Sailor Earth: Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

Written by: Terence Ladan

"Ohiko, Phone!"

"Coming!" Ohiko yelled in reply. Pulling herself sluggishly from her bed, she dropped the comic she had been engrossed in and maneuvered her way around the various objects that cluttered up the floor of her cozy little room. The state of her room made it apparent she had not finished unpacking yet even though she had already been there for a week. Upon exiting her room, she dashed down the hallway to the kitchen.
"It's for you, it's your parents."
"Thank you uncle," Ohiko accepted the phone receiver from her uncle who was a slightly balding man and was as tall as Ohiko was. Height seemed to be a normal trait for her family.
Her uncle left the room as she began to talk, "Hi Dad, how are you? I'm fine and the new school I'm going too doesn't seem much different from the last. Yes, I found what it is I've been looking for, I'm so happy. Yes I've decided to stay here with uncle Kantou. I've just gotten settled in and he said it was all right by him. Besides he said he likes my company. Okay I will. Tell Mom I miss her too. Bye."
Her uncle reentered the kitchen as she returned the phone to the receiver, "So you're staying?"
"Yes, as long as I like," Ohiko nodded gleefully, "with your permission of course."
"Of course," her uncle smiled, "So what are your plans for today?"
"Umm, not sure. I thought I might just wander around to see what's nearby." Ohiko pondered.
"Well, your welcome to use the scooter, just don't get caught."
"That's okay, I think I'll walk," and Ohiko slipped on her shoes and called, "Bye," as she disappeared out the door.
"Bye Ohiko. Make sure your home in time for dinner."

At the arcade, Mina was hunched over the Sailor V video game with Serena watching the game from over Mina's shoulder. Mina was almost to the point of being hysterical as she frantically slapped the buttons, yelling out, "PUNCH, PUNCH, KICK! Oooo Watch Out! Okay, KICK!"

"You're going to break that thing if you don't calm down." Serena noticed.
"Shhh! I concentrating."
"Well at least breathe."
Mina didn't respond but continued to slap the game buttons relentlessly. After moments more of watching Mina play, Serena got bored, well that and the fact that Mina was beating her high scores by plenty, made Serena decide to look for Andrew. Before she spotted Andrew however, she saw a tall brunette walking by the arcade outside.
"Hey Mina, it's that new scout."
"Ohiko," Mina mumbled as she took a look only to glance back at the game, "AUGH! I died!" and continued to slap the buttons. Serena giggled at Mina and then began to jump and wave to get Ohiko's attention.
Outside, Ohiko noticed Serena jumping around inside and waved back. Unfortunately she wasn't watching where she was going and walked straight into Andrew, knocking both of them off their feet. Serena, witnessing this of course, dashed outside.
"Andrew, are you okay?"
Andrew quickly returned to his feet, "Sure Serena, how about you Miss?" and lent Ohiko a hand.
Ohiko turned a bright red as she accepted his hand, "I, I'm okay. Sorry..."
"That's okay. Serena does that all the time," Andrew joked as he helped her back to her feet, a little surprised by her height.
"Uh-huh," now Serena was embarrassed, "Andrew, this is my friend Ohiko."
Ohiko bowed awkwardly at the introduction.
"Another friend Serena? Well you certainly do pick the pretty ones." Andrew joked and headed back inside the arcade. Ohiko turned even brighter red as she stood motionless from shock, staring down at her feet. She wasn't accustomed to outright compliments.
"Right..." Serena said with a hint of jealousy, which quickly disappeared as she noticed Ohiko's reaction. "Come on inside, Mina's here too." Serena coaxed.
"Who?" Ohiko replied as she regained her composure.
"Mina, the other blonde." Serena replied sarcastically.
"Sorry, I was never introduced to any of you." Ohiko apologized.
"But I thought you said you knew who we were?" Serena asked.
"I recognized you as the princess of the Moon but I never knew any of your names." Ohiko explained.
"I see. Well you can't be calling me that. Come on inside and I'll tell you our names," and Serena dragged Ohiko into the arcade.
Serena and Ohiko returned to where Mina was. She was still playing the game.
"As I said before, this is Mina."
"Hi," Mina quickly acknowledged Ohiko as she banged away at the game.
"Uh, Hi," Ohiko sheepishly replied.
Serena continued, "Mercury's name is Ami, moody miss Mars is Raye, Jupiter's name is Lita, Earth's name is Terra..."
Ohiko cut Serena off, "Who is Terra? There wasn't a earth princess around before."
"Were not sure, she just appeared one day. She's doesn't seem to remember herself," Serena tried to explain.
"But she's definitely on our side, even though she is a bit stubborn." Mina added.
"I'll say," Serena agreed.
"I see," Ohiko replied.
"Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, and Darien is Tuxedo Mask." Serena finished.
"Ummm, you forgot one," Ohiko corrected her.
"Well, I'm sure you know your own name," Serena answered sarcastically.
"She means your name Serena!" said Mina, which distracted her long enough from the game to die again, "Not again!"
Serena tried not to laugh, "Oh right. I'm Serena."
Mina's little outburst caught Ohiko's attention and she started to watch Mina play.
"Your pretty good at this," Ohiko said in awe, "I don't think I've ever seen anyone get up this high."
"Of course she's good," Serena replied for Mina, "the game is about her after all."
"You're Sailor V?"
Mina nodded in reply, not taking her eyes off the screen, not wanting to lose her last life. Ohiko start to rummage around in her purse.
"What you looking for?" Serena asked.
Ohiko pulled out a pen and a notepad, "Will autograph this for me?"
Mina turned and stared at Ohiko with shock.
"What?!" both Serena and Mina replied at once. Suddenly the game made a funny noise and the words GAME OVER flashed across the screen. Mina groaned and began thumping her head against the screen.
"Umm, maybe we should go now," Serena said, worried for Mina sanity, "Where you going before Ohiko?"
Ohiko returned the pen and notepad to her purse realizing that it was not the right time to ask, "Umm, nowhere in particular," and paused for a brief moment and then added, "which usually means shopping," with a big grin.
The word shopping got Mina's attention and she stopped thumping her head.
"Really? Mind if we join you?" Serena asked for the two of them.
Ohiko smiled broadly, "Sure."

