Sailor Earth: Mall Rats

Mall Rats

By Terence Ladan.

[Note: Karinin-san: Japanese for Manager.]

It was the weekend and it had been a couple of days since the Negamoon attack on the dormitory where Terra stayed. The work to repair Terra's room was far from finished but she didn't mind. She had enjoyed staying at Raye's place and Raye enjoyed having someone around she could talk to. On this weekend however, Terra needed to get away from the Shrine. All that morning, Raye's Grandfather had been trying to get Terra to join in him in some training which she was none to interested in, so she decided to take a look back at the dormitory.

When she arrived, she was greeted by her dorm Manager. "Welcome back Miss Mackenzie. I'm sorry, it will be at least another week before your room is fixed up."
"Oh that's okay Karinin-san. I didn't expect it to be repaired that quickly. Anywayz, I'm actually enjoying myself at my friends."
"Oh? I hope you're not too happy there. I think you would be missed if you didn't return." the manager joked.
"Oh, don't worry," Terra laughed, "I wouldn't want to overstay my welcome there anyway." Actually, she was getting tired of arguing with Serena every time she came over to read Raye's comics.
"Thats good! So what brings you here now? I wouldn't be to check for this?" the Manager brought a envelop out of the pocket in her apron.
Terra's eyes grew to the size of saucers, "Is that for me?"
"Yes, and it's pretty thick. May actually have some money in it." the Manager snickered at Terra's reaction and hands over the envelop. Terra ripped through the envelope, pulled out the letter, which she dropped to the floor and then pulled out a stack of bills and quickly started to count it.
"Terra dear, I realize that you were a little strapped for cash but shouldn't you at least read the letter?"
Terra blushed with embarrassment, "Sorry." and she picks up the note and proceeds to read it.
"'Dear Terra, How are you..' Blah Blah Blah ' Your brother just broke up with his girlfriend but is okay and sends his love' Good, I never liked her. Blah Blah Blah, 'We sent you some spending money' Blah Blah Blah ' We miss you. Love Mom and Dad."
"Thank you Kanrinin-san!!" Terra beamed.
"Don't thank me. You should write back and thank your parents." the Manager tried to scold her, but couldn't keep a smile off her face.
Embarrassment returned to Terra's face. "I will, thanks again though." Terra bowed respectfully and then ran off in the direction of the bus stop to go back to Raye's Shrine.
"Your welcome, Miss Mackenzie." replied the Manager and headed back inside.

Terra returned to the shrine an hour later and found Chad outside sweeping the entrance.

"Hi Terra! Wanna hear my new song!" Chad sounded really excited.
"Sure! But maybe later Okay? I have to tell Raye something first."
"Okay..." Chad replied, sounding a little disappointed, and returned to sweeping.
Terra felt a little bad and was going to ask to hear the song now when they heard a loud high pitched cackling that sent shivers down Terra's spine.
"Oh, by the way Terra. Serena's here."
Terra groaned and headed inside. She didn't really feel like hearing the song anymore. Terra found Raye and Serena in Raye's room, hunched over reading comics. It wasn't hard for her to find them, she just followed the sound of Serena's laughter.
Raye looked up, "Hi Terra. Where did you go? You should have told someone where you were going."
The mention of Terra's name stopped Serena from laughing and she looked up. "Yeah, If you get lost, we wouldn't know where to find you."
"I'm sorry. I just went to visit my dorm. Anywayz, you wouldn't be able to find me anyhow because if I was lost, I wouldn't be where I said I was now would I?" Terra stated.
This put a confused look on Serena's face. Then Terra remembered Raye had asked Terra earlier for her to be nicer to Serena so she figured she would try and added, "but thanks for your concern though." Serena just smiled and returned to reading her comic.
"So is your place fixed up already?" Serena asked without looking up from the comic.
"Not yet. I was just there to pick up something." Terra beamed, remembering her money.
Raye then looked up, her face gleaming, "You mean you got it?" Raye knew what that something was.
"Yup!! and now we can go shopping" Terra cheered and was soon joined by Raye both of whom began dancing around. Serena joined them causing both of them to stop in their tracks and stare at Serena. Serena then stopped too after noticing their stares.
"Eh? Oh, can I come too?" Serena begged and gave the biggest puppy dog eyes she could muster.
Terra was about to say no but gave in, "Oh fine."
Serena jumped up and cheered.
"Hey, I just had a really super idea," Raye started.
Serena was thinking, "Where have I heard THAT before."
Raye continued, "Why don't we invite, Lita, Ami and Mina to go too?"
Both Serena and Terra agreed.

