X-acting Revenge

X-acting Revenge

Written by: Terence Ladan
Sailor X created by: Chibi "meatball head" Jim

Appollo sat doubled over in a park bench overlooking a lake, her arms crossed over her stomach as she tried to contain the tears that that escaped from her eyes. An intense pain wretched through her body causing her to scream out, unable to bear the pain any longer. She lay there unable to move until the pain subsided into a dull numb feeling. Still gasping she opened her eyes and looked out on the lake.

"I wish I was still dead," she finally spoke out loud, although there was no one around to hear it.
She then closed her eyes again and remembered what Rubius had told her, "Your body has been dead for eons, you can't expect it to just jump back to life. The pain you experience is the cost for that return of life and it will get worse before it gets better."
"Yeah but when is it going to get better?" she mumbled to herself as she wiped the tears off her face.
It had been a few days since her last run in with the sailor scout and the bruise on her cheek that Jupiter had given her, had almost faded. The pain that had wracked her earlier had almost left her body entirely except for the dull pain that seemed ever present. She wasn't sure if this was the pain Rubius spoke of or was the emptiness caused by the destruction of her planet so long ago.
"Funny, it seems like only yesterday," she thought to herself which brought forth another welling of emotions and tears. She quickly wiped her tears away and forced herself to think of other things.
Appollo had spent the last days watching the remaining scouts, trying to decide whose downfall should be next. It would be hard to single out any of the others as they all went to school together, unlike Venus. Sailor Moon, Mercury and Jupiter all went to one school while Sailor Mars and Earth went to another. She did know there was one other scout that did not go to school with the others but Appollo had never seen her and up until now, she couldn't find her. Sailor Sun.
Appollo sent her shadow in search of this elusive scout and until today, her shadow had come up empty. But today was a different matter. Today her shadow found a scout in another part of this city they call Tokyo, as Appollo had learned, a scout that they had not encountered before. It only made sense that this scout was Sun as there were only seven scouts and they knew six of them already.
Sailor Appollo rose from the bench and stretched the stiffness and last shadow of pain that remained in her body out. She had already decided she would fight Sailor Sun today. The sky was clear and the sun was bright, strengthening the power of the shadows she relied on.
"Yes, it's a good day to fight," she repeated to herself and walked off, letting her shadow lead her.

Alyssa stretched and yawned before making herself comfortable at her desk again. She was in the middle of what was supposed to be a math class. Instead of class however, most students were busy talking, throwing paper airplanes or sleeping. The only hint of a class being taught was the teacher standing at the front of class, writing the days lesson on the blackboard, completely unaware of the class behind him.

"This is stupid," Alyssa thought to herself, "why do I even bother showing up? I could be in the gym practicing or something."
Alyssa's mind wandered off to the competition she was supposed to be competing in a week from now, the 'Anything Goes, Martial Arts Modeling Contest'. Alyssa had been looking forward to this competition and had been training for it for weeks. It had taken her a while to get ready for it as most of her techniques were not intended to be done in high heels, but she had mastered the problem and she believed was now ready.
She wasn't too worried about the other competitors either. Most of the girls at the school were nowhere near as good as she was and only a couple of them who came even close. Alyssa's only concern was a red-headed, pigtailed girl, who had a habit of crashing Martial Arts Competitions.
"The girl doesn't even go to this school," Alyssa thought with disgust.
Just then a paper airplane hit Alyssa in the side of her head and got stuck in her hair, causing her to lose her train of thought. Pulling the airplane from her hair, she turned to see a number of suspicious classmates looking back at her in fear. Still holding the airplane, she rose from her desk and walked to towards them.
"So who threw this fine craft of workmanship," Alyssa asked sweetly, showing the paper airplane in her hand. The students all simultaneously pointed their fingers at a single student saying "Daisuke did it."
Alyssa turned to face Daisuke, "Did you now Daisuke?" she asked softly.
"Y-yes, why?" Daisuke replied nervously.
"Oh I just wanted to give it back to you," Alyssa replied holding out the plane.
Just Daisuke gave a sigh of relief, Alyssa crumpled up the plane in her hand and slugged him with it, sending him flying into the wall. As his body peeled away from the wall the only words to escape from his lips were "I think I need a band-aid..."
Alyssa then chucked the crumpled airplane at Daisuke, giggling, "Here ya go," and returned to her seat. The girls of the class applauded.
After a few moments Alyssa was bored again, staring at what the teacher wrote on the chalkboard. Alyssa assumed it must be gibberish. Deciding she'd had enough, Alyssa put her hand up. Although the teacher was in no position to see Alyssa's raised arm, he managed to acknowledged it anyway, "Yes Alyssa?"
"Can I go to the little girls room?"
"Yes you may." the teacher replied without turning away from the blackboard, "and don't forget a hallway pass."
Alyssa quickly picked up her books and raced out of the classroom, grabbing a hall pass off the teachers desk as she went.

