Sailor Earth: Return of the Jedeite

Return of the Jedeite

Written by: Terence Ladan

"I have answered your question, now answer mine," Jedeite spat. He stood in the main chamber of the NegaMoon with his back defensively against one of the rooms many mirrors. The three remaining elementals stood around him while Rubius watched from a distance.

"Who are you?"
Whisper stepped forward with a smug expression on his face. It was obvious he did not fear Jedeite in the least, "I am Whisper, Leader of the Elements of the NegaMoon."
"NegaMoon? Never heard of it," Jedeite growled, still on the defensive.
"Of course you haven't," Trulum remarked, "you were locked up in that crystal for who knows how long. Why were you locked up anyway?"
Jedeite snarled in response, remembering Queen Beryll's anger at his failure, "None of your business, now I must return to Queen Beryll at once to report about the Sailor Scouts."
"Sailor Scouts did you say?" Whisper became suddenly very serious as did the others in the room at he mention of the scouts.
"You know of them?"
"Y-yes," Jedeite noticed the sudden change in interest, "they have been a thorn in my side. What of it?"
"What else did you know?"
"Nothing," he lied. He did not trust the elementals, "now I must return."
"To where?" Trulum mocked, "I don't suppose to that 'hidden' fortress in the northern latitudes."
"How did you know.." Jedeite asked skeptically
"Quite simple. We originally located you in what remained of it." Trulum replied as a matter of factly.
Jedeite realized what he meant and lunged at Trulum in anger but before he could reach him, Grutag brought down his halberd, stopping inches from his face, "I'd think about where you are before you do that again."
Jedeite stepped back, amazed at the speed the reptile had brought down his weapon.
"Now seeing as your former employer no longer exists and as how we have a common enemy, the sailor scouts.." Whisper began to offer.
"No. The Negaverse will always exists and I have no need of your pathetic help," Jedeite spat and then vanished, leaving them staring at the mirror he stood in front of.
"Hmm, ' the negaverse'..." Rubius, who had remained silent until now, broke the silence, "I seemed to remember hearing something about it."
"Shall we go after him sire?" Trulum inquired.
Whisper stared at the spot where Jedeite stood moments ago, "No. He will return when he realizes his 'negaverse' no longer exists," and then turned to face them with a wry grin on his face, "and if he manages to defeat the scouts, he will be doing us a favor."
"My guess is he was put in that crystal for failing to defeat the scouts." Grutag stated.
"You're probably right."

The girls had all gotten together over the lunch hour. They were all seated by the windows in the corner of a little restaurant and were all dressed in there respective school uniforms. They had already ordered their food and had just begun to dig in.

