Sailor Earth: Memories...


By Terence Ladan.

Atrax had just returned to the main chamber of the NegaMoon. Trulum had already arrived and had a smug look on his face. Rubius was also there, leaning up against one of the mirrors with his arms crossed, staring out into space. He was obviously bored. One of the other mirrors quivered and Whisper and Grutag appeared through it. "Good, you have both returned. Report." Whisper acknowledged.

Trulum being impatient quickly stepped forward and bowed before Atrax even blinked. "Sire, while Atrax was wasting the scouts time, I collected a vast amount of energy from a ferry." Trulum boasted and he produced a swirling mass of dark energy.
"Good, and how did you fair Atrax?"
Atrax first gave Trulum a sneer, not liking his insinuation, and then turned to Whisper and bowed. "First, I did what you asked of me and I held up the scouts for a time and as expected of me, I found out some of the scouts powers. I also managed to collect a fair amount of energy from a small traffic problem." Atrax under exaggerated. She then produced a mass of energy as well which was substantially larger than Trulum's. This caused Rubius to laugh. Trulum hissed at Atrax and then stormed out of the chamber. Whisper began to snicker as well.
"As I expected. Her pride would not let her be outdone by the fish." Whisper thought to himself. "What of the scout powers?" He asked.
Atrax righted herself up from the bow, now having the smug expression herself. She continued, "Sailor Moon and Mercury's powers were just as Rubius stated. Although I have no idea what effect SHE would have on them as she was not present. Sailor Mercury also had this pathetic ability to cloud over an area."
Whisper smirked, "You would think that. Well, for what we have gathered on the other scouts, Mercury's boosted power should be of no concern and the Moon girl should be easy enough to disable. Well, you might as well go out and verify that last scouts power."
"Venus." Atrax stated.
"Eh-hem," Rubius cleared his throat.
"Yes, what is it Rubius?" Whisper declared, not liking Rubius's intrusion.
"I'd like to know who this 'SHE' you keep mentioning is, seeing as I am unable to find out for myself as I'm supposed to remain here as an advisor." Rubius asked bluntly.
Whisper, neither wanting nor having time to deal with Rubius, turned to Atrax, "Before you leave, explain it to him would you? I have to go report this to the Wiseman." Whisper then turned and disappeared through one of the mirrors followed by Grutag.
"Well?" Rubius looked at Atrax.
Atrax scowled, not liking having to deal with outsiders of the elementals. "SHE is the Guardian of the Royal Family of Crystal Tokyo, leader of the Sailor Scouts... The one they call Sailor Earth."

Terra was sitting around the backside of shrine, watching some birds splash around in a birdbath. It was quite peaceful. Something startled the birds and they flew off into some nearby trees. Terra just continued to gaze off into the distance, obviously lost in thought, the wind catching her hair and tossing it about her head. She brushed the hair out her face and lay back staring up at the sky, watching the clouds roll by through the mid-afternoon haze.

"I don't remember a time I've ever been happier," She finally broke the silence in her head. She then closed her eyes and listened to the sounds around her. "Which is strange considering what has happened to me since I came here." She thought out of the blue. She then got back up and crossed her legs, resting her head in her hands. "I mean, if any of my friends back home were to go through what I have just been through, they'd all be visiting the psyche by now. But this seems all so normal to me. Why?" She thought gloomily to herself. "If only I could remember whatever it is I'm supposed to remember." she sighed
She sat there for quite sometime, pouting, trying to remember, not noticing the return of the birds. Terra only came out of her trance-like state after feeling a drop of water hit her face from the splashing birds.
"Oh what's the use!" she grumbled, scaring the birds off again.
"Oops! I'm sorry," she called out to the birds. "I'm getting testy for no good reason. I mean, I am happy, that's what's important." she beamed and she felt better.
"There you are Terra."
Terra turned her head to see Raye's Grandpa walking up to her. "The other girls are here and asked me to find you."
Terra got up. "Oh okay... Thank you."
"Do you want me to show you what room they are in?"
"No thank you, I'll find it." Terra replied courteously and stepped back inside the shrine.

Terra soon found which room the others were in but decide to wait outside one of the doors and listen in.

She first heard Serena's voice, "Soooo Raye, do you know if Terra is getting a ride from Darien today?" she asked nonchalantly.
"Serena! What business is that of yours?" Raye could be heard retaliating.
Terra stifled a laugh. She loved bugging Serena about Darien. Then Ami's voice could be heard.
"Oh come on Raye. You should know anything having to do with Darien,"
"Or Tuxedo Mask," Mina added.
"Or the Moonlight Knight," Lita continued to add.
"Is Serena's business." Ami finished. Then all the girls began to laugh.
Terra was laughing to herself too and thought it was time to make her entrance when she heard the door on the other side of the room the girls were in open. She then decided to wait a few more moments.
"Reeni!!" She heard Raye yell.
"Reeni?" Terra's heart stopped. "Where have I heard that name before?"

Inside the room, Reeni entered and sat down between Raye and Ami. All the girls were sitting around a low table, some rice crackers were sitting on a plate in the middle of the table which nobody was eating from.

