Sailor Earth: Bookworm Blues

Bookworm Blues

Written by: Terence Ladan

"Excuse me, Meatball head!! What is your problem now?" Terra yelled at Serena, a little irritated.
"How dare you insult me on television like that, and don't call me that!!" Serena screamed back.
Serena had been irate ever since she had seen Terra on TV the night before.
"Luna!! I've never been on TV! it's not fair! and she called be a 'blonde twit'," Serena had whined all night long, giving Luna a headache. She exploded the minute she ran into Terra the next day at Raye's shrine.
"And I thought Serena and Raye were bad but this is worse," Lita whispered. Mina just nodded and continued to look down into her tea, which she held in her lap. She obviously did not want to get involved. Artemis was lying between Mina and Lita trying to cover his ears. "Do you know where Ami is?" she finally asked Lita.
"Yeah, today is when she has her after school computer course so she won't be able to make it." Lita replied, wondering where Raye had vanished too.
"Lucky her..." was all Mina could say.
Meanwhile, the yelling contest was getting louder. Terra started to think that she maybe be pushing Serena a little too hard and tried to stop the argument. "What's so wrong about not wanting to be called Sailor Moon?! I mean, would you want to be called Sailor Earth?"
"You called me a 'blonde twit'", Serena retorted, obviously none to impressed.
"Oh...yeah...", Terra forgot she had said that, "Oops."
"Fine, I'm sorry." Terra swallowed her pride.
"And what about calling me meatball head?" Serena pushed her luck.
"I won't call you meatball head anymore." Terra replied, not really caring because she knew she could come up with better insults than that if she needed too.
"And what about Darien?" Serena pushed some more.
"Whatever! Don't push your luck! He has saved me many a bus fare." Terra replied, not wanting to let Serena think she won the fight completely. Then Serena looked like she was about to burst into tears causing Terra to add, "But I'm not interested in him, so I wouldn't worry about it."
This stopped Serena from her outburst to look at Terra to see if she was lying.
"Am I forgiven oh great leader?" Terra asked.
This caused Mina and Lita to snicker, which spread quickly to Terra and finally Serena. Just then Raye entered the room and placed some rice crackers on the center of the table. This cheered Serena completely up and she began to dig in.
"That was convenient Raye." Mina stated. Raye just grinned back, happy that she had avoided the whole argument.
"Well now that we're all here, at least those of us that will be," Artemis started, as Luna was with Ami, "we can start our meeting."
Lita right away asked, "So what did you two run into in Nara?"
Raye answered for both of them, "Well, we fought this really fat and ugly monster that was stealing energy."
Serena cut in, "Wait a minute. I thought the NegaMoon was after Reeni and the crystal, not energy."
Raye nodded and continued, "That's not the only part. After we defeated it, a bird-woman appeared out of nowhere and took the energy and said we'd see her again, and then just flew off."
"Do you have any ideas who that might be Artemis?" Mina asked her cat.
"Not a clue, however, we do know some people who might."
Serena's eyes brightened up, "The four sisters!" she blurted out along with some of the cracker she had been eating.
"Right, they probably know the bird-woman and what she's up to."
"Well, what are we waiting for. Let's go." Lita got up enthusiastically. The rest of the scouts got up and they all headed off to the four sister's shop, the "Queen Beauty Shoppe".

A little while later the group showed up at the Shoppe. Katsy was just finishing with a customer and none of the other sisters were in site. "Hi Katsy! Where is everyone else?" Raye beamed.