"I must find a way to defeat the scouts," Rubius thought to himself. He floated through the endless emptiness of space that was his place contemplation. Numerous bodies of rock, metal and ice drifted past him in their slow orbit of the sun that glowed brilliantly in the distance at the center of the solar system. The asteroid belt was also his place of hiding where he often disappeared to, to escape.

His eyes focused on the distant sun, "This new scout will not help matters either," he thought irritably, "Her powers were phenomenal. I could feel the energy radiating from her." "I must find the weakness of scouts." he thought wearily to himself.
Suddenly a flash of light glinting off a nearby asteroid caught his eye.
"Hmmm, what's that?" and floated towards the asteroid. Upon the arrival at the asteroid, Rubius found the source of the reflected light.
"Glass?" Rubius inspected the piece of broken, rose color glass, "What, would glass be doing on such a remote asteroid?"
Suddenly, a feeling washed over Rubius's body. He had experienced the feeling before and knew what it meant, "Whisper is looking for me. I best return before they find out where it is I disappear too so often."
A portal opened behind Rubius. Rubius inspected the piece of glass one last time before returning it to where it had lay, "I'll return to check this out later," and stepped back through the portal and vanished.

"Have you found Rubius yet?" Whisper snarled, irritated that Rubius had conveniently disappeared again.

