A Game of Cat and Fish

A Game of Cat and Fish

Written by: Terence Ladan

The girls sat clustered in front of the temple. Serena sat on the steps to the shrine, clearly not paying attention to conversation as she stared off into space. Ami sat quietly beside Serena, staring intently at her Mercury computer as she tapped away on it with her fingers. Terra sat to the others side of Serena, listening to the rest of the girls who stood around the three and were busily discussing what they knew.

"Rrrrr, Serena!" Raye growled when she noticed Serena wasn't paying attention, "you mind taking part in this discussion!"

Raye had changed back from Sailor Mars and told the rest what had happened earlier. Serena, however, had let Raye's comment go unnoticed. It wasn't until Terra poked her in the side that Serena returned her attention to what was going on.

"Owww, that hurt you little twerp!" Serena yelled as she returned from her dream-like state.

"Well if you were paying attention bubble head, I wouldn't have had to do that," Terra retaliated, "and I'm not a twerp, I'm economically packaged."

"A small package alright, not much there," Serena mocked, poking fun at Terra's diminutive features.

"Well at least THIS package doesn't have any vacant space upstairs." Terra replied.

"Rrrrrr, Why you!!!"

"Will you two stop it," Raye exasperated.

Both Serena and Terra quickly clammed up after giving each one final scowl. Ohiko leaned over to Lita and whispered, "Are they like that often?"

Lita nodded, "Sometimes worse, but it usually doesn't last long."

"So your saying that Appollo's weakness is darkness?" Ohiko returned to the topic, "that doesn't make sense."

"Actually it does when you think of it," Terra replied, "She controls shadows but you can't have a shadow without a light."

"Oh I get it," Mina admonished, "darkness means no shadows so she is powerless."

"Well I wouldn't say that," Terra admitted. Her side was still sore from the blow she had received from Appollo.

"Great so all we have to do is drag Appollo into some dark place and swing at her blindly," Serena goaded, "what good does that do us?"

"Yeah, it's not like we can just wish for darkness," Lita joked.

"Actually you guys..." Raye started to speak but was cut off by Serena, "Oh you can't be serious!"

"But it happened!"

"Then why didn't we see it?" Serena asked, obviously skeptical.

"Yeah we were just down the street." Mina added.

"I don't understand it either," Raye explained, "but it happened."

"Maybe that girl you saw had something to do with it." Terra thought over.

"The girl in the scout outfit?" Ohiko asked.

"Oh really! Another scout?" Serena laughed.

"You never know Serena," Ami finally took part in the conversation, "Remember Alyssa mentioned an orange scout with blue hair."

"Oh yeah..." Serena leaned back on her arms at the mention of Alyssa's name brought back memories.

"This is getting us nowhere," Luna spoke up, "we need to be more construction."

All the girls sighed wistfully in agreement. "You're right Luna," Raye acknowledged.

"So what should we talk about?" Mina asked.

"Well have any of you found out anything else?"

"Umm, well I had a premonition that we would learn more about Appollo from a cat," Raye replied somewhat sheepishly, not being entirely sure of what her premonition meant.

"Hello, that cat would be Luna," Serena replied.

"I think I'd know if it was Luna," Raye defended herself.

Just then Lita remembered something, "Hey Ami, didn't you say you found something out about Appollo when I fought her?"

"I completely forgot!" Ami gasped.

"Well?!?" all the girls asked simultaneously.

"Right!" Ami continued, "I don't why I didn't realize it the first time. Her body is coursing with nega-energy. Those creeps did something to her."

"She might be acting this way because of something the elementals did to her?" Luna asked.

"You mean like the rainbow crystal carriers?" Mina verified.

"It could be," Ami thought out loud.

"Well then I should be able to heal her!" Serena cheered.

"Do you think that would work Luna?" Ohiko asked inquisitively.

"Well it's worth a shot," Luna admitted.

"We got ourselves a plan!"


Appollo sat on a stool beside a small soup stand, eating a bowl of beef noodle. An elderly man who owned the cart sat across from her and was reading a newspaper. Occasionally, he'd look up to see if Appollo was enjoying the bowl of soup and then smiled and returned to reading his newspaper. After finishing the bowl, she handed the bowl back to the man and thanked him.

"Your welcome, I hate to see a pretty young thing such as yourself go hungry." The man grinned, "besides, you have been doing a better job than of my grandson, I've been getting better business."

