Sailor Earth: No Appollo-gies

No Appollo-gies

Written by: Terence Ladan

Upon hearing Jedeite's story about the asteroid's former glory as a planet and the civilization that it held, Rubius endlessly searched the chain and rocks that orbited the sun for more artifacts of existence. And artifacts he found. The objects tended to be on the more durable side as they were more likely to have survived the cataclysmic explosion. A section of railing, cooking ware, what appeared to be a wheel, "All useless," Rubius growled impatiently.

"What exactly are you looking for?" Jedeite questioned. Jedeite had been quietly following Rubius the entire time. At first he found Rubius's endless searching rather amusing but was now getting rather bored. The only reason he did not leave entirely was because he did not believe Rubius had told him everything about the Negamoon, or Dark Moon as Rubius had called it.
Rubius paused for a moment, looking at a sullen, bent fork, "I'm not sure."
"Your not sure?" Jedeite mocked, "You seem awfully obsessed about something your not sure about."
"There is something here I can use against the scouts, I know it," the frustration was obviously building up inside Rubius. Then he let out a sigh.
Jedeite paused for a moment, "It is nearby."
Rubius looked around at Jedeite in surprise, "What is?!"
"Can't you feel it?" Jedeite responded.
"Hmmfph!" Rubius closed his eyes and let his mind drift. He floated there for what seemed forever. Impatience was setting in. "What a waste of time," Rubius thought to himself when he felt something pulling in the corner of his mind. He focused on that spot and was suddenly hit by a force that he could not deny, "This way!"
Rubius turned and flew off in the direction of a relatively large asteroid with incredible speed.
Jedeite decided to follow again, figuring that it might be worth watching. However, as they approached the asteroid it became apparent to Jedeite that there was nothing special about that asteroid.
"This is wrong, that is just like the other asteroids!" Jedeite hollered.
"That's because it is not where I am going," Rubius yelled back and flew beyond the asteroid.
Quickly after, Jedeite reached the asteroid and began to detour around as he came about it, he gasped in awe at the site which came into view. As he crested the asteroid a number of spires, shining dully from the distant sunlight, appeared beyond the asteroids horizon.
"It's not possible," Jedeite thought in disbelief.
But soon the entire scenery came into view as he past over the asteroid and stopped to admire the view. Sitting atop another asteroid, that was no more than a few acres in size, was the burn out, crumbled ruins of a palace. It was impossible for Jedeite to deny it for he had seen this palace before, many eons ago when the negaverse had destroyed it. Of what was left, many of the walls were destroyed, either by the negaverse, the planet's destruction or by spatial bombardment afterwards. What walls did remained were covered in soot.
Jedeite's initial shock had worn off, and he soon spotted Rubius standing motionless over the ruins and floated over to join him, saying nothing.
"Amazing that a part of the planets surfaced survived," Rubius finally spoke.
Jedeite nodded as he stared down into the ruins, "and this particular part too,"
"Why do you say that?"
Jedeite took his eyes off the ruins to look back at Rubius, "Because that was the Royal Palace."
"Really..." Rubius's interest had obviously been peeked as he began to descend to the ruins.
"Your not going down there are you?"
"Why not. Afraid the princess is still alive?" Rubius mocked.
Jedeite growled and followed Rubius down.

They reached what appeared to be the main floor of Palace but it was difficult to tell. Aside from the walls, nothing was discernable from the rock and debris that littered the ground.

Jedeite looked around. He was both impressed with what the negaforce had accomplished and bored that they did not find anything else, "There is nothing here, lets go."
"Leave if you want or shut up!" Rubius snarled as he was busy concentrating.
"This way," Rubius stated and walked off in the direction of what had been the courtyard.
"You're wasting your time! Your not going to find anything..." Jedeite began to point out but then he stepped into the debris cluttered courtyard himself, "accept maybe that."
"You were right," Rubius smirked, "that irritating little princess of yours was a Sailor Scout."
Lying in the middle of the courtyard was a girl wearing a white and purple scout uniform. She was curled up in the fetal position, her short, jet-black hair hung about her face and her skin was a deadly blue.
"Amazing her body is still intact," Rubius mused, "She could have died yesterday by the looks of her."
"Yes," Jedeite replied skeptically and bent down to touch her cold lifeless body, "Good, she's dead."
"Idiot, of course she's dead!" Rubius replied.
Jedeite ignored the insult and returned to his feet, "better she remain that way, let's go."
Jedeite turned to leave but noticed Rubius was not doing anything of the sort. Rubius continued to stare down at the body of the princess turned scout, a wry grin crossed his face.
"Well?!" Jedeite yelled impatiently, he neither wanted to stay here nor did he want Rubius here as well.
"I will leave when I please," Rubius stated as a portal opened up behind him and stepped back through it, vanishing from sight.
Jedeite sighed with relief and let his gaze fall over the girl's body. He then quietly walked over and knelt beside the girl and brushed the hair from her face, "Sleep well princess, and hope Rubius does nothing foolish as I expect he will."
Jedeite then quickly returned to his feet and gave another quick inspection of his surroundings, "I wish we never found this place," and with that, he vanished as well.