"No, Trulum has began scanning the nearby system for him," Grutag grunted in return.
"Hmm, good. Hopefully he'll find out where Rubius keeps disappearing to," Whisper sighed.
"I'm right here," a voice replied smugly from the shadow and Rubius step out into the light.
"Where have you been? Oh never mind," Whisper growl irritably, "I don't suppose I would get a straight answer from you anyway. Grutag, go get Trulum."
"Yes," Grutag bowed and vanished through one of the mirrors. A moment later both Grutag with Trulum in tow, reappeared through the mirror Grutag had left through. They were obviously in the middle of a discussion.
"...but I'm telling I found something! Something that was putting out a substantial amount of energy!" Trulum argued, obviously trying to convince Grutag of something. However, Grutag did not appear interested and decided to end the conversation.
"I'm am not the one you need to convince Trulum," Grutag replied, "take it up with Whisper... AFTER." Grutag then gave a Trulum a hard glare with his deep red eyes that almost seemed to glow. Trulum swallowed hard as he felt Grutag's eyes burn into him and knew that it would unwise to push the issue further so he let it drop.
"Good, your here," Whisper acknowledged the two's return and then turned to Rubius, "It is time for you to go make a nuisance of yourself with the scouts again, Go."
Rubius shuddered.
"What is it?", Trulum remarked smugly, "has that new scout gotten the better of you?"
"I may need some help," Rubius grudgingly replied, not wanting to admit it, "her powers are quite formidable."
"Funny how this new 'all powerful' scout that no one has ever heard of before appears with you as the only witness."
"You've seen what damage she can do!" Rubius protested.
"What? you mean that pothole I discovered before? We do not know it was done by this sun scout."
"Trulum, can you get him some help," Whisper interjected. Trulum smirked, "Yes, I suppose I could lend you one of my minions," and then decided to take another chunk out of Rubius' ego, "try not to get killed this time,"
Rubius snarled in response and quickly vanished.
Trulum roared in laughter, amused by Rubius' inadequacies, "I'm surprised he's lasted this long," he howled.
"Do not underestimate him Trulum," said Grutag in his usual monotonous voice.
"Yes, he may not be strong but he is treacherous. He is not to be trusted," Whisper agreed with Grutag and then changed topics, "now what was it you two were discussing before?"
Trulum's face lit up, "As I was searching for Rubius, I found an usually high amount of energy hidden between nearby dimensions. I hadn't noticed it before but recently the energy started to escape into our current dimension. It appears to have origins from this dimension."
"How did it get there?"
"I know not sire, but I intend to find out. With your permission, I would like to forego the usual collecting of energy to go investigate."
"Do you think that is wise? What can be gained from it?" Whisper asked cautiously.
"I believe we can use the energy for although it is somewhat primitive, it appears similar to our own and the risk should be minimal as the scouts will be busy with Rubius. Beside I am curious as to what or whom is producing the energy." Trulum explained.
"Whom did you say?" Grutag asked, "You never mentioned that to me."
"I have no idea as to what is producing the energy so it could very well be produced by a living entity."
"Hmm, I'll have to admit Trulum, You have peeked my curiosity as well," Whisper acknowledged, "But, I want you to take Grutag along with just in case."
"Do you think that is wise?" Grutag inquired.
"I don't foresee any problems, but don't worry, I do not intend on making this a normal routine." Whisper explained.
"Yes." Grutag returned.
"As you wish Sire," Trulum bowed and then turned to Grutag, "let's go shall we?"
Grutag grunted a reply and they in turn vanished.

"Hey why don't we go in here?" Ohiko pleaded. The three girls had spent most of their time window shopping and is was apparent Ohiko's money was burning a whole in her pocket.

"Osa-P? We only go in there when there is a sale on," Serena replied.
"Yeah, this place is way to expensive," Mina added.
"Oh, come on... If I don't buy something soon my parents will think I'm sick or something and make me go back home," Ohiko joked.
Serena gave in, "Oh Okay."
The three girls entered the shop, Ohiko was careful not to bump her head on the doorframe. There were none of the usual flashy sale signs that Serena and Mina were used to but that didn't stop Ohiko from studying ever item of jewelry in the glass cabinets. Molly's Mom was behind the counter at the back of the store and looked up to see the three girl's enter.
"Hello Serena," she greeted, "would you like me to call Molly? She's upstairs right now."
"No, that's okay," Serena replied.
"No, I'm not," a voice came from the back of the store and Molly came bounding in through the back door of the store, "Hi Serena, wha'cha doin here?"
"Oh, Hi Molly. Just shopping." Serena greeted in response.
"You're shopping here? What, did your parents boost your allowance?"
Serena groaned, "No, I'm just here with a friend," and pointed to Ohiko who was leaning over a necklace display next to Mina.
"Kinda tall isn't she?" Molly noticed.
Serena nodded in reply and then called Ohiko over so she could introduce them, "Molly, this is Ohiko. Ohiko this is my best friend Molly." "Hi," Ohiko smiled.
"Pleased to meet'cha," Molly returned and turned back to Serena, "Anywayz, I have to go back and get that math homework finished. I'll see you in school tomorrow, Okay?"
"Math homework? What math homework?!"
Molly giggle in response as she dashed out the back door.
"You know the owners daughter? Must be nice." Ohiko said as Molly left the store, "she looks a lot like Terra doesn't she?"
"You noticed too?" Serena agreed, "strange how my best friend and the girl who drives me nuts look so much alike."
The two girls then heard an audible sigh come from behind and turned to see Mina staring distantly into a display case. They both walked over to see what she was looking at. In the cabinet was a beautiful broach with a topaz gem in the middle. Mina let out another sigh, she hadn't noticed the other two girls standing near her.
Ohiko gave Serena a rather puzzled look so Serena leaned over to her whispered softly, "Every time we come in here she just sits here and stares."
"Oh," Ohiko understood, "Mina, why don't you just buy it?"
Mina looked up, "Are you kidding? I can't afford that."
Serena tried to cheer Mina up, "It will go on sale someday,"
"No it won't," Mina disagreed.
"Sure it will," Serena repeated trying to be positive.
"No it won't," this time from Molly's Mom.
"Well, then somebody will have to buy it for you," Ohiko smiled and began rummaging through her purse again.
"Really?" Mina face brightened up.
"Tada!" Ohiko pulled a credit card out of her purse.
Both Mina and Serena looked at Ohiko in shock, "You've got plastic?"
"Yup, it's my Dad's spare."
"But won't you get in trouble for using it?" Mina asked skeptically.
"Mad? He won't even noticed I used it and if he does he'll think it's strange I didn't spend more," Ohiko explained. "Well, in that case.." Serena replied and started to look around the store.
"Serena!" Mina said accusingly.
Ohiko laughed at Serena's response, "it's okay, go ahead."
"YEAH! Thank you!" Serena cheered.