Alyssa had spent her time wandering the halls of her school, talking to friends and avoiding the hall monitors. She was having a hard time making them believe she was still going to the washroom.

"This is boring," Alyssa sighed, "maybe I should have stayed in class."
Then Alyssa cheered up as she spotted one of her friends standing outside a classroom, holding a pail of water in her hands. The girl had short black hair and was a little shorter than Alyssa even though she was Alyssa's senior.
"Hi Akane!" Alyssa grinned, "get in trouble again?"
It was apparently the wrong thing to ask as the girl's face turned into a scowl. "It's not my fault! It's all that jerks fault!" the girl cursed as her hands clenched down on the pail's handle, bending it out of shape.
Alyssa knew who Akane was talking about, Akane's fiancée. Alyssa could never figure the guy out. Even though he was one of the school's best martial artists, he was pretty strange and had been caught more than once in women's clothing.
"All guys are jerks Akane," Alyssa responded, trying to calm Akane's temper.
"You got that right," Akane agreed and loosened her grip on the pail, "so what are you doing? Aren't you supposed to be in class?"
"Oh I got bored and left. I'm waiting for the Kendo Club to leave the gymnasium so I can go and practice."
"Oh, I think they're finished now. I saw a couple of them heading to their classes," Akane said and then added, "Although Kuno is probably still there. He likes to get in the extra practice."
"The kendo captain? I'll take care of him," Alyssa smiled and then ran off down the hall, "See ya Akane."
Akane waved as Alyssa disappeared down the hall and returned to staring at the ceiling. "This pail is getting heavy."

It was about noon when Sailor Appollo found herself outside the gate of a high school and looked in towards the courtyard. She wrapped the coated she wore tightly about her, knowing her uniform would give her away if Sailor Sun spotted her first.

"Are you sure this is the place?" Appollo looked down and asked her shadow.
Her shadow nodded a definite affirmative.
"Okay, lead the way then," Appollo sighed and followed her shadow into the school grounds.
The school didn't look much different from the other schools Appollo had seen. A three-story building with a clock situated above the main doors. Appollo walked across the school grounds towards the school doors without attracting much attention and those students that did notice her passing went back to what they were doing after a brief glimpse.
"This may be easier than I thought," Appollo thought to herself as she reached the door. She had been expecting some resistance to a complete stranger entering the school but she wasn't receiving any. She then opened the doors and stepped inside.
Sailor Appollo began to wander the halls of the school and looked in on the classes while she let her shadow search for her target. Although she was attracting more attention than she had outside, she was for the most part, able to move around the school uninhibited. Then she ran into a slight obstacle.
A guy stepped in front of her, blocking her passage, "Where's your hallway pass?"
"Who are you?" Appollo yelled, a little shocked.
"The hall monitor obviously," the boy replied smugly showing off the badge on his shirt, "now where's your hallway pass?"
Appollo stood staring back at the boy, not knowing what to do or say. She didn't have a clue about what he asking for.
"I thought so," the boy finally said and grabbed her arm as he tried to drag her off, "let's go see the principal."
Sailor Appollo reacted without thinking. She wretched the boys grip from her arm with her other hand and then backhanded him across the face with her now free arm. "Don't touch me!" Appollo yelled as took the arm she still held and twisted it around his back and forced him head first into the lockers.
Appollo then returned to her senses and took a few steps back, realizing what she had done. The "hall monitor" lay on the ground making what sounded like baby babbling. She looked around to see a crowd of students standing around her staring in awe. Appollo panicked, expecting some serious trouble from the crowd. What actually happened surprised her.
A few of the students began to clap, saying "well done, nice job," while the rest went on their way.
"Uh thanks," Appollo smiled meekly and took off down the hallway as quickly as could.
Soon Appollo found herself in another hallway, one side of which had windows that looked out behind the school. Quickly checking to see in anyone had followed her, she looked out the window to see another building outside, the word "gymnasium" written above the doors.
"You don't suppose she's in their do you?" Appollo whispered down to her shadow, not trying to attract any attention. Her shadow shrugged in response.
"Well I don't think she's in her so I'm going to go checked."

