Big Brother is Watching

Written by: Terence Ladan

(Note: ** Signifies spoken in English **)

For a change, the girls had gather at Terra's apartment which some of them were starting to regret. While her place was large enough for Terra, it was obviously never intended for seven people.

'Terra, can we open a window?" Mina asked politely. Mina sat, leaning up against the far wall just below the window besides Raye.

Terra sat beside the small table in the center of the room, watching the goldfish that sat in a bowl in the center of the table. It became apparent she hadn't heard the question.

Mina cleared her throat and asked again,"Ahem. Terra, it's a bit stuffy, do you mind if we open a window."

Terra reached over to the goldfish bowl and dipped her finger in the water, obviously still unaware that Mina was talking to her.

Finally Raye spoke up, "Terra, I'm going to open the window, okay?"

Terra this time looked up from the goldfish bowl, "Hmmm? Oh sure go ahead."

Mina growled and gave Terra a dirty look while Raye opened the window. Terra gave Mina a rather puzzled look, obviously complete clueless as to what she had just done. Terra attention quickly returned to the goldfish bowl, however, when the fish began to nibble on the end of her finger.

"So, how is Orbit the Second doing?" Lita asked curiously.

"Who?" Terra asked and then realized what Lita was talking about, "oh, you mean Trulum. He's fine."

"You still call him that?" Serena spoke up, obviously a little surprised. She was sitting across from Terra with her chin resting on the table. She had been watching the fish as well although for entirely different. She was quite bored.

"Yup, it was his name after all. Besides he seems to recognize it still, isn't that right Trulum?" Terra giggled and tapped on the fishbowl with her fingers. The fish inside swam in a quick circle as if in response.

Ami looked up from one of Terra's zoology books she was reading, "Is that normal?"

"I don't think so," Terra replied, "mind you, he's not entirely normal is he?"
"Well as long as he doesn't start attacking us its okay." Serena grumbled.

The girls sat still for a moment and watch the fish swim contently about it's bowl.

"So has anyone heard anything new about Appollo?" Ohiko inquired. As usual, Ohiko had been sitting quietly and intently listening to the conversation. She joined watching the rest of the girls and was still somewhat surprised and happy that she had been able to find them.

"Not really, Junko keeps to herself," Lita replied.

It had been a week since Trulum had been defeated, leaving him in his current condition, and since Sailor Appollo had her change of heart. Since then Appollo kept her distance from all the other scouts with exception to Lita, and this was only because they were in the same class together. Because of this, Lita was the only scout who has gotten used to calling Appollo by her actual name. The others scouts have also gotten used to counting on Lita to giving them information on Appollo, no matter how trivial.

"You mean you haven't heard anything new at all?" Mina asked skeptically.

"Well... " replied Lita sheepishly while a sweat bead formed on her forehead.

"How is she doing in her classes?" Serena asked, hoping that Junko wasn't doing any better than she was.

"She actually doing pretty good." Lita replied, "the only thing she seems to have trouble with is history."

"I guess that shouldn't be a surprise," Terra remarked, "I highly doubt your school tests on ancient Appollocian History."

"No, and I offered her some help but, " Lita began.

"Let me guess. She doesn't want our help," Raye finished the sentence off.


Serena gave Terra a questioning look, "Is 'appollocian' a word?"

"You know what I meant," Terra grumbled irritably.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Ohiko, who was closest, got up and open it.

Terra's Karinin-san stood in the doorway with a number of envelopes. She stared into the room with a somewhat bewildered look. "Is there any room in here for me?"

The girls all chuckled in response. "Yes, come in please," Terra replied.

The karinin stepped inside and tossed Terra one of the envelopes, "Here is your latest mail."

Terra had to bounce the letter about in the air before she finally managed to catch it. Terra quickly ripped open the letter and removed the contents before dropping the empty envelope on the table. The letter contained the usual letter plus a stack of money which Terra promptly began counting.

"Terra," Karinin spoke in a disapproving manner.

"Oops, sorry." Terra apologized and began to read the letter. After a few moments of skimming over the letter Terra eyes brightened up, "Cool! My brother coming for a visit."

"When?" Raye quickly asked.

"Ummm, next week I think."

"Are you sure Terra?" Ami asked. She then picked up the empty envelope and studied it, "it says here that this letter was mailed over two weeks ago."

"Terra began to look over the letter again when her face went suddenly pale, "He's going to be here in two hours! Karinin-san, can I use your phone?"