"Hi! Prisma and Avery are out shopping as usual and Birtie is in the back trying out some new make-up." She responded cheerfully to the girls, "I don't suppose you girls are here to buy something?"
"Sorry,"Serena responded, "we were wondering actually if you could answer some questions for us," but realized Katsy was distracted by something and therefore wasn't paying attention to her. Katsy was busy staring at Terra.
"Do I know you from somewhere?" Katsy finally asked Terra.
"N-no, I don't think so," Terra replied, a little puzzled. Just then Mina went pale.
"She's not from the Negamoon is she?"
Hearing this, all the scouts went pale and Terra took a step back defensively.
"Hmm? Oh! No-no. I'd remember her if she was from the Negamoon." Katsy quickly replied. This brought out a sigh of relief.
"Katsy, this is Terra. She's new here." Lita introduced Terra.
"Yup! And I'm also Sailor Ear-HURMPH!!" Mina and Raye both cover up Terra's mouth and looked around to see if anyone else heard.
"You shouldn't just go blabbing that around!" Raye scolded.
"Very Well then," Terra scoffed, and then turned around.
Katsy smiled, "Another one? You girls seem to just come out of the woodwork."
Mina finally changed the subject, "Anyway, the reason we're here Katsy is do you know of any bird-woman in the Negamoon?" This caused Katsy to go pale which in turn made the scouts a little uneasy. "Her name is Atrax. She is one of the four Elementals and if you've seen her, your guys are in trouble."
"Who are the Elementals?" Terra had turned back around to ask.
"They are fours warriors of the negamoon whose job is to remove problems, which in this case I would probably say is you guys. Each one of them has control over one of the four elements. Atrax is the warrior master of wind and the scout of the group. Actually I'm surprised you saw her at all."
"How strong is she?" Lita asked.
"From what I understand they are all very powerful, but she is supposed to be the weakest of the four. I wish I could tell you more but the elementals keep to themselves and in the negamoon it's a good idea not to ask too many questions."
"That's okay Katsy. Thanks for the help," Raye replied.
"So what should we do now?" inquired Mina, not sure of herself.
Lying across her shoulder, Artemis answered, "Nothing we can do right now. We'll just have to wait for them to make their next move."
"Great!" Serena cheered, "That means I can go to the arcade and play the new Sailor V game! Who else wants to go?"
"It would be wrong if I didn't go," Mina replied.
"I'll come too." added Lita.
"Sorry guys, I have to go help my grandpa at the shrine." sighed Raye.
Terra's stomach growled. "Oh, I can't. I have to go grocery shopping. Looks like Cup-O-Soup for dinner again."
"Cup-O-Soup?", the mention of food got Lita's attention, "You can't have that for dinner. Why don't I help you shop and make you some REAL food."
Terra's eyes glazed over, "Really??"
"Oh you'll love it! Lita is the best cook!" Serena boasted. This caused Lita to blush a little.
"Well I do love to cook. So, do you want me too?"
"Most definitely!" Terra cheered.
The girls then thanked Katsy again and said their good-bye's "Thanks for visiting girls! Maybe next time you could buy something." Then looking at Terra as she walked away, Katsy thought, "I'm sure I've seen her somewhere before."
Then she giggled as she thought, "So the elementals are here. Rubius must really have his hands full."

In the chambers of the negamoon, Atrax had finally been called before Whisper to make her report. The rest of the elementals were also present as well as Rubius who had reappeared as mysteriously as he had disappeared. "Well? What happened?" Whisper did not sound pleased.

Atrax knelt before him before proceeding. "By some unforeseen event, two of the scouts were in the city at the time of my attack and defeated my henchman. I was, however, able to retrieve some of the energy."
"Which two were they?"
"From the information Rubius gave us, One I believe was Mars. She destroyed my henchman, and the other..."
Whisper cut Atrax short, "According to Rubius, she should not have had the power to do that. Are you sure it was Mars?"
Feeling insulted by that remark, "Absolutely! You know I would not have told you if I were not sure. It was Mars the fire-thrower"
Whisper, expecting this answer from Atrax, then turned to Rubius, "Why did you lie?"
Rubius was just about to defend himself when Atrax cut in, "There may be another reason for Mars sudden gain in power."
"Really? What?" Whisper asked, still looking at Rubius.
"SHE is here." Atrax stated.
Whisper turned back to Atrax, "Hmmm, that's unfortunate. I guess those fools couldn't take care of her after all. Well, I shall notify the Wiseman at once, but I suspect that we will simply remove her as well." Whisper was just about to turn to leave when he asked, "Atrax, what is your next plan of attack?"
"Well, since there is no point in avoiding the scouts now, I was thinking of sending my next henchman to attack one of this cities school dormitories. The students seem to send abnormal amounts of energy on studying. Energy that could help us with our problem."
Whispered pondered that for a moment, "Hmm, do what you want. Just make sure you get that energy." Then whisper entered one of the mirrors that led to the Wiseman chambers. The rest of the elementals remained in the chamber, soon realizing that Rubius had vanished again.

That evening, Lita and Terra had finished the shopping and had just got off the bus near Terra's dormitory. There were still plenty of students wandering around campus.