A few minutes later, Appollo found herself outside the doors of the gymnasium.

"Make sure no one sneaks up on me okay?" Appollo asked as she began to crack the door to gymnasium open. Her shadow gave a thumbs up and kept a watch out while Appollo peeked into the gym.
Appollo opened the door just wide enough to see the entire gym floor clearly. The gym was practically empty save for a few students practicing some form of fighting Appollo didn't recognize at the far end of the gym. After watching the group for a few moments, she convinced herself that none of them would probably be Sailor Sun when she spotted one particular girl practicing on a punching bag. The girl caught Appollo's attention so she decided to watch a while .
The girl had shoulder length dark brown hair and wore a typical white martial arts gei. It was apparent that the girl knew she was being watched because as she stepped to engage the bag, a small smirk crossed her face. The girl then leapt out at the bag, striking it with her knee and the pushing off with a reverse kick. Immediately, she leapt out at the bag again, punching at its midsection followed by backhand strike that sent it spinning off in another direction. It became obvious to Appollo that the girl was very good as the girl sent combination after combination of punches, kicks an various blows to the bag without stopping in-between. The girl became so fast at times, Appollo had troubles following her.
"That's her isn't it?" Appollo asked quietly.
Her shadow took a peek inside the gym as well and nodded.
Finally, the girl struck out at the bag with one final forceful blow, sending the bag swinging far out on its line that suspended it. The girl turned to face the bag as it swung back towards her and kicked out at it, cutting a gouge out in it's side with her heal. The girl stood there for a moment balancing on one leg with the leg she kicked with still stretched out before bringing it back down. The girl then stared at the bag for a moment before pulling her hand back and struck at the bag one last time causing it to explode.
"She is truly a thing of wonder, is she not?" a voice asked from behind Appollo as a hand rested upon her shoulder.
Appollo leapt forward in shock, into the gym and whirled around to see who had snuck up behind her. Before her stood a boy, much taller than Appollo with black wavy hair, in a dark blue and black kendo gei, carrying a wooden sword.
"Methinks you are not from this school hmm?" the boy asked, speaking in a somewhat arrogant tone.
"No..." Appollo replied guardedly.
"As I thought," the boy mused, "for I know of all the fair maidens of this establishment."
"Kuno, leave her alone," a voice called from behind Appollo, "or do you have to flirt with every girl in school."
Appollo turned to see the girl she had been watching walk up towards them and feared that she would be recognized by her. But the girl gave no sign of recognition causing Appollo to relax a little.
"I was doing nothing of the sort," the boy replied, "I was simply helping this poor lost sheep."
"Sure you were." the girl answered sarcastically as she came up to stand beside Appollo.
Kuno ignored the remark and turned to ask Appollo, "I don't believe I received your name. But first let me introduce myself. I am the rising star of the high school kendo world,"
"You're the blue thunder, excetra, excetra. I've heard it all before Kuno." the girl cut Kuno short.
The interruption obviously annoyed Kuno as he turned the face the girl, "You shall address me as Upperclassmen Kuno." "Whatever," the girl replied and turned to walk back to where she had been practicing.
"Now I don't believe I know your name," Kuno asked again.
"Ju-Junko," Appollo replied immediately. "Why did I just give him my name so easily?" she thought to herself and suddenly began to feel somewhat flustered.
"May I escort you around our fine school?" Kuno asked courteously.
"Um... no," Appollo replied and dashed out of the gym as quickly as she could.
"Kuno strikes out again!" the other girl laughed out from across the gym.
Embarrassment washed over Kuno's face but he quickly regained his composure and strode out of gym.