"Yes you may."

"Terra, who are you going to call?" Ohiko asked.

"Darien. He's the only person I know with a car." Terra replied as she raced out the door.

"Well it was nice seeing you girls again," Karinin said farewell and returned to her rounds.

"Bye," The girls replied in unison.

No sooner than the Karinin had disappeared out the door than Serena began to giggle ecstatically.

"What's up with you?" Raye, being slightly annoyed with Serena little outburst, asked.

"I get to see Darien!"

"It has been a while since we've seen him." Mina realized.

"It will be a little while longer. He wasn't home." Terra replied as she reentered the room. The disappointment was obvious on her face.

"What are you going to do?" Raye asked.

"I'll have to leave right now and catch the bus." Terra responded.

"Why don't we come with you?" Mina suggested.

"Yeah, we could keep you company." Lita agreed.

Terra hesitated, "I don't know," She wasn't entirely sure that it was such a good idea.

"It could fun. And we've been to the airport before so we know our way around." Ami added.

"Don't remind me," Serena mumbled.

Terra gave in,"Okay, but have to leave now."

The girls quickly got up on their feet and shuffled out the door and into the hallway.

Terra was the last to leave. "Bye Trulum." The fish did another quick circle in its bowl. Terra flicked the lights off and closed the door behind her.


Junko sat beneath a tree in the schoolyard of the school that she, Serena, Ami and Lita attended. She was dressed in the schools uniform and was hunched over her history textbook. She groaned, scratched her head in frustration, and then finally leaned back against the trunk of the tree.

"Who's cares what Oda Nobingo or whatever his name was did over two hundred years ago," Junko complained to herself.

"You'll never learn anything that way."

Junko turned to see Minerva sitting beside her with a newspaper by her feet.

"I know, I know..." Junko sighed and hunched back over her textbook.

"Well, you can take a break for now, help me find us a place to stay," Minerva decided.

Junko groaned, "Can't it wait?"

"No it can't. I didn't go digging about the garbage for nothing," Minerva complained, "imagine a cat of my stature doing such a thing."

"Okay, okay..." Junko quickly responded and picked up the newspaper, opening it to the housing section. She didn't want to argue with Minerva.

After reading the first page, Junko's shadow reached over to flip the page.

"Junko, what did I tell you?"

"Sorry," Junko answered sarcastically but flipped the page with her own hand instead. After skimming the next page, Minerva spotted something, "How about this one?"

Junko began to read the ad Minerva pointed to, "Single female student looking for roommate to share apartment and help with chores. Rent negotiable."

"It's sounds to good to be true," Minerva replied cheerfully.

"Too good. Besides, what do we do about rent? We don't have any money."

"It says negotiable, and it is the best one we have found yet so we should go check it out," Minerva decided, "consider it a break from studying Oda Nobunaga."

"Fine," Junko sighed and packed up her textbook in her school sack. She there was no point in arguing with Minerva once she had her mind made up.

"Let's go then. I believe it is this way," Minerva insisted and began to walk away.

Junko got to her feet and followed her cat, "by the way, how did you know his name?"

Minerva stopped for a moment and smiled mischievously at Junko, and then continued off in the direction she had been going.


Terra bounded down the concourse of the airport with the rest of the girls in tow. The group stopped into front of a large sign that read 'International Arrivals' and began to look around.

"We're late! His plane has already landed," Terra groaned, "I forgot how busy this place is."

Raye came up and stood beside Terra, "He should still be here though."

"Why don't we get him paged over the intercom?" Ami suggested.

"Good idea," Terra agreed although she was still a little depressed for being late.

The all started to head off in the direction of an information desk they had passed earlier when they realized Lita wasn't following them. They spotted her still standing where they left her, staring off into the distance. Her eyes were glazed over.

"Lita, we're going..." Mina called.

Lita only partially heard Mina, and dreamily replied, "He looks just like my old boyfriend..."

Everyone gave Lita a puzzled look and the followed Lita gaze to the guy she was talking about. The guy she was staring at stood amongst the crowd of people. He had reddish brown hair and chocolate brown hair. He was easily a few years older than the girls were and was at least equal to Ohiko in height.

"Brett!" Terra yelled excitedly.

The guy Lita was gawking at turned at the mention of his name and spotted Terra and waved.

"Wow, he waved," Lita sighed, still in her dream-like state, "I wonder if he has a girlfriend."

"Lita!" Terra exasperated as she waved back to her brother, "that's my brother."