Appollo blushed, "Th-thank you."

Feeling somewhat awkward at the obvious complement, she quickly picked up a stack of pamphlets and hurried off. The old man waved farewell, calling "Come back anytime."

Appollo's mood soured at hearing this. "I will," she called back feebly and then disappeared around the corner of the street.


Appollo spent the rest of the afternoon handing out the pamphlets to passersby. All the while stewing over the old man. She both hated and liked him. She hated him because of his kindness and the fact that she relied on him for food. It made her feel weak. But the reasons that she hated him were also the reasons that she liked him. She decided to push it aside and think of other things as she handed out the last pamphlet to bunch of students from a nearby private school and then she turned and headed off down the street.

One of the students, a tall brunette, stopped and watched Appollo inquisitively as she walked down the street. "Ohiko, are you coming?" another student called to the one who had stopped.

"Coming," the brunette called back. "For some reason I think I should know her," Ohiko thought to herself after giving Appollo one final look. She then turned around and raced off to catch up with her classmates.

Appollo rounded a corner of a building and disappeared down an alley. Walking quietly as she went, she noticed a particularly unusual odor and recognized it immediately. She stopped dead in her tracks, waiting for him to make his appearance.

"I know you're here. What do you want?" Appollo asked in disgust.

A manhole cover flew up in front of her and Trulum rose from the hole, standing on a column of water.

"Why were you wasting your time handling out these... these things!" Trulum held out one of the pamphlets Appollo had been handing out early. He was not impressed.

Appollo was getting a little tired of Trulum's inquisitions, "I sorry but some of us have to eat. What does it matter to you?"

"You are supposed to be defeating the scouts. I do not have the patience to wait while you waste time trifling with minor trivialities. If you do not..."

Before Trulum knew it, Appollo had her shadow sword in hand and was holding it at his neck.

"I have had enough of you," Appollo growl venomously, "I told you I do not take orders from you or anyone. Take your threats to someone who is actually afraid of them."

Appollo then withdrew her sword, leaving a small cut on Trulum's cheek while doing so and then turned away her back to him and began to walk away, letting the sword melt away into the shadows around her.

This infuriated Trulum, "You insolent whelp! You know nothing of the pain I can put you through!"

Appollo whipped around and watched as a number of water serpentines rose from the manhole that Trulum had rose from moments before. "It is time you learned where your place is among the minions of the dark moon."

The water serpents charged at with incredible speed but Appollo managed to reproduce her shadow sword even faster. Cutting down the serpents as they reached her, Appollo was soon drenched in water as the defeated serpentines came splashing down around her.

Appollo then leapt into the air, ready to bring her sword down on Trulum. Trulum however, was wise to this and raised his hand to greet her. A geyser of water sprang forth from his hand, knocking Appollo back down the alley with great force. Appollo returned to her feet, coughing and sputtering from the water she had inhaled but was no sooner ready to strike again. Grabbing her sword with both hands, the sword grew in size, becoming a huge two-handed sword. She then charged at Trulum again, only to be stopped again, this time by a wall of water.

"You are pathetic. I wonder how you could have possibly defeated the scout for the sun." Trulum laughed.

Suddenly, the wall of water closed to encircle Appollo, leaving her no room for escape. Trulum watched with amusement as Appollo slashed at the wall of water with her sword, only to have it pass harmlessly through it. Appollo realized quickly that she was having no effect and gave up, letting her sword vanish.

"So have you decided to be good and compliant?" Trulum asked smugly.

"Over my dead body." Appollo replied from behind the wall of water.

"So be it, prepare for a death by drowning," Trulum sneered. The wall of water began to constrict on Appollo but this didn't seem to phase her.

A smirk crossed her face as she began to speak, "Although I wish this planet dead, I have learned a few things that I find somewhat useful. Particularly something they call munitions."

Appollo raised her clenched hands together in front of her and in her grasp the shadow of a magnum appeared, a gun. Appollo pulled the trigger and a loud bang echoed off the walls.

"Appollo, stop!" a voice yelled.

The mention of her name distracted Appollo as she looked for the source of the voice. A shadow of a bullet stopped inches from Trulum's face. Trulum jumped back as he realized what had just happened, causing the wall of water to fall is a rain of water, soaking Appollo even more. Appollo, however, stood fixed with the gun still pointed at Trulum.

Rubius then appeared, floating over the to combatants. "Appollo, I asked you to stop..." he spoke again, and then grudgingly added, "please."