"Jeez, I could have told you that would happen," Terra boasted as she nibbled away at her salad.
"As if!" Serena brooded as she slurped away at the float she had ordered.
"Actually Serena, it's a known fact that starfish can grow new limbs and some can even grow from just a leg," Ami added, agreeing with Terra. She had already finished eating and was engrossed in an anatomy textbook.
"Did you guys check to see if the fishface was around?" Lita asked as she dipped a french fry into some ketchup.
"Fishface?" Ohiko questioned, obviously not understanding the reference.
"You weren't there," Terra answered.
Ohiko studied Terra for a moment, "Who are you?"
"I wish I knew," Terra mumbled and began to poke around in her salad with a fork.
"Ohiko, Fishface is one of the elementals. Actually I think he said his name was Truffle or something like that." Mina decided to answer Ohiko's previous question, after taking a bite out of her hamburger.
"Trulum," Ami corrected Mina.
"Well, did you check for him?" Raye repeated the question.
Serena slid down her chair and mumbled, "No...but,"
"Serena, you should have checked!" Raye yelled down at Serena.
"That's okay," Lita forgave, "If he had been up to something I'm sure we would have heard about it."
Everyone seemed to accept this and continued to eat. Ohiko however would occasionally look up and watch Terra with an unusual interest with which Terra found a little unnerving.
Serena finished her float, leaned back in her chair and started daydreaming which inevitably lead to thoughts of Darien, "Terra, is Darien picking you up?"
A smile crossed Terra's face and she quickly forgot about Ohiko's interest in her, "Why yes he is."
"Is he picking you up from Raye's?" Serena tried to ask as if she was not particularly interested.
"Maybe..." Terra replied, obviously trying to tease Serena.
Serena's masquerade quickly vanished and she began to plead, "Please Terra! Please!"
"Hmmm, I can't remember." Terra continued to tease.
"Your trying to keep him to yourself aren't you!"
All the girls groaned, afraid of where the conversation was going.
"Oh no, we are not starting that again," Terra defended herself, "I told you I'm not interest in Darien."
"Then tell me!"
"Yes, he's picking me up at Raye's"
"YEAAAAA!!" Serena began to dance, her mind was obviously off in never-never land.
"I take it this means I can expect to see your face at the shrine after school?" Raye inquired.
Serena nodded her head enthusiastically, "You bet!"
"I think I'll come along too!" Lita decided.
"Me too," Mina added.
"Why don't we all go? I'm sure Artemis and Luna will want to here about the starfish too." Ami suggested. They all agreed.
Then Terra noticed that Ohiko had been looking at her the entire time, "Yes?"
Ohiko realized she had been staring, "Oh.. oh nothing," Ohiko replied and began to eat again only to look up again and ask, "are you sure you don't know who you are?"
Terra sighed and continued to eat her salad.

Jedeite shimmered as he appeared at his final destination and quickly produced a glowing light source that quickly lifted up into the air to chase away the dark gloom, which permeated the room. He was in what used to be the main chamber and throne room of the Negaverse. The throne now sat empty and the chamber sat in ruin, debris litter the floor and everything was coated in dust.

Jedeite felt his stomach tighten into knots. He hadn't wanted to believe what the elementals had told him but now it seemed undeniable. He staggered up to the throne and sat down, resting his head in his hands.
"It seems it is over..."
He sat there for what seemed forever, trying to piece together what he should do next. His first reaction was to hunt down the scouts but he did not know what he should do next. He was on his own for he still did not trust the elementals.
Suddenly Jedeite snapped from his concentration. He felt a presence nearby in the shadows. Instinctually he moved the light source in the direction of the presence. Out from the shadows stood a lone figure, dressed in shrouds, which did not seem to fear Jedeite. It had apparently been watching him.
Then Jedeite recognized him. "You are one of Zoicites men aren't you,"
"Yesss," The figure hissed, "but I am still trying to tell if you are who you appear to be,"
Jedeite ignored the question, "What happened here?"
"I believe it is quite obvious," The other remarked, "we lost. But you have not proven your identity,"
"Ask me again and I'll show you," Jedeite snarled as he produced a swirling cloud of energy in one of his hands, "I have no problem in ending your life, lackey of Zoicite. Where is your fearless General," Jedeite mocked.
The figure growled deeply and vanished into the shadows.
"Just as I guessed," Jedeite mused, "Zoicite is dead, which probably means Malacite and rest are dead as well. I truly am alone,"
Then as quickly as the figure had vanished, he reappeared, this time with others.
"A dozen," Jedeite guessed, "and who knows how many hide in the shadows."
Jedeite scanned the group and recognized them as men that worked under the various generals of the negaverse, including a few of his own.
"You are lucky you were recognized Jedeite else Quinax would had removed your head for sitting on the throne," a voice called out from behind the group. Jedeite recognized it immediately.
"I highly doubt that Atreides," Jedeite gave in response.
The figure that called out stepped forward from the group dressed in red and black and began to walk towards Jedeite. It was indeed Atreides, one of Jedeite's men with whom he trusted. Jedeite stood up from the throne as Atreides reached him.
"General," Atreides respectfully saluted, "we thought the generals were but gone and dead,"
"Well I am not," Jedeite stated, "tell me what has happened since my imprisonment,"
"We don't know any of the details as we were all within the fortress when it happened but from what we know, the Queen was defeated by Sailor Moon."
Jedeite cringed and his blood began to boil at the mention of the name.
Atreides recognized this but continued, "Since then many of us returned to our homes as we had no one to lead us. What you see here is almost all that is left of us. What is your command?"
"I see," Jedeite turned his back to think, "will they all vow loyalty to me?"
Atreides turned to look back at the others. Then after a moment replied, "I believe most of them will, although some may be reluctant."
"Good, see to it that they do. As for orders, I have none. Just remain here until I return."
"You are leaving?" Atreides turned back to face Jedeite.
"Yes," Jedeite grimaced, "the scouts will pay."
The room fell dark as Jedeite vanished.