Terra's brother, Brett, was about to pick up his bag and walk over to Terra when he realized her was surrounded by a number of girls, the rest of Terra's little party. Mina and Serena quickly latched onto either of Brett's arms while Ohiko picked up Brett's bag for him.

Brett's eyes went wide with surprise as a bead of sweat appeared on his forehead, "Umm, excuse me."

The entourage that gathered about him laughed and then escorted him to his younger sister.

"You guys!" Terra scolded, "Serena, what about Darien?"

Serena gleeful face suddenly disappeared and was replaced with dismay, "Oh yeah."

Serena, let go of Brett's arm but the vacancy was quickly taken by Raye.

"Raye! Oh I give up!" Terra growled.

Raye replied by smiling and sticking her tongue out.

"** Terra, are these friend of yours? **" Brett asked hesitantly in english. It was obvious he was still a little surprised and didn't know what to make of it.

"** Yes, sorry about this **" Terra faces went red with embarrassment as mumbled as response.

Brett studied his situation for a moment and then grinned, "** Well I've never gotten this kind attention before, I may come to like it. **"

"Brett!" Terra gasped, appalled at her brother's response.

The others had quietly listened although most of them did not understand a word that was said. Terra suddenly realized this switched back to Japanese and introduced everyone.

"Guys, this is my brother Brett. Brett this Serena, Lita, Ami, Ohiko and those two on your arms are Mina and Raye."

Mina and Raye giggled and quickly gave Brett a quick wave, but refused to let go of his arms. Brett quickly realized this as well and gave up struggling, "So where are we off to now?"

"My dorm, You'll be staying with me," Terra replied.

"He can stay at the shrine if things are a little to cramped Terra," Raye sweetly suggested.

"I have room at my apartment," Lita added.

"You guys! Really!" Terra gasped at even the suggestion of the idea.

A rather large bead of sweat reappeared on Brett's forehead, "Uhhh, no thanks. I'll stay with my sister."

"Aww, you to are no fun." Mina laughed.

"Well, shall we go?" Ami suggested.

Terra nodded. Mina, Lita and Raye quickly dragged Brett off in the direction they had came with Ami and Ohiko, who was still caring Brett's baggage, in tow.

Terra stared in disbelief at the way Mina, Lita and Raye were acting, "I knew this was a bad idea."

"Wow he's pretty hunky," Serena giggled which produced a groan from Terra. "Hard to believe you two are related," Serena then added.

"Ha ha," Terra replied, "I find it hard to believe your not related to a hyena."

Terra quickly ran off to catch up with her hijacked brother.

"Ha ha... hey! What is THAT supposed to mean?" Serena yelled after Terra, and quickly chased Terra into the crowd.


"Well, this is the place I think," Minerva stopped in front of doors of an Apartment complex.

Junko looked up to the top of the 20 story apartment, "Minerva, we'll never be able to afford to live here."

"You, never know," Minerva answered optimistically, "besides, we are here now so we might as well check."

Junko sighed in submission. Minerva hopped on to Junko's shoulder as she entered the apartment. Junko pressed the buzzer for the apartment number that was in the ad. "Yes?" a girl's voice replied through a speaker. Junko cleared her throat but before she could speak, Minerva replied instead, "Yes, I am here about the roommate ad in the newspaper?"

"Oh great," the voice in the speaker replied cheerfully, "come right up!"

There was then a buzzer noise and the inner door to the apartment complex opened. Junko with Minerva still sitting on her shoulder walked through the doorway and walked to the elevators. Pressing the up button, the two waiting quietly until an elevator arrived at their level at which point they got on the elevator and pressed the button for the eighth floor.

When the door closed, Junko broke the silence, "You had better let me the talking from now on. Or hadn't you noticed that talking cats are normal here."

"I know that you silly girl, of course I'll keep quiet. I just hope you can keep cats here." Minerva answered.

They then reached the eighth floor and the elevator door opened. Junko took a deep breath and got off the elevator and began to search for the room they were looking for. The quickly found it and Junko on the door.

"Coming!" a voice called from within.

The door opened and another girl stood on the other side. Junko recognized the girl immediately. "You!" both girls yelled simultaneously. Junko jumped back in defense, causing Minerva to lose her balance on Junko's shoulder, forcing her to hop down to the floor. Without thinking, Junko's shadow materialized in her hand as she got ready for a fight.


