The Next Down to Earth Scout

The Next Down to Earth Scout

Written by: Terence Ladan

It was a typical street in Japan. People walking about. Cars heading towards their destinations. Cherry blossom petals dancing in the wind. Serena poking her head out from around the corner of an ice cream store.
"Oh No!! Where did he go? He was just there a second ago. Now I'll never find out where he was going!" Serena whined out loud, not noticing people's stares.
"Great, now I'll never find out what was so important. Darien better not be seeing somebody else", she whimpered and started crying even louder. Calming down a few seconds later, "I think I'll buy myself an ice cream to make myself feel better."
She reached for her non-existent school bag. "Nooo!! Darien made me so upset, I forgot my bag at school. Great, now I'm going to be late for the scout meeting at Raye's shrine. I hope the school's still open".
With that, Serena tore off down the street thinking, "Raye had BETTER not start picking on me." leaving a trail of dust behind her.

The crowd that had collected around Serena began to disperse save a woman with a dark tan, short black hair in a business dress who remained where she stood. Her gaze remained fixed on Serena as long as she could.

"Well, that girl seems to have more energy than she knows what to do with."
She mused to herself with a smirk on her face. "Rubius was right. Randomly hitting individual people for energy gets plenty of energy without bringing the scouts around. And I think I know who my next target is," and with that, she walked around a corner of the ice cream shop and disappeared.

At about this time, Serena was found sprinting down a deserted street at record speed, about half way to her school. Not minding where she was going, Serena tripped on a flaw in the pavement and slid about ten feet on her face.

"Wahhhhh!! that's the third time I've done that today!" she bawled out, tears rolling down her face. Then she noticed someone laughing maniacally behind her.
"Well, Well, you are the clumsy one. I can help you with that you know," the tanned woman cackled.
Serena, sniffling with her bum still up in the air, sobbed "Don't laugh! You shouldn't laugh at people in pain," and raised herself from the pavement, trying to pick up what little self-esteem she could muster. "Besides, how can you help me?"
With that, the woman's eyes went dark, "Quite simple, without energy you can't run and if you can't run, you can't trip".
Serena managed to whimper out an "eep" as the woman began to transform.

Before Serena's eyes, the woman's body went pitch black and bulged out of her dress suit, ripping it to pieces, her arms and hands growing tremendously out of proportion. At this point, Serena realized the predicament she was in and attempted to vacate the area by scampering away on all fours, but the monster jumped in front of her escape route, stopping Serena in her tracks.

"You can't leave just yet deary," the monster growled, it's voice severely distorted.
Startled, Serena jumped back quite a few feet, actually landing on her feet, "Oh No!! I can't reach the other scouts, my communicator was in my bag!!" she screamed inside her head. Then thinking out loud, "then again, if I defeat this monster I'll have an excuse for being late. How hard could it be?"
This obvious insult enraged the monster. It connected as it swung its enormous hands at Serena, sending her flying into a wall. Serena groaned, as she struggled back to her feet, her joints screaming in agony.
"I've got to learn to insult these Nega creeps AFTER I change into Sailor Moon" she muttered under her breath.
She then straightened up and yelled "Moon Crystal Power!" and transformed into Sailor Moon. As usual, Sailor Moon began, "I am Sailor Moon! Champion of the Moon and defender of the weak and clumsy! I stand for love, and I stand for justice, but I won't stand for people with really bad tan jobs, In the name of the moon I shall pun... YOWW!!"
Serena was cut short as the monster took another couple of swings at Serena, all of them barely missing each time. "I thought you would have learned not to insult Black Digita deary, but it looks like I have to teach you some manners," screeched the monster. The monster then cupped its hands together in front of it producing a huge black energy beam that emptied out from between them, catching Sailor Moon in the chest and slamming her through the wall of a building and into the wall on the other side.
The rubble from the blast came down on top of her, pinning her down, leaving her only able to look up at the monster.
"Your energy is mine," smirked the monster, which then proceeded to wrap its large black hands around Sailor Moon, robbing her of her energy.
"This... this can't be happen..." is the last thing Sailor Moon said before going unconscious.

"Oww, Ow, Ow. Where am I?" Serena groaned as she regained consciousness, her head spinning. Finally deciding to open her eyes, she realized she no longer Sailor Moon, but was still lying on the pile of rubble. "Great, I was hoping it was all a dream," remembering the monster. she quickly looked around for it, soon accepting that it is nowhere nearby and breathed a sigh of relief.