Terra sat around the back side of the shrine listening to her walkman, heavily engrossed in the algebra text book that she was leaning over.

"Fly me to the moon, and let me play amongst the stars,
Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and mars,"
Terra sang along quietly to the music from the tape that she was listening to.
"Here you are!"
Terra startled as she had not heard Raye walk up behind her.
"What are you doing out here?" Raye asked.
Terra turned off her walkman and took her earphones off, "Hmm? Oh I couldn't study with Mina and Serena constantly giggling."
"I see," Raye said as a burst of laughter came from inside the shrine.
"Besides, I like it out here," Terra smiled.
"Well anyway," Raye changed subjects, "the reason I came looking for you is to see if you wanted to go study at the library. Ami's going to be there. It just so happens that Lita and Serena need help with their calculus too so she might be able to help us as well. Of course Mina's coming along."
"Ami will be there? Of course I'll go," Terra start to pack up her books.

"Trulum, We are short of our energy needs," Whisper commanded, "You know what you should do."

The three elementals stood in their main chamber, Trulum with his back to one of the mirrors, faced both Grutag and Whisper. "But sire, I have no distraction for scouts ready at this time," Trulum protested, "why do we need so much energy?"
"That does not concern you," Grutag responded and stepped forward.
"It would appear that my services are needed," Rubius entered the room through the mirror behind Trulum and stood beside him.
"Well, well. Rubius is actually here when he's needed," Trulum replied in mock surprise.
"Good. Rubius, go find the scouts and keep them busy for a while." Whisper ordered.
"No." Rubius simply replied.
"It is not wise to disobey orders," Grutag growled, his blood red eyes glaring at Rubius.
A smug expression crossed Rubius's face, "I don't think I will have too. Not after what I'm about to show you."
"Very well Rubius, what is it." Whisper conceded.
Rubius walked to the center of the chamber and motioned the others to move out of the way. From out of the center of the floor rose an ebony black stone table. When the table stopped rising, a portal appeared at it's end and a body pass through it to lie on the table.
The three elementals gazed in amazement. On the table, lying flat on her back her arms at her sides, lay the body of the same girl Rubius and Jedeite had found earlier.
"You've captured a sailor scout?" Trulum gasped in amazement.
"No she is dead, not captured," Grutag corrected Trulum.
Rubius remained silent. He wanted to here Whisper's reaction. Whisper gazed over the lifeless body for a while before finally speaking, "I don't recognize this scouts appearance or uniform. Who is she?"
"She is, or shall I say was, the scout for that planet that Jedeite's negaverse presumably destroyed,"
"What?!" Trulum yelled in disbelief.
"I found her body on an asteroid," Rubius added.
"Rubius, I believe you have some explaining to do." Whisper suggested.

Rubius told the three elementals what little Jedeite had explained about the planet's history, how the girl in front of them was the princess, and how he had found her although he left out Jedeite's warning to leave her alone.