"So this is campus life huh?" Lita asked as she looked around.
"Yup, the best part is being surrounded by people who can help me with my homework," Terra paused for a moment and then added, "and being all by myself of course."
Lita grinned, "I know what you mean. I live in an apartment by myself too."
They started heading off in the direction of Terra's dormitory, Lita still inspecting her surroundings. As they walked, a number of people said hi to Terra, and Terra introduced Lita to each of them. After a few minutes Lita had a hard time trying to remember them all.
"You seem to know a lot of people."
"I'm a red-head in Japan. Apparently that attracts attention." Terra stated as a matter of factly.
Lita continued to look around when she spotted someone familiar. She stopped and pointed in the direction of a parking lot. "Hey, isn't that Darien?"
Terra stopped too, and looked in the direction Lita was pointing. She then spotted Darien standing by his motorbike, putting on his bike helmet. "Yup! Hey Darien!!" Both girls raced towards Darien. "Hi girls. What are you two up too?"
"I've come over, to cook Terra something GOOD to eat for a change!" Lita beamed, as Terra was still gasping for air, "Where are you going Darien?"
"Actually, I was going home to eat too."
"Well why don't you join me and Terra?"
"I don't know, I have some studying I have to do."
Terra finally caught her breath, "Oh come on, I think Lita bought way to much food," showing Darien the bags of food she was carrying, "You can leave right after if you want." Darien thought for a moment and the smiled, "Okay. Serena told me you were a good chef Lita so I'd like to try it out."
Both girls cheered, and the three of them continued, one girl on each of Darien's arms making Darien feel a little awkward. Upon reaching the Dormitory, the dorm manager greeted Terra and Darien. Terra introduced Lita, "Hi, Karinin-san. This is my friend Lita. She'll be staying in my room for a little while."
"That's okay. Just make sure you keep it quiet. A lot of students are busy studying for mid-terms."
"No problem." All three replied.

At this time, flying high above the campus, Atrax scans the ground below. "Hmm, I must find a suitable henchman for these bookworms," then smirking, "a worm of course."
She then began to play the wind instruments she carried tied to her back. The sound she produced was hollow reedy sound however, and did not sound like any form of music. The sound weaved its way down to the earth where it found an inchworm working it's way up a branch of a tree. The sound then enveloped the inchworm causing it to grow in size.

Meanwhile, Darien, Lita and Terra were waiting for the dinner to finish cooking, "should be another five minutes or so," when Lita finally noticed a large pile of stuff animals in the corner.