After getting in touch with the rest of the group, they all decided the best time to go shopping would be after their next day of school. That day, Mina arrived first at Crossroads Junior High School to find both Ami and Lita waiting outside.

"Hi Guys! No one else here yet?" Mina greeted.
"No. But Raye and Terra should be here soon. It takes a while to get here from their school." Ami answered.
"There they are now." Lita pointed in the direction of a bus that just stopped on the other side of the road. Terra and Raye could be seen getting off it.
"Great! Now all we have to do is wait for Serena." Lita added.
"Where is Serena?" Mina inquired.
"In detention as usual," Ami sighed, "she fell asleep in class again today. It was really quite funny. She kept calling out Tuxedo Mask."
This caused all three of them to laugh.
Just then Raye and Terra walked up to where they were standing. "Hi Guys!" Lita replied.
"Hi. Can we go now?" Raye asked.
"Well, Serena is in detention right now. I'm not sure if we should wait for her or not." Ami answered. Then they all groaned.
Just then somebody grabbed Terra by the arm and started dragging her off. "Molly! Where have you been? I was suppose to help you study for Math remember?"
Terra, froze with shock for a moment and then turned around and bit his head off "Excuse Me!! My name is not Molly you little dweeb it's, "
Ami cut in, "Melvin, that's not Molly."
Melvin stopped pulling on Terra's arm to take a closer look, "Uh-oh."
"Melvin! Whose arm is that you're holding!?" Molly just came running up looking really steamed, Serena running behind her. Melvin's legs turned to Jell-O and he leaned on Terra's arm even more. "This.. I... Umm... it's... " is all Melvin managed to get out before passing out.
Ami tried to explain what happened to Molly, "Molly, I think it's just a misunderstanding. I think Melvin mistook Terra for you."
This calmed Molly down.
"You know, you two could be sisters." Ami noticed, looking at the Molly and Terra.
"Your right. Funny I never noticed before." Serena added.
"Uh, Serena. Aren't you supposed to be in detention?" Mina asked.
Everybody finally noticed Serena presence. "Oh, Miss H. forgot she had a date tonight so she let me go."
All this time, Terra and Molly had been staring at each other. Terra finally broke her gaze and looked down at the unconscious Melvin who still had a grip on Terra's sleeve. "Umm, is he yours?"
Molly nodded giggling "Uh-huh." blushing a little.
"I'm really sorry bout this," Terra blushed, a little embarrassed herself.
"That's Okay. I can see why he got us confused. His eyesight not so good after all." Molly apologized and they both started to laugh.
"Well, they say everyone has a twin in the world. I guess your mine." Terra added.
Raye broke in, "Well, shall we go?" All the girls nodded in agreement.
Just then Melvin woke up and looked up at Molly. "Molly! I just had the weirdest dream! There were two of you! But I picked the wrong one!" Then he got back up to his feet and looked around at all the girls watching him.
And then he spotted Terra. "Yiii! It's the Pig-Tailed Girl!!" and just ran away screaming.
All the girls started to laugh. Molly finally managed to control her laughter enough to talk, "Well, I should go tell him. Bye Serena, I'll see you tomorrow." and she chased after him.
"Bye Molly." and the girls left for the mall.

"Well Atrax, since you were incapable of collecting energy, I will give that responsibility to someone else."