"Bye Molly!" Serena called out.

"Bye Serena! See ya tamorrow!" Molly called back as she headed home. It was now the end of the school day and Serena, Ami and Lita were heading off in the direction of the bus stop where they would catch the bus going to the Cherry Hill Shrine.
"I get to see Darien, I get to see Darien..." Serena was singing gleefully.
Lita and Ami both giggled.
"But Serena, he is there only to pick up Terra," Lita pointed out.
Serena rummaged around in her school bag, pulled out test she had written and turned to show Lita, "But once he sees this B- I got in math I'm sure he come back to me!"
Lita and Ami began to laugh again.
Suddenly the wind picked up, ripping the test out of Serena's hand and tossed it up and about in the air, far from Serena's reach.
"Oh NO!" Serena began to bawl, "and I tried so hard!!"
'Uh, Serena... turn around." Ami's voice trembled.
"But my test..." Serena cried as she turned around only to be thrown into shock at what see saw. Floating just ahead of them was Jedeite.
"Je-Jedeite!" Serena shrieked.
"Why hello there Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury." Jedeite greeted.
"Who us? I don't know what you're talking about," Serena tried to fake.
"Do not take me for an idiot Sailor Moon, I saw you transform at the airport as well as Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury," Jedeite sneered, "Enjoy your life because I intend to end it. That goes for you as well Mercury and tell Mars that as well."
"You can't threaten my friends like that Buddy!" Lita yelled and made a lunge at Jedeite. Both Ami and Serena grabbed Lita and held her back.
Jedeite smirked at Lita, "Very well. If you feel left out, you may die as well."
With that Jedeite vanished.
"Now what do we do?" Lita asked, staring at the spot where Jedeite had vanished.
"We had better get back to the shrine right away and tell Luna." Serena suggested.
"Right!" Ami agreed.
"Great, as if we weren't having enough troubles with the elementals, now Jedeite has to show up again." Serena muttered to herself as they headed off in the direction of the Shrine.

At the Cherry Hill Shrine, Luna Artemis and the others had already arrived and were waiting for Serena, Ami and Lita. As usual they sat around the low table with the usual bowl of rice crackers on it and they all were drinking tea except Terra. Terra spent the time between working on her math homework with Raye and answering all of Ohiko's many questions. Mina on the other hand spent the time reading Raye's comics as usual.