Appollo lowered her arms and let the shadow gun vanish from sight. Then as if nothing had just occurred, she began to wring out the water from her skirt, while not taking her eye off Trulum.

Rubius spoke again, this time to Trulum, "Didn't Whisper tell you that she was not of your concern? Did he not tell you to leave her to me?"

"But, she is not to be trusted!" Trulum began to protest.

"But nothing!" Rubius cut him off, "You will leave her alone or I will report your actions to Whisper."

The thought of a reprimand from Whisper silenced Trulum almost instantaneously. Trulum quickly tried to regain his dignity and vanished in a cloud of mist.

"Little does the fool realize that I'll report him to Whisper anyway," Rubius laughed aloud. He then turned to talk to Appollo but she was nowhere to be seen. "I hate it when she does that, " he muttered to himself to only then spot a trail of water that disappeared back out onto the street. Rubius chuckled and then vanished without a trace.


Meanwhile, Appollo was walking down the street, still dripping wet from her encounter with Trulum. It was obvious she was lost in thought, as she didn't notice as the other pedestrians staring at the soaking wet girl in the strange sailor outfit.

Appollo was mulling over what both Trulum and Rubius had said earlier. She was starting to think she was being used. "I doubt I can ask Rubius," she thought to herself, "I probably wouldn't get a truthful answer anyway."

A shiver went down Appollo's spine, reminding her of the state she was in. "Great, I better go find some where to dry off," Appollo mumbled, realizing that her wet outfit was making her cold. With that she headed off to the park that she normally frequented.

A few minutes later, Appollo found a secluded spot in the park, where the sunlight filtered down through the leaves. Carefully checking that no one was around as a witness, Appollo stripped out of her uniform and hung it on a branch to dry. She then lay back in the grass and let the shadow cover her and act as temporary clothing.


Serena stretched and yawned as she looked up at the clock above her classroom door. The school day was almost over and Serena was happy for it, more so than usual. The major gossip around the school that day was the appearance of the evil scout. Apparently, a number of Serena's schoolmates had been at Raye's shrine when Appollo had appeared. Serena was getting a little sick and tired of hearing the story, not to mention Sailor Appollo in general. One thing she did find amusing though was that no one mentioned either the sudden darkness or the other scout that appeared in Raye's version.

"Serena, class is over," Molly nudged Serena in the shoulder.

"Huh? Oh I hadn't even noticed," Serena smiled and began to pack her things up into her school bag.

"Serena, do you think you could wait for me?" Ami called from her desk, "I'm almost finished this assignment. It will only take a few minutes."

"What assignment?" Serena asked in puzzlement, "oh never mind, sure I'll wait."

"Okay, I'll see ya tomorrow then Serena," Molly said and then walked out the door with Melvin in tow.

"Bye Molly," Serena called back cheerfully.

Minutes went by as Ami scribbled down her assignment while Serena stared blankly at the clock. Then Lita's head poked in the door of the class.

"Oh here you guys are," Lita greeted.

"Hi Lita," Serena smiled, "Ami is finishing off her homework."

"I see," Lita replied, giving the same puzzled expression Serena had earlier.

Lita sat down beside Serena and they waited.

"Finished!" Ami cheered and slammed her notebook shut.

"About time," Serena groaned.

"I said it would take a few minutes," Ami defended herself as she packed up.

"Ami, it been a half-hour," Lita pointed out.

Ami looked at the clock over the door, "Oops, that always seems to happen," Ami giggled.

Both Serena and Lita groaned.

"Come let's get going,"

"Where are we going Lita?" Serena asked.

"The park," Lita answered, "We're meeting the others there."

"Well then what are we waiting for?" Ami replied, was the first one out the door.

"Hey, wait for us," Serena giggled and she and Lita gave chase.


Serena, Ami and Lita found Mina, Raye and Terra sitting at the usual bench by the lake in the park. The three were busy lounging and absorbing the sun's rays.

"About time you guys showed up," Terra complained, but her complaint was half-hearted as she was enjoying the sunshine.

"Yeah, where were you guys? Did Serena have another detention?"

"No Raye," Serena retorted, "we were waiting for Ami to finish her homework."

The three girls all gave a rather puzzled looked.

"Well, shall we get going?"

"Go where?" the three newly arrived girls asked.

"Back to Raye's Shrine. Ohiko is going to meet us there," Mina replied.