At the other end of the gym, the girl continued to snicker at Kuno's failed attempt.

"Alyssa, do you know who that girl was?" another student, who was standing nearby, asked.
The girl stopped giggling, "Hmm? Why?"
"Because she knocked the hall monitor out cold."
"Really?" Alyssa replied surprised, "well, I think she said her name was Junko but that's all I really know."

Sailor Appollo spent the rest of the afternoon sitting under a tree in the school yard, aimlessly sketching unrecognizable images in the dirt with her finger, all the while watching the doors to the gymnasium to see if the girl left. She hadn't. The school bell rang at the end of the day and Appollo watched as the students left for home. most of them not paying attention to her as she sat their by herself nor did she pay much attention to them, her eyes still fixed on the doors to the gym. It's not that she worried about missing the girl leaving for she had sent her shadow to keep an eye on her. She was just busy contemplating how best to handle Sailor Sun.

"She can obviously fight so I can't take her head on like Venus," Appollo realized, "but if I have to go all out, so be it. It's not like I haven't died before."
Just then, her shadow came running up to her, and began gesturing to her.
"She's alone now?"
Her shadow nodded back.
"Well then, time to finish this," Appollo decided and rose to her feet. She then let the jacket she wore fall to the ground, revealing her gray and purple scout uniform she wore as she walked to towards the gymnasium.

Alyssa had already taken a shower and changed and was busy gathering up her stuff to go home when the door to the gymnasium open. Alyssa noticed the door open and looked up to see who it was. At first she didn't recognize the girl because of the way she was dressed.