"This is all very good and interesting Rubius," Grutag began, "but how does this help us."
"Simple. We bring her back to life and use her against the scouts."
"And what makes you think she'll want to fight the scouts?" Trulum accused.
"I have my ways," Rubius smirked.
"Oh please! and do you expect me to believe you?" Trulum yelled.
"That is enough Trulum," Whisper ordered, "I believe Rubius has already thought this out knows what he is doing. You had better be ready when he is done."
Trulum quickly calmed down and bowed to Whisper, "Yes sire," and step backwards through the mirror.
"Well Rubius, I will guess you already know what has to be done so get on with it," Grutag said impatiently, "we will stay here to make sure nothing goes wrong."
"Nothing will," Rubius replied and he held his right hand a few inches over the girls head.
Quickly a stream of black energy swept from Rubius's hand to the forehead of the girl and spread like ribbons over the girl's face. The energy seemed to be absorbed by her skin and caused a symbol on her forehead to appear and glow. It appeared to be a loop with a vertical line through it. At first nothing else noticeable happened. Then her skin began to return to a normal, healthy color, losing the pale bluish look. Then unexpectedly, the white of girls scout uniform began to darken. At first it wasn't noticeable but became readily noticeable as it changed to an almost black. Suddenly her body shook as her life-force seemed to return to her and she gave her first convulsive gasp of air, followed by a more regular rate of breathing.
Rubius pulled his hand away from her forward, stopping the flow of energy between the two.
Suddenly the girl's eyes opened filled with rage.
"Congratulations Rubius," Whisper spoke as a wry grin crossed his fur covered face, "It seems you were successful."

It had taken Raye, Terra, Lita and the two cats an hour to pull Serena and Mina away from the comics. After many "just one more page," and "but this the best part," they finally packed all their books and left for the library.

"Come on Serena, Mina, before Ami leaves," Raye urged. "Yeah, we were supposed to meet Ami over half an hour ago", Lita added.
Both Raye and Lita were obvious in a hurry to get there. However, Serena and Mina were still busy reading comics that they insisted they take with them. It was the only way the others could get them to leave. Terra on the other hand had given up and figured Ami had probably already left. As for Luna and Artemis, they followed behind with their heads dropped in embarrassment.
"Don't worry Raye, Ami never leaves the library until she's forced too when it closes," Serena giggled with her head still buried in the comic, "Ooo Mina! Look at this! It's so funny!"
Mina took her head of the comic she was reading to look at Serena's. They both stopped and began laughing hysterically.
"Come on you guys! Were almost there," Raye urged again.
Then the something could be heard faintly over Serena and Mina's laughter.
"Was that a scream?" Lita thought out loud.
"I think so," Raye agreed. "Would you two be quiet!" Luna yelled, trying to listen.
"Serena the Hyena," Terra teased.
That stopped Serena from laughing almost immediately, "Why you! Don't call me that Terra!"
"What direction did the scream come from?" Lita asked.
The five girls sat quietly for a few moments, listening. "I don't know," Raye pondered, "maybe we were just hearing things, Lita."
"I don't think so," Artemis disagreed, "not if we all heard it."
Suddenly, another scream could be heard in the direction that they had been heading.
"The library!" they all gasped and headed back off in the direction of the library, this time at sprint speed.

Serena and Mina were the first to get there with the two cats followed quickly by Lita, then Raye and Terra lastly.