Raye started walking off towards the tree on the border of the park.

"Raye where are you going?" Serena asked

"It's a shortcut," Raye replied.

"Yeah, we should get hurry since we're late," Terra added.


The six girls walked through the trees, talking about school and what they did that day.

"Hey did you hear that?" Lita stop to listen. The other girls stopped to listened as well. They all heard something move on the other side of some bushes. Lita held a finger up to her lips and creeped to the bushes to take a peek of what was on the other side.

"AIYEEEEE!!!! Peeping Tom! Voyeur! Pervert!" a voice screamed from the other side of the bushes followed by what looked like a black rock. The rock hit Lita square in the face, knocking her on her butt.

The rest of the girls took their chance and looked over the bushes as well.

"Go away! Leave me alone."

On the other side of the bushes. in a small clearing, stood Appollo holding her scout uniform in front of her with one hand while she had a rock made of shadows in the other. It was apparent that they had caught her in the middle of changing as she was trying to cover herself with her outfit. The girls stared dumbfounded. "This is too weird," Terra mumbled and walked away.

"Do you mind!?" Appollo snarled.

"Ummm, sure," the rest girls replied and turned around.

"Stupid people," Appollo grumbled to herself as she finished changing, "this isn't a peep show."

The girls gathered into a huddled and whispered amongst themselves.

"She didn't know who were are." Mina spoke first.

"I guess she was a little preoccupied to notice," Ami replied.

"Well what should we do know?" Lita asked.

"I'm not sure," Serena replied.

"Yeah," Terra agreed, "I don't wanna fight her consider her, ummm, how should I put this... her current condition."

"Why would you want to fight me," Appollo asked. She had finished changing and had been listening in.

"Hey! Wait a minute," Appollo jumped back defensively.

"Oh great," Terra groaned, "she's recognized us."

"That's right Terra, to bad there aren't any light switches here hmm?" Appollo leapt into the air, producing her shadow sword and slashed out at the girls. The girls quickly scattered.

"Moon Crystal Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

"Earth Life Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Sailor Appollo, it's time to end this," Sailor Moon yelled.

"It's the end of you alright." Appollo sneered, "I've had enough playing with you. Appollo Shadow Revenge!"

Suddenly the shadows left the objects that cast them and began to attack the scouts. Sailor Earth and Mercury both put up a struggle but were pinned down. Sailor Moon swatted frantically at the shadows with her scepter to keep them at bay but it was a losing battle.

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"

"Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!"

Mars rings of fire struck a number of shadows, causing them to fade away, but they were quickly replace by others that jumped her and held her down. However, this gave Jupiter's attack enough time to reach the source controlling the shadows.

"Appollo Shadow Form!"

Suddenly a number of shadows leapt in front of Appollo; forming a protective barrier which Jupiter's lightning bounced harmlessly off of.

"Ha, nice try," Appollo scoffed, "Hey Venus, does this look familiar?"

The shadows that formed the barrier moments before, changed shape to form three chains that charged at Jupiter. Jupiter dodged the chains only to be jumped and over powered by a number of other shadows.

"Wait a minute, where is Venus?" Appollo noticed the golden sailor's absence. Appollo was then jump from behind and knocked to the ground.

"Let them go!" Venus yelled as she pinned Appollo to the ground.

Appollo smirked, "I don't think so."

Venus was quickly picked up off of Appollo by a shadow and tossed her to the ground where she was quickly pinned as well. Appollo returned to her feet and brushed off her outfit. "And I just had it cleaned too." Appollo surveyed the area, making sure all the scouts were accounted for.

"Okay tuxedo boy, if you're going to save your girlfriends, now is the time to do it." Appollo waited a moment for a response. There was none. A wicked smile then crossed her, "Good."

Appollo then returned her attention to Venus. "Remember how I said I killed you first? I hope you don't mind but you'll have to be second," Appollo laughed, "seeing how I already defeated Sailor Sun."

"That's not possible," the rest of the scouts replied in unison.

"And why is that?" Appollo laughed.

"Because I'm standing right here," a voice called from behind her.

Appollo turned around and saw a single scout in white, standing at the edge of the clearing, flanked by two guardian cats.

"Who are you?" Appollo asked suspiciously.

"As the defender of the planets within this system, I am Sailor Solaris, but you can call me Sailor Sun."

Appollo's jaw dropped, "That's not possible. If you're Sailor Sun then who..."