Atrax shuddered, deeply resenting the remark but knew it was unwise to talk back to Whisper after a failure. She knew the only reason he was being civil was because of her knowledge of another scout's power, the one they call Jupiter.
"However," Whisper continued, "I want you to continue your attacks to keep the scouts busy. At least you can find out what the rest of the scouts' powers are, and if you do manage to get some power, so be it. Now go."
This improved Atrax's mood, although she did not show it. She hoped she still had a chance to redeem her pride. "Yes Sire." and she turned and left.
"Now Trulum, it would appear that it is your turn to continue where others have failed."
"Yes Sire. I was beginning to think you had forgotten me." Trulum attempted to sound modest. He wasn't very good at it causing Grutag to snort.
"So tell me Trulum. What do you think my plans are?" Whisper smirked.
"My best estimation is that you are sending Atrax out as decoy for the scouts to attack and to gather data on their powers while I go and collect energy elsewhere." Trulum stated, sounding proud of himself.
"Good to see somebody has a brain and has been paying attention." Whisper remarked sarcastically. This brought a burst of laughter from one of the shadows.
Whisper looked in the direction the laughter had come from. "So Rubius, how nice of you to show up. I'd like to hear what your opinion is on my plan, you being our resident 'scout' expert."
Rubius stepped out from the shadows, "I thought Atrax was your new scout expert, seeing as how I don't know anything about their powers."
"I have no time for your mind games Rubius, just answer the question." Whisper was annoyed by Rubius' tone of voice.
Rubius happy with effect on Whispers mood decided to answer. "It should work. The scouts tend to work together as a team and concentrate on one enemy at a time."
"Good you like it," Whisper replied although he really didn't care about Rubius' opinion, "Trulum, Atrax should be causing mayhem very soon. I want you to prepare. I'll trust you with the details."
"Yes Sire," and with that, Trulum vanished through a mirror. Then Whisper turned and passed through another mirror, waving Grutag to follow.
Now alone in the chamber, Rubius pondered, "If I make myself useful, I may still live through this yet."

"Ooo, look at those shoes!!" Mina exclaimed. A moment later all the girls' faces were pressed up against the window of the shop.
"Those would great with my new outfit." Serena thought out loud.
Terra pulled her face away from the window, "They're okay."
"Your just saying that because I like them," Serena replied, her face still stuck to the window.
"Whatever. I'm just saying I like the shoes I have right now." Terra defended herself.
Serena finally pulled her face away from the window to look down at Terra's old, worn, black boots, "Right...", Serena remarked sarcastically.
Lita sensed the tension starting to build and quickly dragged Serena into the store, "Come on, let's go see how much they are."
"But Lita! I only have enough money for the arcade!!"
"That's never stopped you before," Raye exclaimed and helped Lita push Serena into the store.
"Are you guys coming in?" Mina asked as she was about to follow the three into the store.
Terra was looking across at another shop and wasn't listening.
"That's okay Mina, I don't need shoes right now either." Ami replied.
"Okay, how about you Terra?" Mina asked again and still got no response. Mina just shrugged her shoulders and went in the shoe store.
"Ami, wanna go over to that pet store for a moment?" Terra asked.
Realizing what Terra was looking at, nodded in agreement, "Sure!" and followed.
The two girls entered the Pet store and were instantaneously surrounded in a sea of animal calls. Ami giggled as she looked at Terra. Terra looked like a child in a toy factory. Terra walked over to a pen of kittens and picked up a small black cat.
"Oh, she looks just like Luna!" Ami exclaimed.
"You think so?" Terra responded. She then looked at the cat and imitated Luna's voice, "Please take me home with you. I don't think I could take much more of Serena's constant whining."
Ami giggled at this. Terra then put the kitten back in the pen and continued to look around. After looking at some of the exotic fish she found Ami looking at some birds.
Ami noticed Terra standing beside her, "Aren't they pretty?"
"Yup. They're goldian finches from Australia." Terra stated.
Ami looked at Terra a bit surprised. "I didn't know that."
"And those are societies, zebra's, cordon bleu's and owl-faced finches." Terra continued, obviously trying to impress Ami.
Terra's attempt was successful, "Well you seem to know your finches." Ami complemented.
"I know about more than just finches." Terra boasted.
"Okay, what's that over there?" Ami pointed to another cage of birds hopping erratically around and singing beautifully.
"Those are Peking Robins, but are also called Japanese Nightingales. They mainly eat insects, seeds and fruit and can live up to nine years. They really shouldn't be kept in cages though. They prefer much more open enclosures." Terra stated.
Ami was dumbfounded.
"I love animals and my brother works at a zoo so I spend a lot of time there. He's taught me a lot about different animals and not just birds." Terra explained.
"That was amazing though. You sure know your animals." Ami replied, still surprised.
Terra blushed a little. It was a real ego boost to get a complement from Ami. Just then a high pitched screech could be heard coming from another part of the store.
"That was definitely Serena," Ami sighed, while covering her ears.
"What?!", Terra was covering her ears as well.
They found the others in the rodent section of the store. Serena has hiding behind Lita and Mina looked a little anxious herself. Lita and Raye looked a little embarrassed.
"There you two are." Lita spotted Ami and Terra.
"Sorry, we should have told you where we were going." Ami apologized.
"Can we go now?" Serena whimpered.
Lita turned to look at Serena who was still cowering behind her. "They're only mice."
"But they're so creepy."
By this point Terra reached into one of the pens and pick out a beige guinea pig. "how could you call this creepy." Terra said in a cutesy voice and held it in front of Serena's face. Serena shrieked again and shut both of her eyes. A moment later she open one eye and then the other and looked at the guinea pig. The guinea pig just looked right back at her and twitched its nose. Serena then straightened up and touched it. Finally a smile broke across her face and she began to giggle. "This isn't so bad," she finally said and began to scratch the guinea pig under the chin, still smiling broadly.
"Well there's hope for you yet." Terra replied and put the guinea pig back.
Serena stopped giggling, "What was That supposed to mean?"
"Nothing, nothing..." Terra cringed.
The rest of the girls began to laugh and they proceed to leave the shop. Terra started to giggle as she noticed Serena was carrying a bag with the shoes in them.
"So Serena, how about going to the arcade later," she prodded.
All Terra got as an answer was a loud groan.