Making it back to her feet, "Jeez, I feel so weak. That monster must have robbed me of all my energy. I not sure if I can make it back to school, let alone the shrine," and she heads off to the whole in the wall where she had entered.
After sticking her head outside, again to see if the monster was nearby, she finally became aware of the time of day. "It's dark out already? How long was I out for?" she groaned again. "Well, there no point in heading to school or the shrine now," and stumbled off in the direction of her home.

After what seemed like hours, Serena stumbled into her front door and crawled up the stairs to her room.

"Serena where have you been? I was worried sick about." glared a black cat sitting on her bed.
"Oh, hi Luna. I was errr... ummm, studying... at the library. Yeah, that's it. I was studying at the library," Serena managed to blurt out as a large bead of sweat formed of her forehead. She did not want to tell Luna she had been defeated.
"Serena? Study? At the library? You must be joking," Luna replied in disbelief, "You missed the entire scout meeting. Now I'll have to tell you everything myself."
"Not now Luna. I'm tired and I want to go to bed." yawned Serena who by this point had already changed into her pajama's and was crawling into her bed head first.
"No Serena, this is important. We think theirs another monster from the negaverse on the loose. But we can't seem to pick up on it's pattern of attack or ... Serena?" Luna, finally noticed that no one is listening.
After Serena muttered something incomprehensible, Luna realized that she was asleep. "Well, I guess she really was studying," Luna thought to herself, "I don't know anything else that puts her to sleep this quickly."
With that, Luna curled up and went to sleep herself.

The next day after school, Serena headed directly to the Shrine. Luna had decided to hold another meeting and Serena did not want to be late this time as she did not have the energy to deal with Raye's constant nagging.

"Wow Serena, I didn't actually expect you to be early, I'll be right out in a few minutes, okay?" Raye called out from another room.
Soon the rest of the scouts arrived, all surprised that Serena had arrived there first. "I'm sorry ladies," greeted Chad, "Raye is a bit busy with a guest, but she should be out soon." This gained Mina's curiosity.
"Who is it Chad? Who is the guest?"
"Not sure," he replied, "I think it's a new student at her school. An exchange student I think." This peeked Serena interest.
"Ooo, a foreign student. Is he cute?" She blurted out.
Just then Raye entered the room followed by a short redheaded girl with freckles and a pigtail.
"He is a she," replied the girl, not seeming to impressed as she glared at Serena. This caused Serena to clam up. Raye quickly cut in to ease the tension, "Hey guys, this is Terra. she's a new exchange student from out west. She's going to my school. Terra, this is Ami, Mina, Lita and Serena. They don't go to our school but they're my friends anyway."
Everyone was just saying hello when a motorcycle could be heard pulling up outside.
"That must be my ride, I guess I shouldn't keep him waiting," the new girl replied non-chalantly as she picked up what everyone else assumed was her school bag.
"Darien's here already? I was hoping to show you around some more," asked Raye, somewhat disappointed.
"Oh don't worry Raye. I'll definitely want to come back for another visit," Terra replied enthusiastically.
The mention of Darien's name pulled Serena out her shell, "Darien? Why is Darien picking you up?" Serena stared at the new girl.
"Because he offered too," Terra replied, wondering why Serena wanted to know. She found out soon enough.
"He's Mine!! okay, so were not going out right now, but we're just having a minor set back, and we'll be back together before you know it, that's right..." Serena rambled on with everyone staring back at her in disbelief.
"Excuse me, WHAT is your problem," Terra finally yelled back, getting a little annoyed, obviously not accustomed to Serena's usual outbursts.
Just then, Darien entered the room. "Hello everyone," he quickly greeted, "Hey Meatball Head! What's the matter?"
This caused Terra to forget Serena's little outburst for a moment and take a closer look at Serena's hair. "Meatball head huh?" prodded Terra, "It suits you."
At this point, Serena went completely ballistic, "Darien! Why are you picking this girl up? What do you see in her!?! Sure she's foreign but that doesn't make her better than me!!" Serena bawled, crying into Darien's chest.
Darien, not completely sure of what just happened, looked down at the top of Serena's head for a few seconds before pushing her away. "Look Serena, I'm not sure what your talking about, but it's when you start acting this way that you drive me up the wall."
This calmed Serena down a bit as she looked away from his face, still sniffling, "But... but Darien..."
"Serena, I came here to pick up Terra so I don't have time for this. We'll talk later." It was obvious Darien was feeling uncomfortable as he looked towards Terra.
After a few seconds Terra, who was finding this all very amusing, noticed that Darien was looking at her and realized that he wanted to go. "To bad," Terra thought to herself, "this was getting interesting. although I can still have a little fun." With that, Terra wrapped her arms around Darien's and asked, "Shall we go Darien?"
This made Darien feel even more awkward as he hoarsely replied "Uh, sure."
Serena by this point was about to explode again, leaving all the other girls feeling a little embarrassed. After saying their good bye's, both Darien and Terra left the room. The last thing to be heard was Terra boasting out loud, "The last thing I expected when I came to Japan is to have to deal with more 'blondes'," and Serena bawling at the top of her lungs.