"What are you doing here you little spore! It looked like you weren't talking to us anymore." Serena leaned across the table and growled at Reeni.
"Yeah Reeni, we haven't seen you in a while. Where have you been?" Mina asked Reeni nicely.
"There has been something I wanted to ask you guys but I didn't know how because I wasn't sure how'd you'd answer." Reeni replied quietly, looking down into her lap.
"You should know you could ask us anything Reeni." Ami said cheerfully.
"Yeah, we'd really like to help you." Lita agreed.
Reeni looked up and asked, "Are you guys the Sailor Scouts?"
All the girls went pale with shock. "Wh-what gave you that idea." Ami choked out.
"You don't need to hide it. I saw you guys transform before you went to fight on the bridge." Reeni stated.
"You must be seeing things Reeni. Must be all that ice cream you ate." Serena cackled out, doing a very bad job of trying to hide her nervousness.
"Yeah," Raye agreed, "You don't expect someone as ditzy as Serena to be a Sailor Scout do you?"
"Raye!!" Serena screamed and pinched Raye on the leg.
Reeni turned to Ami, "You guys are the Sailor Scouts aren't you."
"Afraid so." Ami admitted followed by an audible sigh from all the girls.
Just then the door on the other side of the room slid open. Terra stood in the doorway, her face was blank. Raye stopped her staring contest with Serena to greet Terra.
"There you are. I was beginning to think we would need to send out a search party." Raye said jokingly.
There was no response from Terra, however, she just stared at Reeni. Reeni stared back at Terra, her eyes glazed over and she began to cry.
"Terra!!" Reeni cried out. She jumped up and ran towards Terra, wrapping her arms about Terra's waist and cried into Terra's chest.
All the girls stared in shock. Serena then got up, mumbled something about being too much for the brain to handle as she walked out of the room.
Terra stared down at the top of Reeni's head for a moment before whispering, "Pr-Princess Reeni?"
"Terra?" Raye questioned, still in shock.
Terra put her arms around Reeni and looked up, smiling with tears rolling down her cheeks, "I remember..."

After quite a few Kleenexes later, Reeni and Terra were able to control their tears, although Reeni was still sniffling. By this point Mina had found Serena and they brought their cats back to the Shrine. All the girls had gather around Terra who had Reeni sitting contently in her lap, still sniffling.

"So what exactly do you remember?" Artemis inquired.
Terra was still smiling, "Not much really. I just remember her, Princess Reeni and she was my friend." "That's it?" Serena blurted out. Serena was not to impressed by the apparent closeness that Terra had with Reeni. "Why is it that little brat likes everyone but me!" Serena complained to herself.
"Well, it's a start." Lita replied.
Terra answered, "I don't care if it's not much. It's something I needed."
"I've had this feeling that everything that has happened to me is normal and I should be used to all this without any reason. It really bugged me that I had thoughts and feelings I couldn't explain. I at least now have something to explain all this and hopefully I will be able to start answering all the question in my head." Terra replied, feeling as though she was going to cry again.
"You don't remembering anything?" Reeni looked up at Terra.
Terra shook her head in reply. "Just you..."
"Reeni, maybe you could help her remember." Ami asked.
"I'll try. But I don't know much about her besides what we did together. She's the older sister of my friend Naru, and she took care of me whenever her Mom was busy. We played lots of games together..."
Mina cut Reeni short, "What was her mother's name?"
"I don't know, I just called her 'Nana', She took care of me whenever I was sick. I didn't know her father. He was always busy doing something. Ummm, She had two sisters and four brothers."
"Seven kids?" Lita exclaimed.
Raye looked at Terra, "Does that help any?"
Terra again shook her head, "Sorry."
"Do you know anything about 'Sailor Earth' Reeni?" Ami asked.
Reeni's eyes brightened up. "You mean Terra's power? Yes!"
"Not likely! You didn't recognize her on TV!" Serena quipped. All the girls snickered, remembering Sailor Earth's 'debut' on television.
"That's because I never saw what she looked like before dumby!" Reeni explained.
Before Serena could retaliate, Mina budded in. "Well, tell us Reeni." she inquired.
"Well, just before I left home, Terra was given something that made her become the warrior of earth. I think it was an amulet. What she is supposed to do is protect me and become the next leader of the warrior ladies." Reeni told.
"Warrior ladies?" Ami exclaimed.
Mina turned to Lita "You don't suppose she means us?"
A smirk crossed Terra's face. "Oh yeah, I do remember something like that..."
Terra's smirk broadened as she looked towards Serena. Serena glared back, not liking the where this was heading.

"What do you mean the leader of the Sailor Scouts? I thought Sailor Moon was their leader!" Rubius questioned.

