Sailor Earth: You Don't have a Prayer

You Don't have a Prayer

Written by: Terence Ladan

"Where is she? She's going to be late!" Raye thought just as the school bell rang.
"Raye, do you know where Miss Mackenzie is?"
"No Sir, I haven't seen her since lunch." Raye answered apologetically. Just then Terra sprinted into the classroom, gasping heavily from the run.
"Miss Mackenzie, your late."
"I'm sorry sir... *gasp*... I was helping with the English club." Terra stopped to take a breath, then continued, "here is a note from the English teacher."
"Oh, very well, take your seat then. Class, will you open your history text and read chapter 5 please and answer the question at the end."
Terra took the seat next to Raye's, put on her glasses and pulled out her textbook. Both Raye and Terra looked up at each other, smiled and started giggling uncontrollably.
"Is there a problem girls?"
They both suddenly became very solemn faced replying "No sir," and returned to reading. After a few minutes, Raye glanced over at Terra.
"What's wrong?" Raye whispered, noticing Terra's perplexed expression.
Lifting her textbook to show Raye, "What's this say?" Terra asked, pointing at a symbol.
"Thanks, I'm still a little rough on my Kanji," and then frowned again, "What's a Pagoda?"
This causes Raye to snicker, "It an old form of architecture. It's one of the reason's we're going on a fieldtrip to Nara tomorrow."
"I'll ask again, is there a problem girls?"
Terra and Raye jumped in their seats, "N-no sir. I was just helping Terra with a word."
"Very well, but this is not discussion time."
Terra and Raye look at each other again as Terra mouths the words "Very Well" which almost caused the two to burst out into laughter again, but a stern glare from the teacher stopped them and they buried their heads in their books.

Later that afternoon, after school, the girls gathered at cherry hill shrine.
"Can't we hold this meeting tomorrow? The new Sailor V game is at the arcade," Serena whined. This put a big grin on Mina's face.
"No we can't," Both Terra and Raye replied at once. Raye continued, "Me and Terra have an out of town fieldtrip in school tomorrow so we won't be back until late."
"Out of town? what if the Negaverse shows up?" Serena asked.
"Well, fearless leader, I guess you guys will have to deal with it," Raye returned, Terra nodded in agreement. There was a long pause, "Well can we get on with this meeting? I have some grocery shopping to do." Terra finally broke the silence.
"Right!" Luna agreed, "Well, has anyone had any ideas as to what the Negamoon is up too?"
"Sorry Luna, I haven't received any premonitions," replied Raye.
"And I haven't gotten anything on my computer either," added Ami.
Lita, Mina and Serena all gave a negative. Then everyone looked at Terra.
"What? You don't think I have any ideas!? I'm still not sure what's going on." Terra defended herself. "I mean, if you guys don't know, how should I."
"I take it that means you still don't remember anything then," Artemis asked.
"Not really, although this seems kinda familiar," Terra replied, sounding disappointed.
"Oh course this feels familiar. We did this yesterday." Serena returned.
"That's not what I meant, what I meant was... Oh never mind!!", Terra started slurping her tea and didn't say another word for the rest of the evening.

In the chambers of the Negamoon, the elementals were gathered for a meeting of their own. Rubius was nowhere to be found.

"Well our first order of business is gaining enough energy to fight these scouts." stated Whisper.
"Well, these humans seem to spend a great deal of energy in prayer and worship" gave Atrax.
"Good, however, I hope your not thinking of attacking the shrine where the scouts seem to always show up?"
"No sire, I was actually thinking of going after one of the much older shrines in another city. They contain more power and will lower the chance of running into the scouts." Atrax rebutted.
Whispered smiled, "Good thinking. Go tomorrow during the day when there will be more people." and then turning to all of them, "now will somebody find me that loaf, Rubius!"
With that they all disappeared.

The next morning, Raye and Terra's class boarded the train for Nara. It was a pretty boring ride, except for the one guy who got motion sickness, but it was over rather quickly. They spent the first half of the day visiting various historical sites. The class gave the necessary "ooohs" and "aaahs" to keep the teacher happy. By noon the class stopped in a park.

"Very well class, you have one hour to get yourself something to eat, do some site seeing and be back here."
"Hey Raye, do you want to go to that restaurant we saw a while back?" Terra asked.
"Actually Terra, there is this really old shrine I've wanted to visit since I was a kid nearby. My grandpa used to tell me about it all the time. Can we go there first?" Raye pleaded.
Terra grinned, "Very well then." imitating the teacher.
Raye laughed, "You better stop doing that. It might get you in trouble."
"Very well then."
"Oh I give up!!" Raye exasperated and started looking around for the direction the shrine was in. Then Raye all of a sudden stopped dead in her tracks with a weird look on her face.
"What's wrong Raye?"
"I just got this bad feeling." Raye replied and then looked up towards the sky. Terra, not sure what she was talking about, scanned the sky with her. After a moment of not seeing anything but the sun glaring down at them, Raye gave up and started walking off. It took Terra a few moments longer to realize Raye was leaving and chased off after her.
Little did they know, flying high above them, being shadowed by the sun, was Atrax. She was carrying a small wind instrument, her eyes scanning the ground below. "Ah, there's the place I'm looking for." Atrax smirked and dove down towards the earth, in a beeline towards the very same shrine our heroines are going.