As you might expect, the scout meeting was postponed again until the next day. This time they decided to meet at the park and then walk to the shrine. "I'm really sorry about yesterday guys," Serena confessed, "it's just that I've been feeling really tired lately."
"Don't worry about it. It's not like it's something were not used too," Amy giggled out.
Mina and Lita unanimously agreed.
"Yeah, just don't do it again. I happen to like Terra and I want to be her friend. You really embarrassed me!" Raye scolded.
"I said I was sorry! Anyway, what was she doing getting a ride with Darien?"
"Serena, don't start that up again! Darien helps with the exchange program and the exchange students stay at the campus dormitories so it only made sense. For a guy you went out with, you certainly don't know much about him." Raye explained.
"Oh," Serena stopped walking and looked down at the ground, still not too impressed with the idea.
Mina, tried to cheer her up, "Oh come on Serena, it's not so bad. It's not like they're going out."
"Yeah, I don't even think Terra is interested in Darien." Raye added.
Lita then added, "Yeah, so come on and let's get to the shrine before our meeting gets postponed again."
"Not interested in Darien? Who wouldn't be interested in Darien?" Serena replied in shock, giggling at the same time, and rejoined the others as they headed off towards the shrine.
From underneath a tree stood the same woman who attacked Serena two days ago, watching them as they went. "So, Rubius says that girl is Sailor Moon. Luckily I still remember what she looked like out of her uniform. Now according to Rubius, those other girls are probably the other sailor scouts because they always appear together so they are probably friends."
Counting them, Black Digit realized, "It would appear that the gangs all here. I'll just follow them to a more secluded area and finish them off. I've already defeated Sailor Moon once already, how hard could it be to do it again? This time, for good." With a cackle, she pursuited her prey.