The next morning, Lita sat at her desk waiting for class to start. She, as well as the rest of the girls, had spent the previous evening at Terra's place, doting over her brother. A smile crossed Lita's face as she thought about Terra's brother. "He's cute, smart, and really nice," Lita thought to herself, "so what if he's older. It didn't stop Serena and Darien."

Just then Lita's teacher entered the room, "Good morning class."

"Good morning sensei," the class replied.

The teacher studied the class for a moment before speaking again, "Does anyone know where Miss Tokojiki is?"

Lita turned to look at the empty desk near the back of the class by the window where Junko usually sat.

"That's odd," Lita thought to herself, "She's usually fairly punctual."

Just then Junko appeared at the door to the classroom. She was gasping heavily and had obviously been running.

"Your late Miss Tokojiki." the teacher pointed out.

"I... I'm sorry," Junko apologized from embarrassment, "I didn't realize it would take so long to get here from home."

"Oh, do you have a home address to give me now?" the teacher asked.

"Umm," Junko retorted. She hadn't wanted to tell anyone. At least not yet. Junko gave Lita a quick look to see if she was paying attention and she was.

"Well?" the teacher asked again.

"Uhh, yes I do." Junko answered realizing she had no choice now.

"Good," the teacher replied and pulled out a piece of paper out of her desk, "please put it down on this form."

Junko gave a sigh of relief and began to fill out the form.

When she had finished, she handed the form back to the teacher and walked back to her desk, past Lita without giving Lita any eye contact, and sat down in her chair. That's when Lita noticed a rather large bruise on Junko's leg.

"How did she get that?" Lita wondered.

Junko noticed Lita looking at her and sneered back at Lita.

Lita quickly turned back around and decided to let the matter drop.


After school, Lita met with Serena and Ami outside of class.

"What?" Serena gasped, "Appollo found a place to live?"

"I think so," Lita replied.

"Where does she live?" Ami asked.

"I'm not sure. She wrote the address down on a piece of paper and handed it to the teacher. But it sounds like it isn't nearby."

"Well, we'll just have to follow her." Serena decided.

"Serena we can't she left a half-hour ago."

"A half-hour?" Serena yelled, "How come she left school early?"

"Serena she didn't," Ami corrected, "you were in detention for sleeping in class, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Serena groaned, "I shouldn't have stayed at Terra's that late. Well then, how about tomorrow after school?"

"We can't Serena." Lita replied.

"Yes, we're going to the Zoo with Terra's brother tomorrow or have you forgotten?" Ami added.

"Oops, I did forget." Serena scratched her head with embarrassment, "why are we going to the Zoo anyway?"

"Because Serena," Ami answered, "Terra's brother is a Zoology major and there are some animals at our zoo that they don't have back where he lives."

"Although somehow I think he's not going to get a lot of studying done with us around," Lita laughed.

Ami then looked at her watch, "Oh my gosh, I have to go. My computer class starts in 20 minutes. See you guys later!"

"Bye Ami," both Serena and Lita answered as Ami waved and dashed off down the street.

Serena turned back to face Lita, "So what are you going to do now?"

Lita smiled innocently, "I'm going to Terra's place to see her brother again."

"They don't mind?" Serena asked in amazement.

"Terra said I could come over if I cook them some dinner," Lita grinned.

"Well I think I'll go home then. I have to keep an eye on Reeny. I keep finding her snooping through my stuff," Serena complained and then added, "besides, it's likely to crowded at Terra's place again."

"What do you mean by that?" Lita inquired.

"Do you actually think Mina and Raye won't show up too?" Serena remarked.

"I suppose your right," Lita sighed, "I guess I better hurry and make sure I get there first."

Serena laughed.


The Tokyo Zoo was fairly busy by the time the group had arrived the following day. They had decided to gather outside the main of the Zoo. Mina had been the first to arrive, followed quickly by Raye, Terra and her brother, Brett. It hadn't taken long for Mina to reattach herself to Brett's arm. Lita, Serena and Ami showed up a few minutes later. Lita quickly grabbed on to Brett's other arm.

"Hi Brett," Lita beamed.

"Uh, Hi Lita," Brett nervously replied. He still hadn't gotten accustomed to the girls' obvious show of interest as was obvious by the expression on his face. However, Mina and Lita remained oblivious to this as the happily held on to his on. Brett surrendered to the fact that he wasn't going to remove them from his arms and simply accepted. Terra however wasn't so impressed.

"You guys! Would you stop that!" Terra protested.

"Why Terra? You don't mind do you Brett?" Mina returned.