"There!" Raye slammed her math textbook closed, "finished,"
Terra closed her book as well, "Just about time too, Darien should be here soon," and Terra packed her books away into her knapsack.
Mina looked up at the clock on the wall, "Serena had better get here soon or she'll miss him,"
"She'll blame me for it too," Terra muttered.
Then suddenly a number of feet could be heard running up the hallway of the shrine.
"That's sounds Serena now," Luna raised her head up and spoke.
"LUNA!!" Serena came crashing in through the doorway followed by Lita and Ami.
"What is it?" they all asked at once.
"I-it's it's.... and he knows who we are.... and he's coming after me!!" Serena bawled out hysterically.
"Who knows? Who is coming after you?" Luna asked, not following Serena at all.
"Truffle?" Mina asked.
"No, Jedeite," Ami replied her voice somewhat agitated.
"Jedeite?!?" Raye and Luna gasped.
"But we defeated him a long time ago."
"Well, he's back," Ami reaffirmed, "and he knows about Serena, Raye and I."
Raye dropped the tea she was drinking on the floor from the shock of hearing this.
"Umm, who's Jedeite?" Terra quietly inquired.
"Guess you had to be there," Mina replied.
"Jedeite was on of the Generals of the Negaverse." Luna answered.
"Negaverse?! But I thought you guys already defeated them?" Terra was a little puzzled.
"So did we," Artemis replied.
"Luna..." Serena was still blubbering, "what are we going to do?"
"Serena pull yourself together," Luna yelled, "we defeated him once so we can defeat him again!"
"Right," Terra tried to cheer Serena up and more importantly, stop her from crying, "plus we have an advantage,"
"What?" Serena whimpered.
"He won't know about me!" Terra boasted.
"Oh hurray," Serena replied sarcastically, but she began to cheer up in the process.
"Terra is right though," Luna gasped, "as far as Jedeite is concerned, there are only three scouts, not seven."
"That's right," Lita agreed, "he didn't know who I was."
"We could set up a trap and ambush him!" Mina suggested.
"No-No-no! I am NOT going to be bait!" Serena interjected.
"Serena! He's after me and Ami too," Raye complained, "you won't be alone."
"That's right," Ami agreed giggling, "we'll be bait with you."
All the girls started to laugh.
"Okay! We got ourselves a plan!" Serena cheered.
"So when did Jedeite say he would come after you?" Artemis asked.
The room went dead silent. "He didn't..." Serena groaned.
"How are we supposed to ambush him if we don't know when!" Raye yelled.
"How should I know!" Serena yelled back.
Ohiko, who had been thinking quietly to herself up until now decided to speak up, "It will be at night," and then after a pause, "probably tonight if he finds all three of you together."
"Why is that?" Luna asked.
"Well it makes sense," Artemis agreed, "I mean, it is the negaverse we are talking about here."
"And he did challenge at night last time too," Ami added.
"And I'm sure he'd love to take us all out at once," Raye added as well.
"Do you have to remind me?" Serena complained.
"Then it's agreed then," Luna decided, "we try it tonight."
'Tonight?! Can't we wait?" Serena pleaded.
"No we can't Serena," Mina replied.
"Yeah, the longer we wait, the greater the chance Jedeite will find out about the rest of us," Lita agreed.
"Well, I guess I'll go phone Darien and tell him I don't need a ride seeing as I'll be staying here," Terra intentionally thought out loud.
"WHAT!?!" Serena shrieked at the thought.
"Gotcha! Just kidding..." Terra laughed at Serena.
"Besides, I think Darien would want to be in on this too," Raye stated.
"That's right," Ami remembered, "I guess he was there too."
By this point, Serena and Terra were quite busy making funny faces at each other.
"Knock it off you two!" Luna yelled. Both Terra and Serena stopped and stared in disbelief at Luna.
Luna regain her composure and continued, "Now all we have to do is decided where we should set are trap."
They all sat thinking for a moment, trying to come up with a good location.
"How about my school?" Serena suggested.
"You're just hoping the school will get destroyed so you won't have to go tomorrow," Lita accused.
"Fine, be that way," Serena grumbled.
Then Raye spoke up, "I know just exactly where..."

It was dark by the time they all left Raye's place and Serena, Raye and Ami found themselves on the edge of a park where many festivals took place. In the center of the park stood a small tower where many of the festivities usually centered around. However tonight the park stood empty.