"Your Junko right? The girl that was here earlier aren't you?" Alyssa asked as she finished packing up her school bag, "Kuno's not here right now. Never thought anyone would actually fall for him though."
Appollo's face went beat red. "I'm not here to see him!!" She protested, "I'm here for you!"
"Me? What for?" Alyssa asked looking confused. "Oh I see now," Alyssa added with a hint of understanding.
"What?" Appollo asked, not following what Alyssa was talking about.
"Sorry, I'm not that kind of girl."
"What!?" Appollo gasped, her face went a darker shade of red, "that's not what I meant!!"
The look of confusion returned to Alyssa's face, "Then what do you want?"
Appollo studied Alyssa for a moment, then it dawned on Appollo, "She might not recognize my face, but you'd think what I'm wearing would be a dead give away. Maybe she hasn't talked to the rest of the scouts yet."
Appollo then looked down at her shadow and asked, "Are you sure she's Sailor Sun?"
Her shadow nodded emphatically.
Alyssa noticed this too, "Neat! How'd you do that?"
"Gee, this Sailor Sun isn't to swift is she?" Appollo sighed to herself. Then as she clenched her fist, Appollo spoke again, "It doesn't really matter."
Before Alyssa could ask what Appollo meant by that, a translucent black blade materialized in Appollo's clenched fist. Appollo quickly raised the sword up into the air and the slashed out at Alyssa with it. Alyssa reflexively backflipped out of harms reach, putting some distance between her and Appollo.
"Oh I get it. So you want to fight then?" Alyssa said as a smirk crossed her face. It was obvious she was very sure of herself. She then walked over to a rack holding a number of wooden swords that was against the wall and selected one.
Appollo saw the sword and began to laugh, "your going to fight me with that?"
The smile stayed fixed on Alyssa face as she spoke, "It's all I need."
Alyssa dashed at Appollo, raising her sword above her head ready to swing at Appollo. Appollo ready herself as well, bring her sword up with no obvious intention of giving ground. Alyssa swung at Appollo and the swords clashed briefly, only then gave way. To Alyssa it felt as if the two swords had passed through each other as she lost her balance and stumbled.
Stunned by what happened, Alyssa stared blankly at what remained of her sword. "Her sword cut cleanly through mine!" All that remained of the sword in her hand was the handle, the other half lay on the ground by Appollo's feet.
Appollo then leapt at Alyssa and swung at her again with her blade. Unprepared this time because of what had just happened, Alyssa threw up her hands in self-defense. Suddenly a blinding light flared up in Alyssa's hand and Appollo felt her sword strike something hard. Both girls jumped away from each other and stared in disbelief at the object in Alyssa's hand. Contained within Alyssa's clenched fist was a glowing white, rod-like sword. Alyssa was even more shocked by this than Appollo as she panicked and dropped the sword, which vanished, before hitting the ground.
"this can't be happening... " Alyssa mumbled hysterically as her body collapsed to the floor. She fainted.
Sailor Appollo, still stunned herself, let her sword vanish from her hand. She stood there for a moment, staring at Alyssa, trying to make sense of what just happened. Finally, she shook her head, "What does it matter. I just better finish it off before she wakes up and remembers how to do that again."
Appollo's shadow sword appeared in her hand again as she walked up to Alyssa. Standing beside her, Appollo brought her sword down on Alyssa but not before the beam appeared in Alyssa hand again, knocking Appollo's sword aside. The beam disappeared just as quickly as Alyssa's eyes glared open.
A black portal opened behind Alyssa, before Appollo's eyes. The portal then enveloped Alyssa before dissappearing again, leaving her standing in a black and white Sailor Scout outfit. She then dusted the dirt off her clothing.
Alyssa finally turned to face Appollo, her face clearly showed she was disappointed, "I had completely forgotten I was a scout and was having a normal life for a change but you just had to remind me didn't you?"
"Sorry," Appollo replied sarcastically, "I was here to kill you, not remind you. I'll try better next."
"You'll kill me over my dead body!" Alyssa yelled.
"Umm... isn't that the point?"
Alyssa growled, "Shut up and fight!"
Alyssa's white energy lance reappeared in her hand as she lashed out at Appollo with it. Appollo brought her sword up and parried the blow only to feel a knee come up and hit her in the side. Appollo turned and swung her sword out at Alyssa but Alyssa was already out of range, grinning wildly back at Appollo.
"Still think you can kill me?" Alyssa scoffed.
"Doesn't really matter. Either I kill you or I die trying."
Alyssa stared at Appollo for a second, "She's serious!" Alyssa thought to herself.
Just then Appollo brought her sword up above her head and charged at Alyssa. Alyssa brought her sword up to block the strike as Appollo swung at her. Appollo completely missed with her strike, cutting through the air beside Alyssa only then to slash out at Alyssa's side. Alyssa leapt away from Appollo, landing some distance from where Appollo stood.
"She intentionally faked that first swing knowing I'd try to block and be open to that second swing," Alyssa realized and she looked down at the cut in her skirt. Sailor Appollo had gotten a little closer than Alyssa liked, and she was attempting to do so again.