It had been a while later and the three girls had done some more shopping and Ohiko was carrying shopping bags laden with clothing. Mina was wearing her new broach and Serena was sporting a new pair of earrings that had a gold cat sitting in a crescent moon, she had a broad smile across her face.

"Hmm, it's getting close to dinner time, I think should be going home soon." Mina noticed.
Ohiko looked down at her watch, "Your right, and I promised my uncle I'd be home in time for dinner."
"Well, it's looks like we're all heading in the same direction so might as well walk together," Serena suggested. Ohiko and Mina nodded in agreement.
The girls walked down along the sidewalk, Serena a few steps ahead of the others while Mina was humming quietly to herself. Ohiko glanced over at Mina noticing that she seemed much happier.
"So you really are Sailor V?", Ohiko decided it was safe to ask again.
Mina stopped humming and glanced over at Ohiko, "Yup, V is just short for Venus," then Mina stopped walking to face Ohiko directly, "your not going to ask me for my autograph again are you?"
"Well..." Ohiko admitted.
"So that's why you bought Mina the broach," Serena accused, while she continued walking.
"No, I bought you something too," Ohiko defended.
"Yeah Serena, and it's not like anyone would want Sailor Moon's autograph." Mina joked.
Serena turned around to face the two girls but continued to walk backwards.
"Ha ha," Serena replied sarcastically, and then slipped and fell on her butt.
Ohiko and Mina ran up to Serena and help her back up on her feet.
"Clumsy. You should watch where you're going," Mina sighed.
"I slipped and fell in something," Serena whined and then turned around to show them. Serena's entire backside was covered in this thick, clear slime. "Gross, what is that stuff," Mina gasped.
"Eww, get it off!" Serena shrieked.
Ohiko handed her a napkin from her purse and Serena began to wipe it off as quickly as she could. Mina looked passed Serena, down the street. "Look, the entire street is covered with it."
"Your right," Ohiko agreed as she stared down the street as well.
"Well, I guess would be included as scout business," Mina asked Serena.
Serena finished wiping the last of the slime off, "Fine, fine."
"Venus Star Power!"
"Moon Crystal Power!"
"Solaris Star Power!"
The three quickly but carefully walked through the trail of slime, following its path.
Sailor Sun stopped for a moment to get her bearings and then realized something, "It's this in the direction of that friend of yours?" she asked Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon and Venus stopped and looked around, "Yes it is..."
Sudden they heard a scream come from farther up the street.
"Molly!" Sailor Moon called out, recognizing the scream, and began to run down the street as fast as she could, ignoring the slime. Venus and Sun quickly took chase after her.
"Help!", the three scouts found Molly and her mother hitting a humungous starfish with brooms. It was lumbering slowly towards their jewelry shop. The Starfish was a bright orange-red color and was covered with hard spiny scales and traveled on millions of legs that seemed to be producing the slime.
"A starfish?!" Venus remarked.
"Great first a octopus, now a starfish," Sailor Moon whined.
"Actually if I remember correctly, it was a nautilus." Sailor Sun pointed out.
"How did you know that? Oh yeah, I guess you were there too," Sailor Moon remembered.
"Umm, you guys, shouldn't we do something?" Venus replied.
"Right! here we go!" Sailor Sun cheered but before she could start her attack, Sailor Moon jumped in front of her. "Oh no you don't! We don't want any craters here!"
Sailor Sun pouted, "Oh fine."
"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
The chain leapt out at the starfish and struck it in one of it arms breaking the arm off. The Starfish stopped moving and slumped to the ground.
"That was easy," Venus remarked. Sailor Sun nodded in agreement.
Sailor Moon walked over to Molly and her mother, "Are you guys Okay?"
"Yes Sailor Moon, Thanks!" Molly replied gratefully.
"Yes, thank you!" Molly's mother thanked, "but what are you going to do with those?" pointing at the Starfish and it's severed arm.