Just a couple of streets over from where the girls were shopping, the street was clogged with rush hour traffic. Many motorists were getting cranky, honking their horns at the cars in front of them in hopes that it would improve their progress. High above, Atrax looked down on the situation with amusement.

"This is almost to go to be true," She thought to herself. "Lots of humans unable to go anywhere. They should make easy picking for energy and the panic I cause should bring the scouts around for sure."
She laughed out loud at her brilliance and then began to descend upon the traffic jam below. Half way down her descent she stopped and looked around. Something didn't sound right. Over the sound of the horns and shouts below Atrax heard a faint '...whup-whup-whup...' sound. Then she spotted it. Further down the road, flying high above the traffic was a helicopter. It was a news traffic report helicopter that had come because of the jam. However, it had apparently lost interest in the traffic to report on something else, because it was heading right for her.
Atrax decided before she played with the humans below, that she'd toy with the helicopter first. Atrax flew at them with incredible speed and stopped inches from the leading edge of the rotors.
"Get that camera rolling!!" one of the men in the chopper yelled. The other man brought up a camera on Atrax and yelled "Okay! were live!!"
Atrax froze for a moment, and then threw her arms up producing a blizzard of feathers, obscuring their vision. Atrax was enraged. She was the elementals scout and disliked being spotted. Being broadcast live over the TV was obviously more than she could bear.
"If you were intended to fly you would have wings. Lets see how well you fly without your machine." She yelled at the occupants of the chopper.
Still floating in front of the helicopter, Atrax brought her arms curled over her head. As the feathers finally cleared because of the helicopters down draft, the reporters could again see Atrax in front of them but something was wrong. The air in front of Atrax was distorting, becoming blurry. Unfortunately none of the occupants of the chopper recognized what air at extremely high pressure looked like, it would be a fatal mistake. Atrax suddenly released the air, producing a highly localized shockwave, which hit the front of the helicopter almost instantaneously. The cockpit of the chopper exploded inwards upon itself, throwing glass down upon the traffic below. The rotors ripped from the top of the chopper, flying in all directions. One rotor impaled a car below sending it into flames, the rest of the rotor javelinned into nearby buildings. With the loss of the rotors, the chopper began to fall, smoke trailing behind it.

