Sailor Earth: When the Sun Meets the Moon

When the Sun Meets the Moon

Written by: Terence Ladan

"Sire, I do not understand it," Trulum protested loudly, "the scouts should not have been able to defeat the nautiloid in that short period of time!"

"Well, then how do you explain the fact that they did?"
Trulum turned and glared at Rubius who was apparently lost in thought, "I believe he played down the power of the Earth scout." Trulum accused.
Rubius snapped out of train of thought to defend himself, "Do not blame your failure on me Fish man."
"Enough!" Whispered yelled, irritated by the finger pointing, "I'm sure both of you are to blame!"
Trulum and Rubius, stopped arguing for a moment and then started to blame the other again. Meanwhile Grutag stepped forward, "Whisper, it was Atrax duty to distract our opponents and was good at it. I believe that while Trulum is trying his best, he is not suited to the job, especially consider he must still do his other duties as well."
Whisper thought for a moment, "As usual you are right. I take it you are suggesting we use Rubius for our wild goose instead."
Grutag nodded his heavily scaled head slowly, "Although he would not be our prime candidate, he is our only choice."
Whisper sighed heavily, "I agree," and then turned his attention back on the other two who were still arguing. "Silence! Trulum, how can you be sure it was the Earth scout that destroyed the nautiloid?"
Rubius and Trulum fell silent, "Because I surveyed the area after and the was a large crater. Rubius stated before that the Earth's scouts power was an energy geizer that emanated from the earth. She would be the only scout who could produce such a crater."
"Don't be so sure, Jupiter may be capable as well," Whisper pointed out, "Well, I have decided that you will no longer be providing the scouts with the distraction." Whisper then turned to Rubius, "Rubius, since you have already taken over Atrax's duty of spying on the scouts, you will take over the rest of her duties as well. I'm removing the obligation to remain here so that you can keep the scouts busy while Trulum gathers energy."
Both Trulum and Rubius looked back at Whisper with shock. "Fine, do you want me to leave now?" Rubius finally replied.
"Well, unless you think you need to write up your will first." Whisper goaded.
"No, I'll handle those meddlesome scouts just fine." Rubius boasted and vanished.
"Trulum, you should leave as well. I suspect it won't take Rubius long."
"Y-yes sire. I'll leave immediately." Whisper replied, still shocked. It was well know that the elementals disliked help of any kind from outside, However, until now they've never have had need of it.
After Trulum had left Whisper turned to Grutag, "Do you think this will work?"
"I know not. Time will tell."
Whisper sighed, "Lets go report this to the Wiseman."

It had been a day since the monster nautilus had attacked and since Luna disappeared and Serena hadn't stopped crying since (although the fact that she hadn't done her homework had something to do with this). They had returned to the restaurant where Luna had been kidnapped the following day in hopes that she would have been returned without any luck. They spent the rest of that afternoon combing the area with the help of Darien and Reeni, asking people if they had seen Luna or the tall girl. Without any luck, they had gathered again at the park at the very same bench as the day before, none of them knowing what to say. They were all really worried by this point and Artemis was absolutely distraught.