Sailor Sun decided to not let Appollo finish her question.

"Solaris Super Nova!"

The blast struck Appollo square; the force of which threw Appollo into a tree trunk, cutting the tree in half. Appollo's body continued beyond the tree, skidding along the ground like a rag doll until she hit another tree which got up rooted by the force of Appollo's body hitting it, kicking up a lot of dust.

The shadows holding the rest of the scouts quickly vanished and the scouts gathered around Sailor Sun.

"How did you know we were in trouble?"

"We didn't," Sailor Sun replied.

"We were just wondering what was taking you guys to long." Artemis added.

"Well it's good you guys came," Terra gave a sigh of relief, "still, I kinda feel sorry for her."

"I don't want your pity," Appollo coughed. The scouts stared in disbelief as Appollo struggled to her feet, pain evidently showing on her face.

"She's still standing?" Sailor Moon whimpered.

"Don't you know anything?" Appollo growled, "A person can only die once... and I've already done that."

"Appollo Kiss... of DEATH!!"

Appollo blew Sailor Sun a kiss. Sudden every shadow in view jumped Sailor Sun and began dragging her underground. The remaining scouts grabbed at Sailor Sun's arms and legs and tried to pull her back up.

"Appollo stop this!" Venus cried.

"I'm sorry Venus, but I did say I'd kill you second now after killing Sailor Sun and I wouldn't want to go back on my word."

"Junko! Stop that right now!" another voice called from the trees.

The mention of her true name caught Appollo's attention and she, as well as the rest of the scouts, looked in the direction the voice came.

From out of the bushes stepped a lone Siamese cat with a crescent moon on her forehead.

"A guardian cat!" both Luna and Artemis gasped.

"It's the cat from my vision!" Sailor Mars added.

Appollo stood unmoved, staring in disbelief at the cat that stood at the edge of the clearing.

"Junko! These girls are not your enemy!" the cat yelled again, this time even louder.

The shadows that were pulling Sailor Sun to the bowels of the earth, suddenly vanished, causing the scouts to stumble back as Sailor Sun was suddenly released.

"Minerva?" Appollo whimpered, "Minerva is that really you?"

"Of course it's me you silly girl." The cat replied, obviously relieved that Appollo had done as she was told.

"Minerva!" Appollo cried as tears streamed down her face. Appollo ran up swept up the cat in her arms, hugging the cat as hard as she could.

The rest of the scouts watched silently, not sure of what to do next. Luna took the initiative and stepped forward. "Excuse me, but do you mind telling us who you are?" Luna inquired, trying not to intrude on the obvious reunion.

The cat looked up at Appollo, who understood and put the cat down again. The cat walked up to the group of scouts while Appollo decided to keep her distance. It seemed a temporary truce had been set.

"I am Minerva, member of the royal household of Appollo and tutor to the princess which stands before you, Princess Junko Tokojiki." The cat responded in a dignified manner, but then lowered her head, "I am sorry for the trouble she has caused your group. It pains me that she was capable of doing such wrongs as it reflects on my teaching. However, I promise you that it shall not happen again."

The cat then walked back towards Appollo and jumped into her arms. "Come Junko, let's go."

Tears continued to roll down Appollo's cheek but she managed to beam a radiant smile in response.

Sailor Moon finally managed to muster enough confidence to speak up. "Umm, Appollo..."

Appollo's smile turned into a scowl as she locked eyes with Sailor Moon, causing Sailor Moon to take a step back. However, Appollo's scowl softened into a dull stare so Sailor Moon decided to continue.

"We kind of found out that those dark moon creeps did something to you."

"Yeah, that's why you act the way you do," Jupiter added.

"What of it," Appollo asked bluntly.

Sailor Moon continued, "Well, we think we know how to cure you."

"No thanks," Appollo replied just as bluntly, "I may not be your enemy anymore, but I am not your friend and I definitely don't want your help. Good bye."

Appollo was just about to leave when yet another voice spoke, "If you will not kill the scouts then we no longer have any use for you!"

Suddenly, Trulum appeared in a cloud of vapor, surrounded by the same serpents of water as before. The serpents launched themselves at Appollo again. Appollo smiled back in response, "Good bye Fish man."

"Appollo Kiss of Death!"