The girls soon arrived at the shrine where Luna and Artemis were waiting for them. They all sat down in one of the shrines many rooms. Raye's grandfather brought them tea and muffins. "So Ami, have you had any luck figuring out where that negamonster will strike next?" asked Luna.
"I'm sorry Luna, I even used my mercury computer and I can't find any pattern to its attack. They're completely random." Ami replied disappointedly.
"That's okay, I'm surprised they haven't tried this sooner," Artemis returned, "We'll be bound to run into it sooner or later."
"Sooner than you think," Serena thought to herself, feeling bad for not telling them about her run in with the monster. "Umm, you guys. I have to tell you something."
"What is it Serena?" Mina asked as they all looked at Serena.
"Luna, remember two nights ago when I missed the meeting. I wasn't really at the library. I was..."
Just then the screen door slid open cutting Serena short. Standing in the doorway was the tanned woman. Serena shrieked and pushed herself backward on her butt with her hands and feet, along the floor into the corner.
"Well, Well. You remember me. I'm touched." Hissed Black Digita as she looked at Serena, a smirk creeping across her face. "Shall we continue where we started off?"
Just then Raye got up on her feet, a little annoyed by the intrusion. "Excuse me!! this is a PRIVATE room. It's not open to the public."
"How rude! Guess I'll have to teach you some manners too!" growled Black Digita as she mutated into the black skinned negamonster. Before Raye could react, she was backhanded by the monsters large hands and sent flying through the closest wall.
"Hey that's my friend!!" yelled Lita as she got off her feet and took a swing at the monster. The Monster however blocked Lita's punch and grabbed her around the waist. The next thing Lita knew, she was flying through the hole in the wall made by Raye's body and slammed into Raye who was struggling to her feet. Pulling herself off of Raye, Lita checked Raye, "Raye, are you Okay?" but there was no answer. Lita became very angry but before she even had a chance to get back up, the monster cupped it's hands and struck her in the back with the same black beam she hit Serena with the night before, knocking Lita unconscious.
To distract the monster long enough to give the rest of the scouts time to transform, Luna and Artemis lunged at the Monster only to be caught in the monsters hands and slammed together, knocking both out.
"Moon Crystal Power!!"
"Mercury Star Power!!"
"Venus Star Power!!"
The last three girls transformed into the Sailor Scouts.
"So I was right. You five are the Sailor Scouts! Time to finish what I started Sailor Moon!" screeched the monster. The monster cupped its hands again ready to blast Sailor Moon with its burst of pure black nega-energy. "Oh no... not again!" Sailor Moon cried as realized she is still in the corner and had nowhere to run. The beam left the monsters hands slamming Sailor Moon square in the chest. Sailor Moon crumpled to the floor.
"Oh No! Sailor Moon! Are you okay?" Mercury screamed and knelt beside her. Realizing that Sailor Moon was still alive, she returned to her feet glaring at the Monster.
"Mercury Ice Storm Blast!"
"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!"
Black Digita evaded Venus's beam and tried to block Mercury's attack with its hands. Mercury's attack caused Black Digita's hands to freeze over in a block of ice.
Black Digita howled in rage, looking at its ice cover hands. However, Black Digita's screams soon turned to laughter as cracks started appearing in the ice surface surrounding it's hands. Suddenly the ice shatters freeing it's hands once more.
"Oh No, my attack didn't work!"
"Is that the best you can do?" taunted the Monster, and then turned to center it's attention on Venus, deciding Mercury, who was still standing over the body of Sailor Moon, was of no major threat and could be dealt with later. Black Digita sent blow after blow of it enormous hands at Sailor Venus. Venus dodged as best as she could, each blow just barely missing her. It was obvious she was getting tired.
"This Negathing is too fast, There isn't enough time for me to use my attack," Venus thought to herself, having a hard time avoiding all the punches being thrown at her. "I'm not going to be able to keep this up for long!"
Just then the screen door opened again and Terra's head stuck in, "Raye are you in here? Huh? Wha- what's going on?"
"Terra get out of here!!" Mercury and Venus screamed, but it was too late. The monster started cupping it's great hands getting ready to hit Terra with the beam.
"Don't interrupt us!" the monster growled at Terra who froze like a deer in the headlights. The Black beam left the monsters hands, but before it could hit Terra, Sailor Venus pushed her back outside through the door, taking the brunt of the beam herself. Sailor Venus fell to the ground beside Terra with a loud groan. She attempted to get back up but failed and went silent.
Just then the Monster came crashing through the door after Sailor Venus. Noticing that Venus was down, the Monster smirked at Terra who is lying on her back groaning, and turned to go back inside to finish off Sailor Mercury.
"Hey don't turn your back on me! I'm not finished with you yet!!"
The Monster hadn't expected this and looked back over its shoulder. Terra was back on her feet with a small symbl glowing on her forehead. It was a small heart with a cross in it. Terra was glaring back at the Monster.
Just then Sailor Mercury appeared in the entrance of what was left of the door and stood in shock at what she saw.
Terra's body started to shimmer brown and an amulet appeared on her chest. She stood with her legs together, her arms out to her side and her hands open with her palms down. Terra then bowed her head and she began to spin and as she spun, a ring of glowing green mist appears at her feet and started to rise. Wherever the mist came in contact with her body, it wrapped itself around her and formed her uniform. Suddenly the mist dispersed as if blown away and Terra stopped spinning, leaving her standing in a green and brown scout uniform, her legs spread, her left arm behind her back and her right hand pointing at her cheek. She then grinned and winked.
"Terra, you.. you're a..." Mercury managed to stutter out.
Ignoring Mercury, "I don't know what is going on, but I'm willing to guess you're the bad guy, you fashion freak." Terra looked calmly at the Monster.