"Terra, are all those yours?", she asked.
"Yup, I collect them." Terra sounded proud of her collection.
"Can I look at them?"
"Uh, I suppose..."
Darien leaned over and whispered to Lita, "If you know what's good for you, don't touch the panda."
Lita looked at Darien kind of puzzled when Terra asked, "So what are we having for dinner anyway?"
"It's a surprise," Lita replied non-chalantly.
"Whatever..." Terra said, not sounding to impressed with that answer.
"Okay it's meatloaf."
"I'll let you know I make very good.." Lita was about to defend her cooking when she was cut short by the sound of breaking glass. The three listened for a while but couldn't figure out what direction it came from.
"Must be some prank," Terra decided, "Karinin-san isn't going to like it though."
They were just about to start talking about the dinner again when they heard the sound of glass breaking again and they realized it was coming from the apartment they were in. Darien got up and looked out the window.
"Do you see anything?"
Still looking out the window, Darien answered, "Not really, although there are a lot of people standing outside the apartment."
Lita and Terra also got up to look out the window. Just as they did, the sound of breaking glass was heard again, this time it sounded as if it were only a few rooms down. At this point the crowd outside began to run.
The three felt uneasy and backed away from the window. "Uh, I think maybe we should go outside." Terra spoke nervously. Lita nodded in agreement.
Then a shadow moved across the window, and the window shattered inward. Darien tried to protect the girls from the flying glass with his body.
"There no point in trying to protect them." a garbled voiced spoke .
They looked back at the window to see a woman with the body of a worm entering through the window, the rest of her body outside.
"What have you freaks got against me?" Terra yelled at the creature.
The Worm replied by whipping her worm-like hair at Terra, just barely missing her.
"Here we go again!"
"Jupiter Star Power!!"
"Earth Life Power!!"
"Jupiter ThunderClap Zap!!"
Jupiter threw her lightning bolt at the worm-woman. The worm-woman almost instantaneously vanished back out the window before the bolt hit her. Instead, the lightning bolt slammed into the wall around the window causing it explode outward, throwing burning fragments out onto the crowd below. What remained of the wall continued to burn.
"Hey!! you mind not tearing down my place?" Sailor Earth yelled at Jupiter.
"Sorry!! I didn't think it could move that fast." Jupiter groaned apologetically.
Sailor Earth mumbled out, "There goes my damage deposit..."
Jupiter then noticed Darien standing beside her, a little scratched up from the glass. "Hey, how come you're not Tuxedo Mask?"
"I don't know. It may be that because I only change into Tuxedo Mask whenever Sailor Moon is in trouble..."
"Oh, and right now she's not."
Darien nodded, "But that doesn't mean I can't fight. I am still Prince Darien."
Just then tail end of the monster came flying in through the window slamming into Jupiter, sending her through the door of the apartment and into the hallway. The tail then backed out of the window and was replaced by the head end. It was amazing how fast the creature could move. The worm-woman then whipped her hair at Sailor Earth before she had time to react, this time catching her. The worm-woman's hair started absorbing Earth's energy but was cut short by Darien who had grabbed a coat rack and used it like a sword to break the hair.
"You go check on Jupiter and go attack this thing from outside, I'll stall it in here." Darien yelled at Earth as he started to swing at the creature with the rack.
Earth nodded and sprinted out the door to find Jupiter trying to get back to her feet in the hallway. Earth helped her back to her feet and they both sprinted outside. They found the worm-woman clinging to the side of the apartment, it head still in Terra's apartment.
"Well? what are you waiting for? Fry it!!" Terra looked at Jupiter. Jupiter looked up at the massive worm, "I don't know if I can kill it, that thing is pretty big. Although I might be able to if you.."
Before Jupiter could finish, Earth said, "Alright, alright. I'll give you an energy boost. Just wait a sec."
Jupiter grinned.
"Earth Life Energy Absorb!"
The worms body flinched as Earth started to absorb it's power and before either Earth or Jupiter could react, the tail of the worm snatched up Sailor Earth and began to crush her. Earth screamed in pain.
"Jupiter ThunderClap Zap!!"
This time Jupiter connected with her attack but the energy of her attack seemed to dissipate over the length of the worm not hurting it in the least. "It didn't work, where are the others?" Jupiter suddenly got scared, and then looked back up at Sailor Earth in the grasp of the worms' tail. She suddenly realized that Earth was still absorbing the worm-woman's energy.
"Earth Life Energy Return!"
The worm then gave Earth a final hard squeeze causing Earth to scream out in pain once more and then go limp in it's grasp. But not before she had transferred energy to Jupiter. Jupiter felt the energy enter her, washing her fears away and making her feel stronger. Without thinking she yelled out, "Jupiter Plasma Bolt Chain!!"
Jupiter tiara captured a bolt of lightning many times more powerful than before. She then grabbed it and pulled it out like a chain and whipped it out against the worm. The chain traveled up the worm body and an instant later caused the worm monster to vaporize. Jupiter caught Earth as she fell due to the sudden disappearance of the worm.
"Nice catch." Terra opened her eyes and groaned a little.
"Are you guys alright?" Darien yelled from Terra's apartment, holding a battered coat rack and looking a little worse for wear. Both girls gave a thumbs up in response.
Just then the rest of the scouts showed up.
"Nice timing bubble head." Earth said to Sailor Moon as she got back to her feet.
This started another yelling matching causing the rest of the scouts to groan.

Flying high above, Atrax had watched the whole thing. "Whisper is not going to like this. This time I'm not even returning with energy. Well at least I can report on another scouts power." With that she flew off.

A little while later, all the girls and Darien were seated in Terra's well ventilated apartment eating the dinner Lita had made, as usual she made way too much.

Mina looked at the hole in the wall, "Well at least it's not raining."
"Terra I'm pretty sure Grandpa will let you stay at the shrine until they get you a new apartment."
"Thanks." Terra replied, suddenly realizing Serena was no longer at the table. Then they all spotted Serena sitting in the pile of stuffed animals, "Oh there all just so cute!" she giggled, hugging the stuffed panda.
"Uh-oh," is all Darien could say.
Terra jumped at Serena grabbing her by the shirt, "WHAT do you THINK you are DOING!! Nobody touches my Mr. Panda! My brother has gotten black eyes because of it!"
"But they're all just so cute.." Serena whimpered out.
"I don't care!!" Terra continued yelling at Serena.
Lita leaned over to Darien and just whispered "Thanks."