"Well, Uh..." Brett started to respond.

"See? He doesn't mind." Mina replied cheerfully and both she and Lita leaned up closer to Brett, making him feel even more uncomfortable. Terra sighed and gave up.

"Is Ohiko going to show up?" Serena asked.

"I think she said she'd try to," Mina guessed.

"Maybe she couldn't make it," Ami added.

"No, I'm here," Ohiko hollered. Ohiko dashed up and quickly bowed, greeting everyone.

Everyone greeted her back.

"Well now that we are all here, shall we go?" Terra asked the group.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

They walked to the ticket booth at the entrance of the zoo.

"Eight please," Brett asked the lady behind ticket counter.

The lady behind the counter gave Brett a rather suspicious look, obviously noticing the number of young girls he had with him. Brett smiled nervously as he handed the lady the necessary money, trying to hide his embarrassment. The lady handed him his tickets and added, "Have a nice day."

"Th-thank you," Brett replied as he left the counter and quickly disappeared through the gates of the zoo with his small group following behind him.


High above the zoo, a black portal appeared and from within it, Rubius emerged. Followed by another creature. The portal then vanished behind them.

"Have you found him?" Rubius inquired from the creature.

"No, I have not." Creature responded. The creature seemed to be part man, part crab, as it's body was covered in a large red shell and its two arms had two enormous pincers at its ends instead of hands.

The person they were in search of was Trulum. It had been over a week since they had seen him last. Rubius had been told to find him and had been given one of Trulum's henchmen, the crabman, to help find him. Rubius however, already suspected what had happened to Trulum and did not expect to find him. It had also been a week since Rubius had seen Sailor Appollo and suspected the worst.

"Since the last time I saw both Trulum or Appollo was when they were fighting each other, it is safe to guess that Appollo defeated the arrogant fish." Rubius contemplated to himself, "I told the fool to leave her alone."

The fact the Trulum was probably gone did not bother Rubius. He couldn't be happier as he neither liked Trulum nor his arrogant attitude. What did bother Rubius was the fact that he would no doubtably be blamed for it.

"Are we to search here?" The crabman asked.

"Hmm? Yes," Rubius thoughts returned to the situation at hand, "and while you're at it, collect energy from the humans."

The crabman paused, "Why?"

"Do not asked questions," Rubius growled, "Your master was responsible for collecting energy and he hasn't been doing so."

"I understand," the answered and floated down towards the zoo.


"I'm hungry!" Serena whined.

"Well we did just pass a concession stand." Ohiko suggested.

"Oh yes. I would like an ice cream." Ami liked the idea.

"Me too!" Mina agreed.

"Do you two want one?" Lita asked Brett and Terra.

"No thanks," they both replied at once.

"You sure?" Mina asked.

They again both nodded.

"Okay, wait right here. We'll be back in a minute."

The rest of the girls left leaving Brett and Terra alone in front of a panda enclosure.

"** I'm sorry about Mina and Lita. We could lose them right now if you want. **" Terra apologized in english.

"** That's okay," Brett chuckled as he stretched his arms, "They are kinda cute after all. **"

"Brett!" Terra scolded.

"** You know what I mean. They're still just kids to me and you're cute too..." Brett laughed and then added, "sometimes. **"

"** Whatever, **" Terra meagerly protested and then turned to watch the pandas. Brett decided to watch them as well.

"** This the first time I've actually seen pandas up close. **" Brett spoke.

"** Me too, **" Terra replied.

"** What?" Brett asked in a shocked tone, "You haven't been to this zoo yet? I'm surprised. **"

"** Err, I've been busy since I got here, **" Terra answered, obviously not wanting to tell him about the sailor scouts.

"** To busy for you to go to a zoo? What could possibly be so important? **" Brett inquired.

Before Terra could think of a response a number of people screamed and began to run. Both Terra and Brett looked around to see what the commotion was about. Brett spotted it first.

"** What the heck is that? **" Brett yelled as he pointed up.

Terra looked up and spotted the crabman floating down towards them.

"A creature of the dark moon!" Terra mumbled in Japanese.

"** A what?" Brett yelled, "oh never mind, get behind me! **"

"** Are you nuts? Let's get out of here! **" Terra grabbed her brothers arm and dragged him off behind a nearby bench.

They both watched from behind the bench as the creature floated down toward the earth. When it touched the ground it raised both its arms and pointed them at a group of fleeing people. Suddenly a large number of small crabs were launched from the crabman's pincers at the group of people. The little crabs quickly grabbed on to the fleeing people as well as many zoo animals and started draining them of their energy.