"Don't worry Serena, Luna's a pretty resourceful cat. I'm sure she'll make it back to us," Raye tried to cheer Serena up and was partially successful as Serena's crying turned into a sniffle.
"Beside, what would that girl want with Luna anyway?" Mina added cheerfully.
"A talking cat? Let see, how about being sold to a circus!" Lita replied.
"Or worse yet, being dissected for scientific study," Terra added. Hearing this sent Serena into a loud wail.
"This isn't helping guys!" Ami complained as she covered her ears.
"Hi guys, no luck?" Darien asked as he walked up with Reeni holding his hand. Serena calmed down at the site of Darien, "No Darien and we've looked everywhere!"
"How about you guys" Artemis asked feebly from Mina's lap.
"We didn't have any luck either," Reeni sighed disappointedly.
"What do we do now?" Mina asked.
Serena got up with a burst of energy, "We keep looking! We'll go to every house in Tokyo if we have too."
"Serena, that will take forever, we'll never find that girl that way." Raye yelled.
"Well, what do you suggest we do? We can't just wait here and hope she shows up!" Serena yelled back.
"Girls..." Darien tried to stop the two from arguing.
Terra had given up and just stared off into the distance when something caught her attention. "Uh, Serena, I think that's exactly what we should do."
"Isn't that her?"
Terra was right. Walking towards them was the tall brown haired girl they had seen the day before carrying Serena's bag with Luna sitting on her shoulder. "Luna!" Serena yelled and raced towards the two of them followed by the others. The girl then stopped walking while Luna hopped off the girl's shoulder and ran towards them. When Serena reached Luna she picked her up crying, "Oh, Luna I was so worried about you," and gave her a big hug causing the bones in Luna to pop.
"Serena, not so hard," Luna gasped.
"Sorry," Serena apologized as she wiped away her tears. The rest of the group surrounded Luna, all of them happy to see her okay.
"We were all really worried about you," Artemis beamed, the relief obvious on his face.
"You should know I can take care of myself."
"Now where is that girl, I want to tear her limb from limb," Lita growled.
The girl was still standing where Luna had left her. She was smiling but the smile did not hide her obvious nervousness.
"No doubt, lets get her." Raye agreed.
"Yeah, she's still got my homework!" Serena added.
"You'll do nothing of the sort," Luna scolded and batted Serena on the nose.
All the girls looked surprisingly at Luna. "Why not?"
"Because you have no idea who she is, that's why," Luna explained, and the called over to the girl, "Ohiko, come over here!"
"Ohiko? Isn't that sorta Japanese for...?" Terra started to ask.
"The Sun? Yes it is." Luna answered.
By this point, the girl reached the group. "Hello, my name is Ohiko Taiyo, pleased to meet you all," and the girl bowed.
"Taiyo? Isn't that also Japanese for..." Terra began to ask again.
"Yes!" they all responded simultaneously.
Serena got a better look at Ohiko, "So your Sailor Sun?"
"Sun? I guess but I'm actually called Solar..." started to replied but was cut short by Raye, "Luna is she actually Sailor Sun?"
"Yes, here I'll show you," Luna said, "Ohiko, lean closer a bit would you?"
"My name is Sailor Solaris... oh never mind," Ohiko started to complain but leaned forward instead.
Luna looked around to make sure no one else was watching and then leaned towards Ohiko. They both closed their eyes and then crescent moon on Luna's forehead began to glow. For a brief moment nothing happened. Suddenly a flash of brilliant light, as bright as the sun, burst from Ohiko's forehead. The group had to cover their eyes due to the intensity of the light but it soon diminished and they could see again. On Ohiko's forehead was a white heart with a dot in the middle. Then both Luna and Ohiko opened their eyes and the symbol disappeared.
"Proof enough for me," Mina replied.
"I'll say," Terra agreed.
"Fine you're a scout, that doesn't give you the right to kidnap Luna." Serena accused.
"Sorry, I tried to tell you guys but..."
"That went down in a flaming disaster." Raye finished for her.
"Right, so I decided I'd talk to your guardian cat instead."
"Wait a minute. You recognized us?" Serena gasped.
"Sure, well except for you," Ohiko pointed at Terra, and continued, "Your the princesses of the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Venus plus the prince of Earth," pointing at Serena, Ami, Lita, Raye, Mina and Darien respectfully.
"It's strange, it seems Ohiko has retained all her memories from her past." Luna added.
"Must be nice," Terra mumbled.
"Wait a minute, call me silly but how can she be a princess of the sun?" Darien pointed out, "no one has actually lived there has there?"
Ohiko giggled, "No I'm not a princess of the sun."
"Why don't you girls let me explain what has happened since yesterday." Luna suggested.


Luna waited in the bag hoping she wouldn't be found. After a few minutes she heard a large bang and the sound of the windows of the restaurant shattering. A minute later she felt the bag she was hiding in get picked up and leave the restaurant. Luna took a chance and peeked out of the bag to notice it was not Serena but the tall girl who carrying her.

The girl noticed Luna and said "Hi there,"
Luna meowed, trying to pretend to be a normal cat.
The girl giggled and said, "You had better keep hiding as we're are not out of the building yet."
Luna decided she had better do as she was told for now and slide back into the bag.