"Hmm, maybe a sushi shop will want it," Sailor Venus giggled.
"Umm, guys? We have a problem," Sun pointed at the Starfish. It first stirred and then began to sprout a new arm where the one it had lost had been.
"Oh great," Sailor Moon sighed.
"That not our only problem," Venus added. Everyone then looked at the arm that had broken off. It began to move and started to grow new arms as well. Before the scout could react, they were dealing two starfish, one small one, which started back after Molly and her mother and a larger one which went after the scouts.
"Run!" Sailor Venus yelled at Molly and her mother and quickly dragged the two of them into their store while Sailor Sun tried to slow down the smaller Starfish by kicking, stomping and even jumping on it.
Sailor Moon however decided to face off with the larger of the two starfish and pulled out her scepter.
"Okay you five armed freak, lets see if you can grow new arms if your moon dust! Moon Scepter Elimination!"
Sailor Moon's attack connected with the starfish which blew up into thousands of smaller chunks, one of which hit Sailor Venus as she came back out of the store, knocking her off her feet.
"Yuck! way to go!" Venus complained as she wiped the chunk of starfish off her chest.
"Well, at least I took care of it, right?"
"No you made it worse!" Venus looked down on the slab of starfish she had just wiped off herself. It started to grow a whole new set of legs. Before they realized it the scouts found themselves surrounded by thousands starfish that formed from all the chunks of starfish that had just been created.
"What are we going to do?" Sailor bawled, "where is that animal know-it-all, Terra, when you need her?"
Meanwhile, Sailor Sun was completely oblivious to what had just happened and was still jumping on the what was the smallest, but now the largest starfish. She was obviously getting frustrated.
"That's it! I've had enough of this! Solaris Super Nova!"
Sailor Sun produced a glowing white ball of energy, much smaller than her attack on the nautilus, and threw it at the largest of the starfish. The ball struck the starfish sending it instantaneously into flames, turning it quickly to a smoldering block of charcoal.
"Wow, no crater," Sailor Moon gasped in amazement.
"I can control my powers you know." Sailor Sun replied.
"Well, do you think you could get rid of the rest of these?" Venus pleaded as she was kicking back the starfish that surrounded her.
"Where did all of these come from?" Sailor Sun finally noticing what had happened.
"Never mind," Sailor Moon mumbled.
"Solaris Super Nova!"
Sailor Sun threw the glowing ball of energy she had created at the center of the mob of starfish and struck the ground exploding outward, destroying hundreds of starfish instantaneously. Then the explosion continued to expand outward swallowing more of the starfish as it grew.
"Uh oh..." Sailor Sun mumbled.
The scouts suddenly realized that the explosion wouldn't stop before reaching them and they all turned and ran, stumbling over the starfish that covered the ground as they went.
"I thought you said you could control it?" Sailor Moon hollered as she ran.
"Well not always..." Sailor Sun apologized.
Just then the leading edge of the explosion caught up with the three scouts and sent them flying into some nearby tree and bushes, and then subsided.
Sailor Venus was the first to rise out of the bushes where she had landed. Hearing someone groan beside her, she looked down into the bushes beside her to see Sailor Sun sprawled amongst the branches.
"Here," Venus offered Sun a hand and helped her out of the bushes and to her feet.
"Sorry, I can't always control it," Sun blushed again from embarrassment.
"That's okay," Venus looked out at the street where the starfish had been. A number of small burning, black lumps littered the scorched street but no signs of any starfish remained. "It looks like you got them all anyway without leaving a crater this time," Venus decided, "Where's Sailor Moon?"
Just then Sailor Moon fell out of the tree behind them upside down, landing on her face.
"Wahhh! Why does this always happen to me?" Sailor Moon bawled, getting up while holding her nose.