Raye started into the park followed quickly by Serena and Ami.
"Ewww, I don't like this," Serena complained as she shivered from the night's cold. "We can still leave you know."
"No we can't Serena," Raye replied while her eyes combed the darkness.
The three girls continued towards the center of the park towards the tower, their eyes peering out into the night in search for some sign of Jedeite. Serena suddenly tripped on a root and fell flat on her face.
"Watch where you're going meatball head," Raye muttered as she lent her a hand.
"Don't call me that,"
Then an ominous chuckle echoed through the air that sent shivers up their spines.
"I don't like this you guys," Ami worried, "we had better transform."
"No time like the present," Serena half sang.
"Moon Crystal Power!"
"Mercury Star Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Come on Jedeite, we know you're here!" Mars called out into the darkness.
From out of the darkness, a wave of bluish green energy coursed along the ground in their direction. They jumped out of the way with a shriek from Sailor Moon. The energy continued past and ripped a tree behind them into shreds. They all watch in the direction the energy had come from. Slowly a figure could be seen walking towards them. At first just a vague silhouette in the shadows and the features became for clear.
"Jedeite!" they all recognized him.
"I'm glad you decided to get your demise over quickly," Jedeite replied arrogantly.
"Don't be so sure!" Mars called back.
"That's right!" Sailor Moon continued, "I won't have people going and threatening my life. In the name of the Moon, this time we'll make sure you don't come back!"
"Big words Sailor Moon, but intend to repay you double!" Jedeite threatened and produced a glowing orb of energy in his right hand. Quickly he point the orb in the direction the scouts were standing and it launched in their direction. As before the scouts leapt out of the way as the orb struck the ground where they stood, exploding on impact and sending clumps of dirt and grass in all directions.
As soon as Mars's feet touched the ground she began her attack.
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"
Jedeite leapt into the air to avoid the fly rings of fire. "Well, well. You've gained some new powers!" Jedeite said, sounding sincerely astonished.
"Mercury Bubbles Blast!"
The park quickly fogged over making it impossible for anyone to see each other.
"Do you really think that I'll fall for the same trick?" Jedeite boasted.
"No... but then who says we are doing the same trick!" Sailor Moon called out.
"Moon Scepter Elimination!"
Jedeite watched as the glowing power of Sailor Moon's attacked rushed towards him and quickly dodged out of the way. "Ha! you missed!" Jedeite called out.
"But I won't," a voice said from right behind him. Before he had a chance to react the voice continued, "I called upon the power of Mars, Mars Fireball charge!"
Mars quickly slapped a ward on Jedeite's back but before she could back away, Jedeite turned around and grabbed her wrist. He then picked her up and threw her through the fog in the direction Sailor Moon had been. He then heard a thud and Sailor Moon howling in pain.
"I told you the same wouldn't work on me twice," Jedeite hollered.
"Mercury Icestorm Blast!"
Jedeite did not wait to see what direction the attack was coming from but simple leapt into the air. Looking down, he saw the bench he was standing near covered in a sheet of ice.
"Well, well. It's seems you all have new powers," Jedeite replied as he touch back down on the earth, "Unfortunate for you, so do I!"
With that, a ring of energy, the same bluish green color as before, appeared around him and rapidly began to expand. As it expanded it quickly burnt off the fog Mercury had created and soon reached the three scouts. Mercury quickly dodged underneath it while Mars pushed Sailor Moon to the ground as the ring past over their heads.
"Ah, there you are," Jedeite smirked and produced two more orbs. He sent volley after volley of the orbs at the three scouts who tried their best to avoid them. Then Sailor Moon struck the ground hard. Groaning in pain she turned around in time to see an orb heading straight at her. She shrieked in horror.
Suddenly the lights on the top of the tower turned on, lighting up the whole park.