When they had stopped moving, the bag was opened and Luna could see she wasn't outside. It appeared she was in the girl's bedroom and the door was closed. Luna felt trapped and gave a questioning meow to the girl.

The girl smiled and then sat down, cross-legged, beside Luna. "So kitty, which one of those princesses are you the guardian cat of?"
Luna jumped back in surprise and was absolutely flabbergasted. She had not been expecting that.
The girl laughed, "Don't be so surprised that I know, I mean it's obvious you're a guardian. The crescent moon on your forehead and the fact that you were with those princess is a dead give away."
This was more than Luna could handle and she blurted out, "How do you know all this?"
The girl smiled broadly, "Good you've decided to talk, I'm Ohiko Taiyo, pleased to meet you" and she held her out hand.
Luna cautiously held out her paw and shook hands with Ohiko, "My name is Luna."
"Luna? The Moon Princesses guardian? I am in luck." Ohiko cheered.
"What do you need me for?"
"Well, to introduce me to the other scouts considering I just botched that myself," Ohiko sighed, remembering her embarrassing episode in the restaurant.
"She knows about guardian cats, the Princesses and the scouts?" Luna gasped to herself and then asked again, "Just how do you know all this?"
"Oh, I'm sorry, you probably wouldn't remember me by face considering I was never with the royalty," Ohiko apologized, "I'm Sailor Solaris. You have no idea how long I've been looking for the rest of you. Then I saw two scout on TV in my hometown of Nara and followed them here to Tokyo hoping I find you guys and I have!"
"Sailor Solaris? Yes, I remember. There was a scout that received her power from the sun who wasn't a Princess."
"That's me!" Ohiko beamed.
Then Luna became a little skeptical, "How do I know you are who you say you are?"
Her body began to shimmer white and an amulet appeared on her chest. She stood with her legs together and her arms raised above her head and her fingers interlocked. Her amulet produced a small, glowing ball of white light, which then expanded, and engulfing her body. The ball then burst outwards in a splash of white which vanished, leaving her standing in her uniform with her legs apart and hands on her hips.
"This proof enough for you?"


"Okay, Luna. We get the point," Serena yawned due to the boredom Luna's story was producing. Mina had to be nudged back awake.