Appollo ran up towards Alyssa holding her sword out above her shoulder, preparing to jab. Alyssa rush back at Appollo and block Appollo's strike again, this time she moving right up close to Appollo leaving her no room to strike again. Appollo had no intention of hitting with her sword however, as she brought her leg up to kick Alyssa in the side. Alyssa reacted quickly and grabbed Appollo's leg only to see Appollo bring her sword up again. Alyssa leaned out of the way and brought her own leg up, kicking Appollo in the stomach, which sent Appollo stumbling back, causing to miss with her sword. This did not stop Appollo however, as she turned and struck out at Alyssa again and again. Each time Alyssa blocked most of Appollo attacks with little effort and hit her away again. However Appollo would simply try again, and each time narrowly missing.
Appollo charged again, striking out at Alyssa who again parried the block only to feel a sharp in her other arm. Alyssa reacted by striking the gym floor between the two of them with her finger, yelling "Bakusaitenketsu!!". The gym floor first buckled and then shattered, sending wood splinter flying in every direction. Alyssa used this distraction to backflip away from Appollo and check her arm. Alyssa was surprised to see her arm was cut, luckily not very deep. She then looked up at Appollo who hadn't moved from where she stood. She was holding a second shadow sword in her other hand.
"Hmmm, your pretty good with swords," Alyssa acknowledged, "you take Kendo?"
"Kendo?? What's that?" Appollo asked, her mood lightening a little.
Alyssa laughed, "Oh Kuno would have loved you all right."
Appollo's face turned bright red again, "Shut up!"
Appollo slammed her two shadow swords together. Alyssa watched as the two swords melded into what looked like an abnormally large two-handed sword.
Alyssa stopped laughing and became very serious, "Listen Junko, A long time ago I promised myself I'd never hurt another scout again. I don't want to break that promise because of you."
"Too late," Appollo stated, noticing all the scrapes and bruises she was getting, "besides, Junko is dead."
Suddenly someone surprised Alyssa and jumped her from behind, putting her in a headlock. Alyssa was stunned for a moment as she hadn't heard a thing. Alyssa then reached over and grabbed her attacker by the shoulders and flipped the attacker over her back and onto the ground in front of her. In front of Alyssa lay Appollo's shadow.
"Appollo Shadow Revenge!!"
A number of shadows from around the gym began to stir and leave the objects that cast them, include Alyssa's own shadow. Simultaneously, the shadows charged at Alyssa and missed as she jumped straight up out of their reach. It was obvious to Alyssa that Appollo was very serious about this fight and that she had better take it serious as well.
"X-Ray Lighting Drop!!"
Black lightning struck out from out of the blue, hitting the shadows that attacked her, causing them to shatter and vanish, reappearing again from where they originally came. The black lightning also struck out at Appollo but a black barrier went up about Appollo as she yelled "Appollo shadow form!!". The black lightning bounced harmlessly off the shadow barrier and struck one of the gymnasium's walls instead, exploding an entire section of it outwards.
The shadow barrier then faded, leaving Appollo, still holding the two handed shadow sword, standing unscathed. She then yelled "Appollo shadow form!" again. Three black shadow chains, similar to the ones she had used on Venus, formed about her. The chains then lashed out at Alyssa. Alyssa produced a second sword in her other hand and deflected the chains one by one harmlessly off her swords. The chains bounced off randomly in all directions, destroying the walls of the gymnasium even further.
The two scouts then charged at each other, their swords raised. Appollo swung first bring her tremendous shadow sword down on Alyssa who, just as quickly, brought her two energy swords up and caught Appollo's swords between them. With their swords locked, the two girls struggled to force the other to submit by sheer might.
Suddenly a loud groan could be heard above the two of them and some dirt fell on both their heads. With their swords still locked, they quickly looked around and realized what was about to happen.
"Uh oh," Alyssa mumbled as she let her swords vanish and turned to run. Appollo quickly did the same but it was too late. What remained of the walls disintegrated and the roof of the gymnasium came crashing down around them.

The dust settled after a few moments and the gymnasium lay in ruin. The roof had collapsed in upon the gymnasium itself, leaving nothing but debris on the floor. However, near the center of the rumble was a small dark dome, poking out amongst the rubble. The dome quickly vanished leaving Sailor Appollo standing in the middle. Appollo quickly surveyed the area and then jumped up and down and around and around cheering, "I beat her! I beat her! I beat Sailor Sun!!"

She then dashed out of the rubble, picked up her jacket and ran out of the school yard, jumping and leaping as she went.

Meanwhile, Ohiko lay in bed reading a magazine when she sneezed violently for no apparent reason. She rubbed her nose and looked about her for a moment before returning to her reading.

Minutes went by before movement returned to the remains of the gymnasium. A large section of debris moved and the toppled over revealing Alyssa, still in her scout outfit, underneath. She crawled out and made her way out of the rubble and looked about. "I gotta find out what's going on here," Alyssa sighed, "Guess I'm back in the scout business."

Alyssa then turned and headed off for home.