"Well, according to that officer, the shrine should be down that next street." Raye said, trying to sound optimistic. They had been wandering around for a half-hour now.

"We should have asked that first officer I saw. I think we've been down this street already." Terra replied, not feeling quite so optimistic.
Just then a stampede of people came screaming around a corner, "Run!! Buddha's on a Rampage!!" somebody yelled at the two girls.
"Buddha?!?" both girls said in disbelief, but the stampede was already gone around the next corner.
"Raye are you sure you want to go to this shrine," Terra remarked.
Raye ignored that, "come on, let's go check it out."
When the two rounded the corner, they found a larger fat monster cornering a group of people all of whom were absolutely terrified. The monster then threw a small bead into the crowd, which exploded on impact with the ground, producing a gas that acted like a sleeping gas. The monster then started to absorb the people's energy into its gut.
After seeing this Raye yelled at Terra "this guy's from the Negamoon!!, come on!"
"Mars Star Power!!"
"Hey Fat Boy!!" Mars yelled at the monster, causing it to notice her. "I am Sailor Mars, and I won't have a monster like you masquerading as deities! In the name of Mars, I shall punish you!" Mars then realized that Terra was just staring at her, "I could use some help here Sailor Earth!"
"Oh... right."
"Earth Life Power!!"
Then Sailor Earth stood beside Mars and added, "What she said."
The monster, studied the two of them for a moment and then return to robbing the people of their energy.
"Don't you DARE ignore us!" Mars screamed.
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!!" The rings of fire leapt at the monster but bounced off it's thick hide starting some trees on fire nearby.
"What?! it didn't work!", but it did get the monsters attention. The monster turned again towards the two scouts and started hurling the same beads at them. Earth and Mars dodged as well as they could but soon realized they were in trouble and made a strategic retreat around a corner of a building.
"Well, that didn't work" Earth exaggerated.
"Well you could have helped," Mars complained
"What was I supposed to do? Use harsh words? I can't throw fire or anything..." then Terra just remembered, "Well, I guess I could give you a boost."
"You mean like you did for Mercury?"
"Yup! Although I need a distraction. I'm kinda vulnerable when I do this."
"Okay, but if I get hurt, you have to do my chores at the shrine." Mars beamed and jumped out from around the corner. The monster had returned to stealing more energy.
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!!"
This had the same effect as before. Again the monster went after Mars but ignored Earth when she stepped out from around the corner.
"Earth Life Energy Absorb!!"
Earth started to absorb the monster's energy and was relieved when she realized that the monster hadn't noticed. When she decided she had pulled off enough energy, "Get Ready Mars!"
"Earth Life Energy Return!!"
Mars could feel the energy coursing into her, and liked it.
"Hellooo? Anytime now Mars." Earth prompted her.
"Fine, Fine..." Mars complained.
"Mars Celes...wha?" Mars stopped mid-sentence as something unusual happened that startled her. Instead of the usual ring of fire, a number of swirling bolas of fire appeared around her. "All right!!" Raye cheered.
"Mars Bola Napalm Engulf!!" Mars screamed.
The fire bola's reappeared and flew off in the direction of the monster. The fire then wrapped around the monster and started burning into it. Soon the fire completely enveloped the monster. It tried in vane to put the fire out but it attempts was in vain for it could not. It then let out a final howl as it collapsed to the ground. Earth and Mars let out a cheer. But it was short lived. Atrax suddenly appeared over the burning monster and collected the remaining energy from the lifeless monster. She then looked at the two scout who were both standing on their guard, and simply said, "We'll meet again," and then flew off.
Earth's eyes followed the bird-woman as long as she could before asking "Mind telling me who that was?", but realized she wasn't going to get an answer.

That night Serena's family was sitting down to have dinner while the evening news started on the TV.

"Today in Nara, a large Buddha-like monster attacked many shrine goers. As you can see behind me, the damage was extensive. Luckily, the infamous Sailor Moon of Tokyo saved the day and defeated the monster."
This obviously got Serena's attention, "What? That's not possible!" she blurted out loud causing Luna to cringe. This also caused Reeni to give Serena a strange look.
"What's not possible dear?" Serena's Mom asked.
"Huh? Oh nothing, nothing..." but thought to herself, "don't tell me there is ANOTHER imposter!!"
Then suddenly on TV, Sailor Earth appeared gripping the reporter's microphone, "Excuse me!! Don't you DARE get me confused with that blonde twit, Sailor Moon! I'm Sailor Earth, got it?" she managed to get out while fighting for control over the microphone with the reporter.
Upon hearing this, Reeni pointed at Serena and started laughing.
"Cool! A new sailor scout!" Sammy cheered.
Serena got really upset and had to control herself from throwing her soup at the television.
By this time the reporter got back his microphone just as Mars entered the picture. "Oh Earth, we have to go... We're LATE!!"
"Oh, are you Sailor Moon?" asked the reporter.
"Who me?" Mars just realizing she was on TV and her eyes glazed over, "uh, no, she's not here, I'm sailor Mars." Earth had to pull her away from the camera.
"Hey, I'm still talking!!" Mars exclaimed.
"Yeah, but we should go or do you want to get into trouble?" Earth retaliated.
"Very Well then," Mars joked back.
This caused them both to burst out into laughter as they ran back to the meeting place.