Sailor Earth? Never Heard of it

Earth? Never Heard of it

Written by: Terence Ladan

All the scouts changed back and moved into another room. Terra sat in the corner looking down at her hands as she twiddled with her thumbs. No one knew exactly what to say.
"What do mean 'there can't be a Sailor Earth' Artemis? Why not?" Mina asked her cat, not liking the dead silence.
Luna answered for Artemis, "Because there isn't. During the Silver Millenium, you were all princesses of your respective planets but there is was no princess of Earth, only Prince Darien, so there should be no scout for the Earth." Luna then looked at Terra, "So who are you?"
"I told you I don't know. I don't remember. Up until today I was just plain old Terra Mackenzie." Terra responded apologetically, still looking at her hands.
"Well she just has to be one us anyway right? I mean look at her. " Raye exclaimed. Terra blushed at this remark. "Well.. ummm, about that, I don't normally dress like that..."
"Luna, isn't it possible that the Earth had a princess AFTER the moon kingdom was destroyed?" Ami said, cutting Terra off.
"Well, I suppose it is possible" Luna admitted, "not likely though."
"Well, wherever she came from, she a least appears to be on our side" Jupiter added, trying to cheer everyone up, "and we could always use more help."
"Right! and her power is a definite bonus. I shouldn't have been able to defeat that monster by myself." Ami added, still proud of herself.
"Just what did you do anyway Terra?" asked Mina.
"Hmmm?", Terra hadn't been paying attention, apparently lost in thought.
"I said, how did you do that?", Mina repeated herself.
"What? You mean boost Ami's power? I just took it from that bad guy and gave it to her, that's all." All the scouts look back at her with shock, especially Ami.
"Wh-what's wrong now?" Terra asked feeling uneasy.
"Y-you gave me nega-energy?" Ami stuttered out, her face was pale from shock. Serena, who wasn't to impressed by the idea of Terra being a scout, dropped the comic book she was reading. "Only those negacreeps can steal energy. How come you can?"
"I told you I DON'T KNOW!!! It just came to me." Terra defended herself.
"Some answer. Who knows what giving that energy to Ami might do to her."
"Ami, how are you feeling?" Mina asked.
"Fine I guess. Just a little confused right now, that's all." Ami replied, though still sounding a little worried.
Serena turned to her Cat, "Luna, we don't know who she is or where she came from. For all we know she could be a spy from the Negaverse."
"I don't know Serena..."
"Serena!! If it weren't for her we would all be dead right now!" Raye defended Terra.
"We don't know that. I'm just saying I'm not sure we should let her join the scouts." With that, Terra was getting frustrated with having to defend herself and got up. "Excuse me Meatball Head!! Who said I WANTED to join!!!" Terra screamed in Serena's face, throwing Serena back. "Raye, tell Darien I took the bus!" and Terra picked up her bag and stormed out of the room.
"Ooo!! I said don't call me that!!"
"SERENA!!" Raye yelled. All eyes to turned towards Serena.
"Serena, it is good to be a little cautious but..." Luna started.
"That was really harsh." Lita finished.
"Yeah, just because you're jealous because she gets rides from Darien, its no reason to treat her that way." Raye added accusingly.
"That's not it guys. it's just... well... Oh, I'm sorry Raye."
"Don't tell me that, tell her!"
"I don't want too!"
Luna thought to herself "Typical. How can you expect Serena to apologize to Terra, some one she doesn't even know, when she won't even apologize to Darien."

Meanwhile, Terra was busy putting her shoes on. "I can't believe her! 'She could be a spy from the Negaverse' she says. I don't even know what the Negaverse is." Terra sniffled back a tear. "Dumb Blonde. I don't know why I even came to Japan. 'Travel, go to interesting places, meet new friends...' not likely."