There was another long silent pause, "So, where do you come from?" Mina finally asked followed by a barrage of questions.
"How come you remember everything?"
"How'd you find us here?"
"How's the air up there?"
Ohiko snickered and then began to answer the questions, "Well, I come from Nara and I decided to come looking for you guys in Tokyo after see two of you on the news. Now I found you guys here because Luna suggested we go to the shrine and from there they told us you'd probably be here. Now I'm not exactly sure I understand what you mean by 'how I remember everything'..." Ohiko explained.
"Ummm guys? I'm not sure if this is normal in Japan but do people normally float through the sky?" Terra interrupted, getting the groups attention. Everyone stared at Terra in disbelief. Terra then pointed her finger out across the lake of the park. Their gazes all followed to where Terra was pointing and saw a single solitary figure floating out over the lake, heading in their general direction.
Raye recognized the figure instantaneously, "That's Rubius!"
"I don't think he's spotted us yet, everyone scatter and hide!" Luna yelled and the group split up and hid amongst the nearby trees.
Rubius hovered into the area a few moments later and stopped above the bench that the girls had been gathered around a few minutes ago. He surveyed the area quickly, thinking, 'I'm sure this is where that energy surge originated."
"All right Sailor Scouts, I know your here now show yourself!" Rubius yelled out.
"Now why would need to show ourselves to the likes of you?"
Rubius turned in the direction of the voice and saw a single scout standing beneath a tree. "Ah, Sailor Mars, and where is your clumsy leader?"
"None of Your business!" Rubius heard from behind him followed by, "Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!"
Rubius moved and avoided the bolt of energy as it passed nearby him.
"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"
Rubius again moved to avoid the attack against him, "I really wish you scouts would stop wasting my time!" Rubius sneered and launched balls of energy at the two visible scouts. Both Mars and Jupiter jumped clear of Rubius's blasts only to have to get up and leap clear of another volley of energy balls.
"Earth Magma Strike!"
The ground beneath where Rubius floated began to buckle. Rubius recognized this and threw up an energy barrier just as the ground exploded upward in a geizer of energy. As the geizer subsided, Rubius was still seen floating above the earth, the barrier had obviously protected him.
"Very nice Earth, but you see I've seen your trick before and I have to say it's pathetic," Rubius called out as he looked for her. Then out of the nearby woods stepped out a scout flanked by two others.
"Sailor Moon, there you are, I've been looking for you. Are those two your bodyguards?" Rubius smirked as he looked at Sailor Earth and Mercury standing to either side of Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon ignored Rubius's attempt at humor, "We've had just about enough of you and I think it's time we fixed it."
"Oh, I'm not here to fight you Sailor Moon," Rubius replied nonchalantly, "I just thought you'd like to know that there's been a bounty put on your head, you could say," Rubius hissed out and then launched a storm of energy balls at Sailor Moon and the other scouts.
Suddenly a flurry of roses leapt out striking the energy balls, causing them to explode before they hit the scouts.
"Picking on girls again?" Tuxedo Mask leapt off a branch of a nearby and joined the scouts. Rubius snarled in response. Then Venus leapt out of some nearby bushes, "My turn! Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
This caught Rubius off guard and the chain knock him to the ground. Rubius quickly got back to his feet with his back to the lake and realized that they were all around him. "Hmm, I'm outnumbered. Damn these scouts!" Rubius thought to himself.
"Well, Sailor Moon, it would appear that I'm going to have to wait until we're alone before I can collect my bounty," Rubius snarled and dashed towards the lake, "follow me if you can!"
"He's going to get away!" Mercury yelled.
"Not if I can help it! Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"
Rubius avoided the attack as before but it distracted him from the fact the water at the lakes shore was steaming. Rubius approached the shore and jumped back in shock as another scout rose from the water.
A soaking wet Sailor Sun beamed the biggest smile she could muster, "SURPRISE! Weren't expecting me were ya?"
"Who?" Rubius gasped out at the tall scout.
"Solaris Solar Flare!"
"No! She going to destroy the park!" Sailor Earth called out, and the scouts all shut their eyes, anticipating a blast like before. But there was none. Rubius watched in shock as Sailor Sun clasped her hands together over her head and murmured, "get a good look now cause you won't be able to in a moment."
Sailor Sun the quickly separated her hands producing a glowing ball of white light which exploded into a brilliant light causing Rubius to go temporarily blind.
The rest of the scouts opened their eyes, "Hey, the parks still here."
"Sailor Moon, quickly!" Luna called out from the bushes.
"Right! Moon Scepter Elimination!"
The blast struck the dazed Rubius. Rubius flinched in pain and screamed, "I will make you pay Sailor Moon. I will make you pay!" and then vanished.
"He got away again?" Mars yelled.
"How does he do that?" Sailor Moon complained.
"You have to admit though, he's nowhere nearly as tough without his four sisters." Jupiter remarked.
The group nodded in agreement.
Sailor Venus helped the wet Sailor Sun out of the of the lake and the scouts quickly gathered around her.
Sailor Moon took a closer look at Sailor Sun, "You're dry already?" she noticed.
"Guess so."
Sailor Mercury pulled out her computer, "Her body is putting out a huge amount of energy. No wonder she's dry already."
"Well, we're really thankful you decided not to destroy the park," Earth thanked and then looked over at Tuxedo Mask, who she had never seen him up until now. "Slick duds Sailor Darien, hope it's not a rental."
"Uh, no... and I thought I told you girls not to call me that." Tuxedo mask sighed.
Venus then remembered, "By the way, that was quick thinking. What made you hide in the lake?"
Sun began to blush, "Actually I tripped and fell in when we went to hide."
They all tried not to laugh at her, but when she began laughing they all joined in.
Sailor Moon remembered something else and stopped laughing, "Umm, where is my book bag?"
Sailor Sun gasped, "Sorry," and pointed towards the lake, "I forgot it there when I fell in."
Serena's bag could be seen floating near the surface of the water. Sailor Moon ran into the lake and scooped up her bag.
"Detention again? It's not even my fault this time. It's just not fair!!" Sailor Moon cried as she dropped to her knees in the lake and began to wail.