"** What did you say those were? **" Brett asked her sister.

"** N-nothing... **" Terra mumbled and then thought to herself, "I can't wait for the others to show up, I've got to do something. But I can't let my brother see me transform."

Terra looked around and spotted a public washroom. "** Wait here, **"

"** Where are you going?! **"

"** To the bathroom! **" Terra replied.

"** Now?! **" Brett gasped but it was to late. Terra dashed off to the washroom and leapt inside. She dove into one of the washroom stalls, closing the door behind her and yelled, "Earth Life Power!"

"Hey Crabmeat!" Sailor Earth shouted as she emerged from the washroom.

"Terra?" Brett gasped in amazement from his hiding place.

"All life is precious and in the name of the earth, I shall protect that life. I am Sailor Earth!"

The crab creature turned about to face Sailor Earth, "Ah, a sailor brat. I was wondering when I'd meet one of you. Go away, I'm busy."

"Not without the energy you're stealing. I'll be taking it back, thank you very much. Earth Life Energy Absorb!"

Sailor Earth began to steal the energy back away from the creature. "Stop that immediately!" the creature raged. It then raised on of its pincered arms and pointed it at Sailor Earth.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." A voice called from behind where Brett was hiding.

Brett turned to find another six sailor scouts behind him, all holding ice creams.

"First starfish, then enemies and now crabs? I hate seafood!" Sailor yelled.

"They were anemones," Sailor Mercury corrected.

"Whatever, this guys is toast!" Sailor Moon dismissed her error.

"Here Brett. Do you mind holding our ice creams for us?" Sailor Venus asked politely.

"Uh, sure," Brett replied, although he was completely beyond confused as to what was going on.

The creature then point it's pincers at the six other senshi.

"Oh no you don't, Solaris Solar Flare!"

Sailor Sun produced one of her brilliant flashes of light, blinding the creature. The six scouts spread around the crab creature, cutting off any attempt of escape.

"Earth Life Energy Return!"

Sailor Earth transferred what energy she had collected to Sailor Mars. By this point the crabman had regained his sight partially and realized he had bee surrounded but he noticed Sailor Mars a little too late.

"Mars Bola Napalm Engulf!"

Mars' flaming bolas struck the crabman, causing it to burst into flames.

"Barbecued crabmeat anyone?" Sailor Venus joked.

"No thanks, I just want my ice cream," Sailor Moon replied before yelling, "Moon Scepter Elimination!"

The creature screamed in agony before fading away to dust.

"Moondusted!" Sailor Moon cheered, "Now that was easy."

"I'll say," Sailor Venus agreed.

"Yes, I didn't even have to do anything." Sailor Mercury realized.

"Neither did I," Jupiter added, "we're getting good at this."

"We are the best," Sailor Moon giggled, "Luna will be so proud!"

Brett emerged from his hiding spot behind the bench and walked up Sailor Earth, "You mind explaining all this Terra?"

A bead of sweat appeared of Sailor Earth's forehead, "T-Terra? My name's not Terra. My name is... umm... Inochi."

"Oh give me a break," Brett laughed, "You may look different, but I know my little sister."

"I am not Terra," Sailor Earth denied again, "Hey guys, is my name Terra?"

The rest of the scouts all shook their heads.

"Would you mind giving us back our ice creams?" Sailor Moon complained before Brett could continue.

"Oh sure," Brett turned and handed the rest of the scouts back their ice creams.

"Thank you," the all replied in unison. Brett then turned back around to talk to Sailor Earth again but she was gone. She then turned around to ask the other scouts where she went but they were gone as well.

"Well this is just fine," Brett sighed.


From the crowd of people nearby, Rubius had been watching with interest.

"Terra. That's the second time I've heard that name mentioned. This may be useful after all. He then turned and vanished into the crowd.


Brett walked back to the panda enclosure, where he found the girls sitting waiting for him. Lita and Mina quickly resumed their positions on either arm.

"Where's Terra?" Raye wondered.

"She's... she," Brett stammered, unsure of what to tell them, "she's going to the bathroom."

"Well lets get her then," Serena suggested.

"Yes, we still haven't seen half the zoo yet so be better hurry," Ami agreed.

"But," Brett started to speak, still confused by what happen but decided to forget about it, "oh okay."

With that, the group went to go get Terra.