Meanwhile, the girls had pretty much finished they're shopping. Mina had bought herself a new matching top and skirt, Raye bought a new sweater, and Ami bought a new edition calculus textbook (the girls all sighed in disbelief). Lita didn't buy anything saying she didn't need anything and of course Serena bought the shoes. Terra however spent the most and was feeling guilty because of it. She bought a couple T-shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans, some socks with bunnies on them, a blue bow for her hair and a plush black piglet wearing a bandana.

"I can't believe I spent so much," Terra groaned miserably, holding all the receipts in one hand.
"Well, you could return the pig." Serena teased.
Terra smiled, "Not on your life."
Mina began to look around and then stopped, "Haven't been down here before?"
"Yes we have. There's the pet store," Terra pointed to the next store on the right, and stopped as well. Then both Raye and Lita stopped as well. Ami and Serena kept walking because they hadn't noticed them stop. Ami was trying to explain calculus to Serena.
Raye was just saying, "Well where should we go now?" when a large bang could be heard overhead and the ceiling over where Serena and Ami were walking began to buckle in.
"Look Out!!" Lita yelled at the two and raced towards them. Lita reached them just in time, knocking Serena and Ami out of the way, all three of them hitting the floor with a thud. The ceiling gave a final groan before collapsing, crashing down to the floor and bringing up a cloud of dust. All was silent for a few moment except the for the animals calls emanating from the pet shop. Then a burst of coughing broke through the silence.
"What happened?" Serena got up on her knees, still coughing
Ami was already sitting up, "Look," pointing to where the ceiling had collapsed.
The roof had collapsed along the entire width of the hall, debris blocking off one end of the hall from the other. But what had caught Serena was mangled wreck of a helicopter lying in the middle of the debris.
"Where are the others?" Ami looked around.
Just then Lita pulled herself out of some of the rubble and stood up, "I think there on the other side."
Serena was still staring at the helicopter which started to burn a little. "Ami, what do you suppose happened?"
"I'm not sure," Ami replied, she puzzled as well.
"Well I do," Lita replied. Both girls turned to look at Lita who was staring out the hole in the roof the chopper made.
"She did," Lita stated and pointed up through the hole.
Ami and Serena followed Lita's gaze and spotted Atrax, floating high above looking down on the crash. She hadn't spotted them yet.
"That must be the Atrax Katsy mentioned," Serena gasped
"Jupiter Star Power!!"
"Well, what are you two waiting for? this is our chance to get her!" Sailor Jupiter demanded.
"Right!" Serena and Ami replied instantaneously.
"Moon Crystal Power!!"
"Mercury Star Power!!"
"Jupiter ThunderClap Zap!!"

Atrax was quite pleased with herself as she stared down at the wreckage. The destruction of helicopter had sent the motorists into a panic. She could feel their energy rising. "Now all I would have to do is create a henchman to distract the scouts long enough for her to gather the motorists energy," she thought to her, "for they will be coming."

The something caught her attention at the site of the crash. A sudden flash of light appeared and rushed towards her. She quickly dropped her altitude to have a bolt of lightening pass by her head, she could feel the electricity as it passed by her. Atrax was in shock, "That was the attack of the one they call Jupiter. They got here sooner than I had anticipated," then calming down, "I at least know where to send my henchman, now I just have to decide what one to use."
Atrax flew down close to hole in the ceiling, avoiding being seen through the hole. She stopped at the edge of the hole and listened.
"Well now what do we do?" Sailor Moon complained.
"We go after her!!" Jupiter yelled.
"But we can't fly!!" Sailor Moon stated. Atrax laughed quietly to herself, and then noticed another sound that gained her interest. It was the animal calls from the pet store. "That could be useful," Atrax's mused, "Yes, I know exactly which henchman to use that will keep them busy for quite some time."
With that, she flew off to another end of the mall.

"Well, we can't just do nothing!!" Jupiter sounded anxious.