"It's Truffle!" Mina gasped.
"Trulum!" the others corrected.
In the parking lot of the library was Trulum, floating a feet above an open manhole. Coming out from the open manhole were a number of tentacle like streams of water which lashed about knocking over cars and destroy trees that ringed the parking lot.
"Mercury Icestorm Blast!"
Sudden one of the water tentacles turned to ice and went crashing down to the ground, shattering instantly.
"Very good Mercury," the five girls could hear Trulum scoff, "but how long can you keep it up?"
Then the girls spotted Sailor Mercury at one end of the parking lot near the doors to the library, trying her best to avoid the water tentacles.
"Come on," Serena cried, "We've got to help her! Moon Crystal Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Jupiter Star Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"
"Earth Life Power!"
"You two stay here!" Sailor Moon said to the two cats who both nodded in reply.
Then the five scouts charged at Trulum, getting his attention. "There you are, I've been waiting for you," Trulum hissed, "I was beginning to think you weren't going to help your friend here."
Sudden a number of other tentacles appeared and lashed out the scouts that just arrived. All five of them quickly jumped back in defense to avoid the water tentacles.
"We've got to take of those water arms first," Jupiter thought out loud.
"I think I can do that," Sailor Earth replied, "Earth Magma Strike!"
The ground surrounding the manhole and beneath Trulum began to buckle. Then and geizer of green energy shot of the ground destroying the manhole and the tentacles which emanated from it. Trulum quickly used the fins on his arms to protect himself from the blast.
"Ouch that hurt," Trulum mocked as the geizer subsided. He then looked down the place where the manhole had been, realizing he could no longer use his tentacles.
"Quick thinking Earth!" Mars cheered.
"Time to dust him!" Sailor Moon yelled.
"No not yet," Trulum called out, making no attempt to escape, "Now that I have most of you here, there someone I'd like you to meet,"
"Excuse me? Like we care!" Sailor Earth yelled.
"Yeah, like we would want to meet your friends!" Jupiter added.
"No, I'm sure you'll find this person very interesting," Trulum replied with a very amused look on his face and pointed in the direction of a nearby building.
All the scouts looked in the direction of the building which the front of was shadowed.
"I don't see anyone!" Mars yelled.
"I do, by the entrance," Mercury said as she and Luna and Artemis joined the group.
Then they all spotted a figure standing by the door of the building.
"That's funny, I could have swore there was no one there a second ago." Mars replied.
"Have fun Sailor louts," Trulum jeered. Suddenly Trulum's body seemed to vaporize and he was gone.
"He got away again!" Sailor Moon screamed, obviously disappointed.
"Yup," Sailor Earth agreed, "typical."
"Umm, guys," Artemis tried to get their attention, "but we still don't know who that is." Artemis point with is left paw at the person in the shadow. Suddenly the person stepped out into the sunlight.
"A Sailor Scout?!" They all gasped at once.
What stood before them was a girl dressed in a dark purple and gray sailor scout outfit. She had jet-black hair that hung short in the back, was just above her shoulders in the front. The hair also masked the sides of her face, which held ice blue eyes.
"Who is that?" Sailor Earth questioned, "one of those other ten scouts you guys mentioned?"
"No," Sailor Moon replied.
"Maybe it's Sailor Saturn," Sailor Jupiter, "After all it is the next planet,"
"Or maybe Sailor Uranus," Venus added.
"< Sailor Uranus? There's a good name, >" Sailor Earth chuckled in english.
Mina understood her and laughed as well but the others did not and gave Earth a questioning look.
"Maybe Neptune," Sailor Moon added.
"Or maybe Pluto," Mercury added.
"Or maybe that possible planet beyond Pluto," Sailor Earth finally added.
"No, we've already met her." Mars corrected Earth.
"You've what?" Sailor Earth gasped.
"Well, one things for sure," Mercury remarked, "she's not happy," noticing a scowl on the scouts face. She hadn't moved the entire time they had been talking but just glared at them.
This unnerved the scouts a little so as a group they walked towards the new scout, "So who exactly are you?"
"I'm dead," was all the scout responded.
"What?!" they all yelled back in shock.
"And so is my planet!" the new scout screamed. Tears welled up around her eyes as she clenched her fist and swung at the nearest scout, which happen to be Mars, catching her unprepared. The girl hit Mars in the stomach causing her to double over. She then used Mars hunched over body as leverage and kicked out at Jupiter before she could react, catching her behind the knees and sending her crumpling to the ground. The four remaining scouts jumped back in surprise.
"What are you doing?"
The girl sneered back, and charged at Mercury who tried to back step away, saying, "I don't want to fight you."
Sailor Venus decided to intervene, "Stop that! Venus Kick!!"
Venus's kick caught the scout in the side causing her to grunt but instead of falling, the girl smirked and quickly grabbed Venus's leg and threw her into Mercury causing both of them to tumble to the ground.
Sailor Moon and Sailor Earth jumped at the scout before she had any time to react. Sailor Moon grabbed her about the legs while Earth grabbed her about the chest. The girl struggled fiercely to escape their grasp, kicking and screaming.
By this point, the four other scouts had gotten back to their feet and jumped the girl as well, knocking her to the ground. After another long struggle, Jupiter, Venus and Mars managed to pin the scout down. Sailor Mars and Venus each holding down one leg while Jupiter held her arms.
"Who are you?" Sailor Moon asked as she looked down on the girl.
The scout said nothing but glared back.
"Listen, you obviously have some grudge against us and I think we deserve a reason why," Jupiter demanded.
The scout then stopped struggling and it appeared she was beginning to calm down, "I am Sailor Appollo."
"Who?" they all replied, obviously none of them had ever heard it before.
"Sailor Appollo? But that's not possible!" Luna, who was standing by Artemis some distance away, gasped.
All the scouts turned to face Luna, "You've heard of her?"
Sailor Appollo smirked, realizing that they were all distracted. Suddenly Appollo's shadow leapt up and pushed Mars and Venus off her legs, letting her lift her legs up above her and wrap the about Jupiter's neck. Jupiter tried to pull Appollo's legs apart but she was pulled down to the ground and slugged across the face.
Appollo was back on her feet ready to face off against the scouts again. That's when they realized that Appollo had no shadow. Suddenly Venus was pushed to the ground from behind and was being pinned down by a shadow.
The other scouts gasped in shock at the sight of a shadow moving about on its own.
"If you like that, you love this," Appollo laughed, "APPOLLO SHADOW REVENGE!!"
Appollo brought legs together and arms slightly out to the side with her palms forward and the closed her eyes. She then swung her arms up so her hands were crossed in front of her face with the palms still facing forward, fingers spread and opened her eyes. She then threw her arms out in front of her with her hands still crossed and then swung her arms out to the side.
To the scout surprise, there own shadows got up and jumped them and those shadows were quickly joined by a number of others, which help to pin the scouts down to the ground.
"Appollo why are you doing this?" Luna raced up.
Appollo ignored the question and began walking towards Venus as both Luna's and Artemis's shadow got up and began to chase Luna.
Appollo knelt down beside Venus and stared her straight in the eye. "You kicked me," Appollo snarled, "I'm going to kill you first."
Artemis jumped at Appollo back and began to scratch at her. His attack was cut short as he was picked off Appollo's back by another shadow and was hurled away.
Suddenly something struck the ground by Appollo's feet causing her to jump back in defense. She looked down and saw a red rose. Soon a number a roses came hurtling down striking the shadows that pinned down the scouts causing the shadows to shatter like glass and return to the objects that cast them.
"Tuxedo Mask!" Sailor Moon cheered as her eyes glazed over, "You've come to rescue me again!"
Tuxedo Mask stood on the top corner of the library, his cape flowing in the breeze, "This fighting must stop," he commanded, "the sailor scouts are not your enemy Appollo."
"Ha! And I'm supposed to listen to you?!" Appollo mocked. Appollo also realized that she lost the element of surprise and would lose if she continued. She quickly turned to face Venus, "I promise I will kill you first, Mina," and with that she turned and dashed towards the building where she had appeared.
"Sh-She knows my name!" Venus cried.
"After her!" all the scouts chased after her but lost sight of her the moment she entered the shadow of the building. The rest of the scouts entered the shadow as well and began to look for her. After few moments however, it was obvious she was gone.
"She's gone!" Mars exclaimed.
"Yes, it would appear Appollo has some strange power over shadows. It probably how she escaped," Mercury guessed.
"But she knows my name!" Venus cried out again.
Then they all heard a chuckle that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was Appollo's "Heh. So what. I know all your names."
The scouts stood around hoping they would see some sign of Appollo, but they didn't.
"Well, what do we do now?" Earth asked.
"I..." Sailor Moon paused, "I don't know..."