"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
"Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!"
Three things happened at once. From the top of the towers, a chain of yellow hearts struck out at the orb, causing it to explode before it reached Sailor Moon while Sailor Moon was quickly swept up by Tuxedo Mask. "Oh Tuxedo Mask, you saved me again," Sailor Moon replied dreamily.
"I couldn't just let you die now could I?"
At the same time a bolt of lightning came crashing down on Jedeite from the tower, striking him in the back. Jedeite groaned and turned around to look up at the tower. On the top railing of the tower stood four scouts.
"I am not just another pretty blonde! I am Sailor Venus!"
"I am Sailor Jupiter, and I won't have you killing my friends!"
"As the protector over the planets within this system, I am Sailor Solaris! But you can call me Sailor Sun!"
"I'm Sailor Earth and I'm... I... umm... err... I'm not very good at this speech thing."
Then the four jumped down and joined the three other scouts and Tuxedo Mask, "and we are the Sailor Scouts!"
"S-seven!?" Jedeite stumbled, obviously flabbergasted.
"Actually, there's eight of us. One just went home." Mars spoke.
"Guys, there may actually be nine," Sailor Moon sheepishly corrected.
"WHAT?!?" all the scouts yelled back at Serena.
"There may be a tenth as well," Mercury added.
"Ten??" Earth dropped her jaw, "You guys have some explaining to do,"
"You didn't actually believe what she said do you Mercury?" Jupiter asked skeptically.
"You never know. Stranger things have happened," Mercury shrugged.
Jedeite, who had been watching the girls in disbelief, regained his composure. "It doesn't matter how many there are of you," Jedeite challenged, "I will finish you all!"
Jedeite began to produce an even larger orb between his two hands.
"Ah-ah-AH! Oh no you don't," Earth sang.
"Earth Life Energy Absorb!"
Sailor Earth quickly began to absorb some of Jedeite's energy causing the orb between his hands to fade.
"My turn!" Sailor Sun jumped forward.
"Oh boy..." Sailor Earth mumbled, "here we go again."
"Sun Super Nova!"
Sailor Sun produced her sun-like mass of energy and threw it at Jedeite. All the scouts readied themselves for the eminent explosion. Sun's blast struck the ground by Jedeite feet, the explosion tore a hole in the ground a few meters wide and knocked the scouts off their feet. During this, they heard Jedeite scream from the immense power just before he vanished and escaped.
The scouts slowly picked themselves up and surveyed the area. It became quickly apparent that Jedeite was nowhere around.
"Great, he got away." Sailor Moon whined.
"What am I supposed to do with this access energy I got from him?" Earth complained.
"Well, it looks like I'm no longer needed," Tuxedo Masked stated and with a whip of his cape, ran off into the shadows.
"Wait Darien! Please come back!" Sailor Moon called out but it appeared to be too late.
Then suddenly it dawned on Sailor Earth, "Darien wait! How am I supposed to get home?" and quickly chased off after him into the shadows.
"Well that could have went better," Jupiter sighed.
"And next time we won't have the element of surprise." Venus agreed.
"And he still know who I am!" Sailor Moon started to bawl.
A smile crept across Mars' face, "Don't be so sure..."

Jedeite return defeated to the main chamber of the Negaverse, his uniform badly scorched from Sailor Sun's blast. Only Atreides was present now and the look of concern crossed his face.

"All did not go well General?"
"No," Jedeite snarled, "Apparently four more scouts have materialized since I last battle them."
Atreides quickly worked it out in his head, "Seven scouts? That is bad."
Jedeite turned to face away from Atreides, "All is not lost however. I still remember who the Sailor Moon is..."
"Umm, general what is that on your..." Atreides began to ask only to be cut off by Jedeite.
"Quiet! I trying to concentrate," Jedeite snapped, " for some reason I can't remember who she is, or Mars or Mercury for that matter either!"
Atreides reached over and pulled something off of Jedeite's back, "What is this?" Atreides inquired.
Jedeite turned to see Mars' ward in Atreides' hand. The explanation of Jedeite's selective amnesia became suddenly clear.
"Damn you Sailor Moon!! Damn you!"