"I don't think it matters anymore guys. I think she's gone." Ami replied, looking up the hole.
Just then something nudged Sailor Moon on the foot causing her to jump with a yelp. Looking down she saw a hamster scampering around on the ground. She reached down and picked it up. "This isn't so bad," she stated trying to sound brave, "I guess it must have got out because of the crash."
From somewhere down the hall, the sound of some kind of flute arose.
Sailor Moon looked down the mall, "What's that?"
Jupiter also gazed down the mall but could see nothing, "Not sure."
Just then the hamster Sailor Moon was holding her tried to bite her, causing her to drop it.
"Hey you little spore!!" Sailor Moon yelled at the hamster.
"Um, you guys? I think we're in trouble." Mercury pointed into the pet store. Many of the animals were breaking out of their cages and heading towards them.
"Uh guys... Lets Get Out of Here!!" Sailor Moon cried and started to run, Jupiter and Mercury right behind her. The animals began their pursuit after them.
"Hey Serena! I thought you weren't afraid of these anymore." Jupiter yelled while looking back at the pursuing pets.
"Those ones weren't chasing me!!" Sailor Moon cried back.
They stopped at an intersection trying to decide which way to go. Mercury pulled out her mercury computer. "Hey guys, I just figured it out. It's the sound of that flute. It's hypnotizing the animals."
"Great! but what direction is it?" Jupiter looked around, "it echoing off the wall so I can't tell."
Mercury then pulled down her visor and looked around. After a few moments she pointed down one of the halls. "Down there!" She exclaimed.
Jupiter looked back down the hall they just came from, The animals had nearly gained on them. "You two go get it. I'll hold off the animals" Jupiter explained. It was obvious she had made up her mind.
"Mercury Bubbles Blast!!"
The intersection fogged over. "That should help you slow them down," Mercury replied and she and Sailor Moon disappeared down the hall.

Atrax had jut floated down through the hole in the roof.

"Well, now I know Mercury's power." She thought to herself, "I think I will watch for a little longer, before I return to gather some energy." and then floated silently down the hall.

After only running a short distance, the hall became suddenly dark. They both stopped in their tracks. "I don't like this," Sailor Moon whined and then looked up. The lights were still on.
"How can it be dark while the lights are on?" Sailor Moon was obviously confused.
Mercury adjusted her visor, "It's the effect of the flute again." and then she looked farther down the hall and she saw it. Standing at the end of the hall was a Negamonster. Its arms and legs had holes in them like a flute and it was obvious that this is where the sound was emanating from. Oddly enough, it had no eyes. "I see it!"
"Well, I can't", Sailor Moon replied.
"Mercury Ice Storm Blast!!"
Mercury's attack connected with the monster, freezing over the holes on its arms and legs, stopping it from producing the sound. The hall instantaneously brightened up and Serena could see the monster.
"Get it quickly!!" Mercury shouted. The monster was already trying to free its arms and legs.
"Moon Scepter Elimination!!"
The monster turned to dust and vanished. "Moon Dusted!!" Sailor Moon exclaimed.
Just then the rest of the scouts appeared from down the hall. Raye, Mina, and Terra had taken a route in the mall around the wreckage and found Jupiter and helped her hold off the animals. When the animals stopped attacking, they went to find Sailor Moon and Mercury.
"Nice timing..." Sailor Moon said to Earth.
Sailor Earth smirked and said "Touché."
The scout returned to the place they left all the animals. Sailor Moon was a little uneasy at first but they rounded all the pets up and returned them to the pet store. After thanks from the pet shop owner they decided to call it a day and headed to the nearest exit. Upon exiting the mall, they looked around in dismay. People lay about the road and sidewalk, and in their cars, all unconscious.
"What happened?" Mina asked in shock.
"All their energy was taken." Raye replied emotionlessly, "While we were busy inside, those negacreeps stole the energy of people out here."
They stood silently for what seemed like forever. Then the muffled sound could be heard over the wind. "Do you here that?" Mina asked, sounding hopeful.
"Sure do!" Lita replied also a little excited and the girls began to look around for the source of the crying. A minute later, Mina found the source of the crying. It was a small boy who was sitting by his unconscious mother, "Hey Guys, over here!"
The girls gathered around the child and tried to calm him down but nothing seemed to work. Then Serena looked at Terra and before Terra could do anything, Serena had pulled the stuffed pig out from under Terra's arm and handed it to the boy.
"Hey!!" Terra yelled out, but suddenly realized the boy had stopped crying. She suddenly lost her anger and said, "Oh... Okay." and the girls remained around the boy until it mother had awaken.