After tying her shoes, Terra got to her feet, "luckily I remembered to pick up that bus route map." and she stamped out the door and walked straight into Darien. The collision sent Terra to the ground. "Oww, watch where your going jerk!" then realizing it's Darien, "Oh Darien, sorry about that."
"That's okay, I'm kinda used to girls walking into me" Darien replied, looking down at Terra who was still sitting on the ground. "Where were you going anyway? I thought I was suppose to give you a ride."
"It's a long story. Can I go?"
Just then Serena entered the room, followed by everyone else. "Terra, I'm sorry. I didn't mean... Oh Darien, I didn't hear you come in." the sight of Darien cut Serena short midstream.
"Serena, can you tell me what's going on here." Darien asked while helping Terra back to her feet.
"Terra is one of us."
Terra interjected, "OHHH, so now I am one of you... you... whatever you guys are." not to impressed.
"A Sailor Scout. I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come out that way. It's just we all know each other from the past but we don't know you and on top of that your powers are a little peculiar." Serena managed to force out.
Darien, a little baffled, "Wait a minute, Terra is a scout too?"
"Apparently, although it would appear it's still up for debate." Terra answered, looking at the other scouts for their okay.
Raye, almost immediately replied "Most definitely!!" followed by Ami, "Sure!" then Lita, "Why not!" and then Mina "What the hell!"
Serena, still not completely thrilled about the idea, gave a halfhearted "Okay.."
"Well, I guess it's decided then" Artemis replied, closing the subject.
Finally dawning on Terra, "How do you two talk anyway?"
Serena suddenly remembered something and changed the topic. "Darien, where were you? We were attacked and almost done for..."
"if it weren't for Terra" Raye interrupted.
"Yeah yeah. Anyway, how come you didn't show up?" Serena continued, ignoring Raye's interruption.
Before Darien could answer "Darien's a Sailor Scout too?" Terra asked as she tried to imagine Darien in a scout uniform and then burst out laughing.
"No, I am not!" Darien quickly exclaimed, feeling somewhat insulted.
Ami giggled, "Gee, Terra, you have a lot of catching up to do don't you. Hey I just thought of something! Darien, do you have a little sister you don't know about?"
"Not that I know of. But if I didn't know about her, how could I?"
Mina mind just clicked "that's right!! If Terra were sister of Darien, it would all make sense wouldn't it?"
Darien, even more confused "What are you girls talking about?"
Raye grabbed Terra by the shoulders "Darien, meet Sailor Earth!!"
A long pause as Darien just stared down at the short Terra. "They don't exactly look alike do they." Lita finally cut in.
"Well maybe they're not related, but that doesn't really matter does it." Mina added.
Feeling somewhat overwhelmed with all that has just happened, "Well it's all fine and dandy that I'm a scout now, whatever that means, but could some one tell me what exactly is going on?"
With that, they all laughed. "Let's go back inside and we'll tell you all about us, the Sailor Scouts, and the negaverse." Raye coaxed Terra and they all head back inside.
"And don't forget Sailor Darien!" Serena added, teasing.
"Serena don't call me that!"

Rubius appeared through a mirror. He was in one of the other chambers of the NegaMoon. "I have completed the mission you have asked of me Wiseman."

The Wiseman's image appeared before Rubius. "Good, show it to me."
Rubius held out his right hand that held a swirling cloud of black energy. "I was hoping to get more but Black Digita was apparently defeated by the scouts."
"As I expected, however, the amount you contain will suffice."
"May I ask what you intend to do with this energy? I cannot see how this little bit of energy can help you in the future."
"Watch," is all the wiseman replied. Rubius stepped back as the swirling energy cloud grew in size forming a portal. "A portal to the future!!" Rubius thought to himself, "Does the Wiseman wish for me to return?" Then through the portal stepped four figures and then the portal disappeared. Rubius stood in disgust as he recognized the four.
"Rubius," the wiseman continued, " these are the elementals, although I'm sure you already knew that. They will be ASSISTING you with the destruction of the Sailor Scouts. I expect you to give them your full cooperation. That is all" and with that, the Wiseman vanished.
Rubius inspected each of them carefully. First he looked at Atrax the bird-woman. She was the Warrior Master of Wind. She looked half woman, half bird of prey with large wings and sharp talons. Then there was Grutag, the Warrior Master of Earth. He was a reptile-man, covered with hard scales and spines. Then there was the sleek Warrior Master of Water, Trulum. Trulum's appearance fit no group of earth animal, but was definitely aquatic. Then finally Rubius's eyes fell on Whisper, the leader of the group and the Warrior Master of Fire. Whisper was a small, furry childlike-beast. But Rubius knew not to take the 'cute' appearance of their leader seriously. Whisper concealed viscous claws and was the most powerful of the elementals and was feared even amongst the NegaMoon.
"Well Rubius, aren't you going to greet us?" smirked the little childbeast.
"Hmph. We have work to do." Rubius returned, not liking the condescending tone.
"Yes, I suppose we do. Hopefully it won't take us to long to undo the mess you and those foolish sisters did. Come let us prepare." Whisper replied seriously and walked through the mirror followed by the other elementals.
"With the elementals here, although we are more likely to win with them here, I am sure they will remove me in the process." Rubius dreaded to himself, and then followed the others through the mirror.

That night Terra was lying on her futon on the floor of her dorm room. She had been there since she finished her dinner of cup-o-noodles, staring at the ceiling. She had been thinking about what the others had told her. About the Moon Kingdom and Queen Beryll and Princess Serena and Prince Darien and what had happened since. Then she finally realized that it was dark in the room so she pulled herself off the floor and turned the light on. Just then her stomach growled.

"Great, I'm hungry again." she moaned, remembering that she was suppose to go shopping for food after Raye's but completely forgot because of the day's earlier events. With that she plopped back down on her futon and looked at the picture of her family.
"Boy are they going to be for a surprise. 'Mom, Dad, I've made a few new friends, I'm going a on field trip soon and by the way, I'm Sailor Earth, fighting against the negaverse." With that she lay back down. "I can't believe this is happening to me. Well, at least I've made a few friends, " then thinking of Serena, "well, sorta." Then pulling the covers over her "Maybe this is all a dream and I'll wake up and none of this will be real... I hope not."
She then gave her stuffed panda bear a hug and then curled up and fell asleep.