"Yesss, I am," replied the Monster, amused by Terra's tone, "and you're not the picture of fashion either."
Terra looked down at what she was wearing and almost jumped, "WHAT THE?!? And I promised myself I'd never be caught dead in thigh high's."
The monster took advantage of the distraction and fired it's beam at Terra, but Terra noticed just in time and avoided it, the beam passing inches from her face blasting the wall out behind her. The monster then started clawing it enormous hands at her. Terra was finding herself in the same position that Venus was in just minutes before. Finally Mercury overcame her shock and regained her composure.
"I've got to help her somehow, but my blast won't effect it... or maybe..." Mercury considered to herself. She then stepped outside through the doorway.
"Mercury Bubbles Blast!!"
The Monster jumped to avoid the bubbles soon to realize that it wasn't the same attack as before. The area was quickly awash with fog as the courtyard fogged over. "Ha! you think that will save you?" Black Digita screamed.
Hearing where the monster was, Terra called out thanks to Mercury and then yelled out,
The ground beneath Terra and the Monster began to glow a brilliant green and energy began to transfer from the Monster to Terra. The Monster howled in anger as it felt it's energy being robbed away.
"You can't do this to me!!" The Monster screamed as it spotted the glow of the ground beneath Terra's feet. It swung its immense hands catching Terra square in the middle and sending her flying into a tree. Terra's body slammed hard into the tree and then fell to the ground. Terra got up on her hands and knees, coughing and gasping after having had the wind knocked out of her from the blow.
The fog that Mercury had begun to clear as a slight breeze blew through the courtyard of the shrine. Terra, still gasping, looked up and saw a vague outline of the Monster. It had a viscous grin on its face and she realized it was walking towards her.
"I hope I got enough power out of that," Terra thought as she panicked to get back to her feet. However her attempt was too late for the monster had reached her and backhanded her across the courtyard of the shrine. Terra skid along the ground of the courtyard like a ragdoll before coming to a stop at the other end.
Terra groaned loudly as she tried to return to her wobbly legs again, pain rippling through her body.
Black Digita was laughing loudly as it stalked Terra again. it was obvious that she was enjoying herself. "Give it back!" it screamed, "Give me back my energy!"
Terra finally returned to her feet and defiantly yelled "You'll get your energy all right!"
She then screamed "EARTH LIFE ENERGY RETURN!!"
The Monster jumped back expecting to be attacked but soon realized that that wasn't the case. The ground underneath Terra was glowing, but the ground beneath Black Digita did not. Instead, it glowed under Sailor Mercury and energy was being transferred between Terra and Sailor Mercury. The Monster stood fixed, not sure of what just happened.
"Attack it!!" Terra yelled at Mercury, and then collapsed to her knees from a lack of energy.
"But I don't effect it, I've already tried!!" Mercury cried back.
Black Digita laughed at Mercury's incompetence and continued to focus Terra. It leapt towards Terra again, intent on finishing her off this time.
"Just do it!!" Terra screamed, absolutely terrified "I wish I never came to Japan..."
"Mercury Ice Storm Blast!!"
The Monster stopped it's attack on Terra to turn and face Mercury. It threw up it's large hands and blocked her attack, causing them to freeze over again as it had before.
The monster smirked at Mercury, "You knew that wouldn't work, so why did you bother?" laughed the Monster. Then suddenly the ice on Black Digita's hands started travelling up her arms. She stopped laughing, "What's happening!?!" she howled as the ice continued up her arms and spread to cover it's body. Soon the entire Monster was frozen, completely encased in ice.
"It worked this time" cheered Mercury, just as Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter staggered through the doorway, both supporting each other.
"Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter! Go wake up Serena so she can dust this Negacreep!"
"Why bother? You already finished it off." asked Terra, as she quickly regained her composure. It was pretty obvious however, that she was in pain by the way she stood.
"But that's not possi..." Mercury was about to say just as Terra walked up to the Monster and flicked it with her finger. To the other scouts amazement, the monster shattered and turned to dust. Mars and Jupiter who were reviving Venus finally noticed Terra, a little amazed.
"Umm, who are you?" Mars asked.
"I don't know." Terra answered, not sure of what to say.
"What do you mean you don't know?" asked Jupiter, suspiciously.
"I'm sorry, I don't remember," Terra replied hautily.
"Leave her alone guys! she's one of us." Mercury said defending Terra. "You called out Earth Life Power when you transformed so you must be Sailor Earth." mercury beamed.
"If you say so," Terra answered grudgingly, not quite so sure herself.
Jupiter managed to arouse Venus who winced in pain from the black scorch mark on her back. She looked around. "Oww. Where did Terra go? Is she okay?"
"Terra was here?" Mars asked, obviously worried about her new friend.
"I'm Terra, you dummy!" Sailor Earth answered.
"Sailor Earth is Terra? You're kidding." Mars was a little skeptical.
"Yes she is, I saw her transform myself," Mercury stated, "anyway, shouldn't we go check on Serena and the cats?"
"Oh, Artemis!" Sailor Venus gasped, remembering her cat. She quickly forgot her pain and got back to her feet and ran for the doorway, followed by the others. They found Luna and Artemis standing by Sailor Moon who was getting to her feet. "What? Where's that Nega-Flake?" Serena asked.
"Oh, don't worry about it, I took care of it. Although I think you had something to do with that." Mercury giggled, looking accusingly at Sailor Earth.
Seeing Sailor Earth, Luna and Artemis jumped back startled. "Who are you!"
"Don't be silly Luna. She's Sailor Earth." Mercury answered for Sailor Earth.
"That's not possible!" Artemis returned, "There is no Sailor Earth."
All eyes turned towards Sailor Earth causing her to shrink back towards the wall.