This time, Appollo blew Trulum a kiss. Shadows leapt from every dark spot imaginable and grabbed at Trulum. The water serpents turned back and attacked the shadows that imprisoned Trulum but it was to late. Trulum was dragged into the underworld kicking and screaming until he vanished from site. The only thing that remained at the spot where he disappeared was a single goldfish, flopping about in the grass.

Sailor Jupiter reacted quickly, grabbing her empty lunch tray out of her school bag and filled it with water from a nearby water fountain. Venus realized what Jupiter was up to and picked up the goldfish and dropped it into Jupiter's now water filled tray. The fish quickly began to swim happily about.

"What are you guys doing?" Sailor Moon asked, not understanding at all.

"We're getting Terra a replacement for the fish she lost," Venus replied.

"Are you sure that's a wise idea? It may try and kill me in my sleep," Sailor Earth replied nervously.

Sailor Mercury quickly produced her mercury computer and began to scan the fish. After a few moments, Sailor Mercury smiled, "He's a completely normal fish."

All of the scouts gave a sigh of relief.

"Well, before anything else goes wrong, lets get out of here," Sailor Moon decided.

Just then, Jedeite appeared looking rather amused.

All of the scouts groaned in disbelief.

"Sailor Moon!" Sailor Mars yelled, "couldn't you keep your mouth shut for once!"

Jedeite, however, ignored the rest of the scouts and focused on Appollo. "Why hello princess, I am pleased to see you were able the break the control the dark moon fools were able, although I'm not surprised."

"You!" Appollo recognized Jedeite immediately and almost as quickly had her sword in her hand and lashed out at Jedeite. Jedeite, however, simply vanished and reappeared a little farther away. The rest of the scouts were also getting ready to attack Jedeite after finally getting over the initial shock of Jedeite's appearance.

"I am not here to fight you sailor scouts," Jedeite spoke, "I am simply here to congratulate the princess and thank her for removing that foul smelling idiot, and now that I have, I'll leave. But before I go there is one more thing that I must do..."

Jedeite vanished yet again, this time reappearing in front of Appollo on his knee. Quickly, he reached for her hand. "Until we meet again princess," he spoke softly, and placed a kiss on her hand. Jedeite then disappeared for the final time.

Appollo stood rooted where she stood. She had neither expected, nor knew what to think of what had just happened. She was totally bewildered. The rest of the scouts were confused as well as they hadn't expected that either. No one moved until Appollo realized the girls were all staring at her. "What are you looking at?!" Appollo growled.

The rest of the scouts looked at each, not sure of what to say.

Sailor Moon spoke first, "Ummm, I think I'll go home now... and do some homework." Sailor Moon quickly turned tail and left.

"Me too," Sailor Venus agreed and she vacated the area just as quickly with Artemis in tow.

"Oh, and I've got chores to do at the shrine," Mars conveniently remembered and ran off into the trees.

"I think I'll go put this fish in a bowl." Earth quickly decided and headed for her apartment.

"Let me help!" Jupiter asked and gave chase after Sailor Earth.

This left only Mercury, Luna, Appollo and her cat Minerva standing in the clearing.

"I think I have too... too... " But Mercury couldn't thinking of any excuse to leave.

However, Appollo completely ignored Sailor Mercury and looked down at her cat, "Shall we go?"

The cat nodded, "I see you've ignored your parents wishes and continued to use your power over shadows."

"But I was protecting myself," Appollo defended herself.

"Still, that is no way for a princess to behave."

Appollo and Minerva disappeared into the shadows.

Mercury and Luna stood there for a moment longer before Mercury decided to speak, "Do you think we will see them again Luna?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure. Let's go."

And with that, the two remainders left the clearing.


The next day, Serena and Ami sat outside eating lunch in the sunshine when Lita came running up. Serena, up until then was happy that the Appollo problem was over as well as Trulum, who was now happily swimming in a goldfish bowl. It finally gave Serena a chance to relax.

"You guys are not going to believe who joined my class today." Lita whispered to the two girls.

"Who?" Ami asked.

"A cute guy?" Serena asked also with a hint of interest.

"No such luck," Lita sighed and pointed off to the trees at the edge of the schoolyard. Under one of the trees sat a girl in the same school uniform as Serena and Ami, with short, jet black hair and ice blue eyes and a Siamese cat in her lap. The girl spotted the three and gave them a short evil grin before returning her attention to the cat.

Serena recognized the girl almost immediately. "It's not fair! It's just not fair," Serena began to bawl, much to everyone's dismay.