Sailor Appollo was actually a few streets down at this point, sitting on a swing in a small empty playground. She groaned and rubbed the side where she had been kicked by Venus.

"Oww," she complained, "guess I was too busy to notice it before."
"Things not go so well?"
Rubius appeared in the swing besides her causing her mood to deepen. "No."
Rubius seemed to understand that she would tell him no more. Then he noticed her holding her side. "Here, let me look at it."
Appollo raised her arm and Rubius held his hand over it. Appollo felt the pain leave.
"You should avoid physical contact for a day or two. Your body hasn't had much use for a while. It will take some time for you to regain all your strength and for the stiffness to leave," Rubius suggested.
"You mean I will get stronger?" Appollo asked hopefully.
Rubius nodded, "Yes, in a few days the full effect of the resurrection will take effect."
A smile crossed Appollo's face, the first time Rubius had seen her do so. "Come let us a return and give you a chance to recuperate."
The smile left Appollo's face as she got up from swing, "No," and she began to walk off towards some nearby trees.
This caught Rubius by surprise, "Why? This place is not your home."
"And neither is that crystal ship of yours. You forget I have no home." and with that, Appollo disappeared into the shadows of the trees.
"So be it," Rubius thought to himself, "no matter. Once you have finished off the scouts I will no longer have need of you." and Rubius vanished as well.