Whisper sat impatiently in the main chamber. He disliked not knowing what was happening. Then silently two figures appeared behind him. Whisper quickly calmed down and turned to see Trulum and Grutag standing side by side.

"Well?" Whispers impatience resurfaced.
"It went without incident." Grutag replied bluntly.
"That is obvious. I mean the energy source." Whisper snarled.
"We found the location of the energy leak but decided not to remove the source from it's present location at that time as the environment was rather cold." Trulum explained.
"It sat in the northern latitudes of this planet," Grutag added.
"So what you saying is it was a complete waste of time." Whisper definitely did not sound impressed.
"N-no sire, that's not it at all," Trulum stammered, "Upon closer examination of the energy leak I concluded that we should be able to move the location of the leak with little effort and bring the source directly here."
Whisper turned to Grutag, "Is that possible?"
"I'm not entirely sure as I am no expert in this matter but seeing as how the source is sitting between dimensions I do not see why it should not work," Grutag guessed.
"And what of Rubius?"
"It would appear that he left all the work to my minion and just sat by and watched," Trulum sounded displeased, "We have no idea to his current whereabouts."
"I see," Whisper thought out loud, "now Trulum, how soon can you accomplish the retrieval of the energy source?"
"I could begin right now and it would only be a matter of moments."
"Very well, proceed." this news had calmed Whispers mood and brought a sigh of relief out of Trulum.
Trulum then produced a small, black sea urchin-like creature out of the pouch he carried about his waist. Trulum then held the small creature out in front of him at arms length and waited.
"I haven't all day," Whisper mumbled.
"Patience sire," Trulum soothed, still holding up the creature.
Suddenly the creature began to stir and the spines that projected out from its body twitched. From the longest of the spines, narrow beams of light shot upwards in all directions into the gloom above them only then to coalesce into a single beam which focused on a single point in space above them. The single beam suddenly diverged back into a number of beams again, this time forming a circle in space where the beam had focused just prior. Slowly a portal opened within the circle and grew in size until it was the same size as the circle produced by the beams of light. The beams of light then suddenly faded away to nothing leaving the portal floating in space above them.
From within the portal a larger crystal floated down and within the crystal was a man. Once the crystal had completely emerged from the portal and rest on the ground, the portal vanished.
Trulum returned the urchin like creature to his pouch, "So it was a living being after all," he thought out loud.
"It would appear that way," Grutag remarked.
"Hmmm, this is turning out to be very interesting indeed," Whisper mused, "and you say that he is of energy similar to our own?"
"Yes sire."
"Very interesting," a smirk broke across Whisper fur covered face, "well, there is no point delaying now. Grutag, release him!"
Grutag reached for the heavy halberd he had straddled across his back and brought it down hard upon the crystal's surface.
"Not so hard," Trulum yelled, "we don't want him dead!"
"Not yet anyway," Whisper added with a hint a sarcasm.
However the first blow delivered by Grutag appeared to be enough as the crystal began to crack. Suddenly the man within the crystal's eyes opened and the crystal exploded outward as the man yelled at the top of his lungs. The man's lungs heaved as he gasped for air. He then noticed the three elementals around him and defensively backed off.
"Who are you?" the man asked cautiously. It was apparent he did not trust the three.
"Seeing as it was we who released you, I believe it is we who get to ask that question first," Whisper replied.
The man straighten up with pride, "I am Jedeite, General of the armies of the Negaverse. Now I ask again, who are you?"

Soon after the incident with the starfish, Ohiko rushed in through the door of her uncle's apartment, she knew she was late. Her uncle's head popped out from inside the kitchen as she took off her shoes.

"Your late for dinner you know,"
"I know, I'm sorry. I had something I had to do with my friends first." Ohiko apologized.
"You've already made friends? That was fast."
Ohiko giggled, "Guess it was fate," and then thinking to herself, "yeah, I guess 'fate' would be the best word..."
She then dropped her purse and noticed a piece of paper stuff into the side of it.
"Luckily, I kept your dinner warm Ohiko,"
"Be right there," she replied as she picked it the piece of paper that had something scribbled onto it. Ohiko smiled as she recognized what it was.

"Welcome to the Club! --- Sailor V."