as she fell to the ground, her feathers severely scorched.
Sailor Earth quickly picked up the fallen scepter saying, "Serena catch!" and tossed it as at Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon caught the scepter feebly and got back to her feet.
Atrax looked up to see Sailor Moon and Sailor Earth standing over her and knew she was too weak to defend herself. She then looked directly at Sailor Earth, "keeping your power a secret, smart move," Atrax confessed, "We should have gotten rid of you when we had the chance."
"Moon Scepter Elimination!"
Atrax's body turned to dust and Sailor Moon and Earth let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly something began to stir in the pile of dust that was Atrax's body. Both Earth and Moon jumped back in surprise as a sparrow appeared out of the dust, shook itself off and flew away.
"Do you think that was Atrax?" Sailor Moon asked edgily. "I don't think so... " Earth replied. Reeni appeared holding Jupiter's hand. Reeni ran towards Sailor Earth and gave her a big hug, "You're Okay!"
Earth nodded.
Jupiter looked in pain as she had a really bad cut on her shoulder, but said she was okay and helped them revive the others.

"So Terra, why didn't you use that power before?" Sailor Moon asked.

"Didn't remember before," She replied.
"Any other powers you don't remember?"
"Don't remember."
Sailor Moon growled in response. After a few moments she asked, "What do you suppose Atrax meant by 'We should have gotten rid of you when we had the chance'?"
"Don't know," she replied, and then added, "but I don't like the sound of it. Apparently they know what I don't remember. Who I was before."
She then looked over at a birdbath riddled with spines. It had the same birds she had seen earlier that day splashing about in it with one exception. Now there was also a sparrow.