Atrax was annoyed as she wanted to leave. "You are simple minded. You obviously have spent too much time in the past Rubius. Sailor Earth is like us. She is from the future and therefore is their leader in the future, or at least leader to be."
"What do you mean?"
Atrax groaned, realizing this might take a while and got comfortable. "Sailor Moon is the leader of the scouts right now but she will be the Queen of Crystal Tokyo in the future."
Rubius growled. "How do you know this?" Rubius did not like being left in the dark.
"Actually, the Wiseman figured it out quite some time ago. Why do you think he wants us to remove the scouts?"
Atrax continued. "Now because Sailor Moon no longer existed, they created Earth to take her place as leader. Our guess is they sent her back in time to protect the Princess. We tried to interfere with her transport but apparently the fools responsible for this task failed. Now if that is all, I have something i must do."
Rubius nodded as he brooded to himself. Atrax turned and left. A few moments later Rubius followed.

"What do you mean by the leader?" Serena growled.

"Is that true?" Raye questioned Terra.
Terra giggled at Serena's reaction. "Actually I don't have a clue. I was just kidding!" Terra poked Serena in the shoulder.
"Very funny." Serena mumbled, picking up a comic from a pile in the corner and started reading it.
"But that doesn't dismiss what Reeni said." Ami brought up.
"Are you sure Reeni? Is Terra supposed to be the leader?" Mina asked.
Reeni nodded. "That the main reason she became a warrior," and reached for a cracker after witnessing Serena take one.
"Well, It would explain why I find you guys so familiar," Terra thought out loud.
Serena finished swallowing the cracker she just ate and looked up from the comic at Terra. "Oh no. You are not becoming our leader!" and she reached for another cracker and Reeni did the same.
"Huh? Oh, I don't think you'll have to worry about me becoming leader. I don't think I'm in any shape right now anyway." Terra replied, scratching her head, feeling embarrassed.
"I don't know," Raye exclaimed, "You would probably make a great leader once you got your memory back."
"You think so?" Terra looked back at Raye, a little surprised.
"Raye!!" Serena screamed, and got into a staring contest with Raye. Everyone could feel the sparks flying off between the two of them.

The cats who had been silent up to now decided to speak quietly amongst themselves. "What do you think Luna?" Artemis turned to Luna.

"I'm not sure. This could create some problems." Luna whispered.
"Why? This wouldn't be the first time Serena's leadership has come into question but Serena has always stayed the leader."
"I know, but Terra wasn't here before and she might be enough to upset the balance between the scouts."
"I see what you mean, but it doesn't look like Terra's too much interested in leadership."
Both cats look over at Terra. Terra sat watching Reeni nibbling down yet another cracker in her lap. She is apparently lost in thought again but a faint smile could be seen on her face.
"Your right," Luna agrees, "Poor Terra is way too busy trying to make sense of her life right now to even consider leadership." Luna relaxed a bit.

"HAHA! I got the last cracker!!" Reeni taunted Serena. Serena broke off her glaring contest with Raye to turn on Reeni but it was too late as Reeni broke the cracker in half and shared it with Terra.

"Why you little fungus!" Serena screeched.
"Serena, don't worry about it. I'll go get some more." Raye pulled herself off the floor and left through the same door Terra had entered. Raye came back moments later with a plate full of more rice crackers and then disappeared again saying she had to go help Chad with some of the chores.

The rest of the afternoon went by quietly beside the odd giggle from Serena and Mina who were busy rereading Raye's Sailor V comics. The two cats lay napping in the corner while Ami spent the time studying for her upcoming Chemistry Test. Lita tried to keep up with Ami but soon was left completely confused and decided to doze off instead. Reeni spent the time trying to remind Terra of all the things they did together. Terra was remembering some of it but she realized it would be a while before she remembered everything she and Reeni did together, let alone the rest of her prior life.

As dinnertime approached, Terra became aware of the time. "Oh I should be going."
"Going? Is your apartment repaired?" Artemis aroused, still yawning.
Terra nodded, "Yup, My Karinin-san had them fix it up real fast. She was afraid that if I didn't go back soon, I never would." "Is Darien picking you up?" Serena beamed, hoping she would get a chance to see him again.
"Sorry, you're out of luck. He had to work so I'm taking the bus."
Terra picked Reeni off her lap and got up. She stretched her legs and they groaned in agony after having Reeni sit on them for the last hour.
"Do you have to go?" Reeni asked.
"I should, I want to see how my place looks." Terra apologized and then looked at the others, "will you guys tell Raye I'll be back for the rest of my stuff tomorrow?"
They all nodded in unison.
"Terra, could I at least walk you to the bus stop?" Reeni pleaded.
"Sure, come on munchkin. Bye you guys," and Terra helped Reeni to her feet and they left the room.

They all replied back.

Once Serena was sure the two of them were out of hearing distance. "I can't believe that little brat. Clinging to Terra like that." she mumbled.
Luna looked up, "I think it's good that she has someone she trusts."
Serena looks at her cat, "I thought you were asleep."
"I was listening to Terra and Reeni. I think that's the first time I ever her Reeni talk so openly. She always used to be so defensive," Luna explained.
"I guess your right." Serena shrugged and went back to reading her comics.
Moments later a scream could be heard coming from outside causing all the girls to jump. "That was Reeni!" Raye yelled as she came running in from one of the doors.
"Sailor Venus, I know you are here! If you don't come out these two get it!!" they heard another voice call from outside.
All the girls looked at Mina.
"Me?" Mina exclaimed, shocked, "Why me??"