Sailor Moon E: Prologue

Sailor Moon E: Prologue

Written by: Terence Ladan

This prologue is the place I decided I'd explain a few things to you before you start to read the actual fanfic, and hopefully answer a few questions you have once you have started reading it. So enjoy

Sailor Moon E as you many have already figured out, stands for Sailor Moon Earth. I called it that for simply lack of a better idea at the time. I've considered calling it Sailor Moon Neo at one point only to find out a fanfic of that name already existed so the idea was dropped.

You may notice, that although the majority of ASMO is dedicated the the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon, the fanfic follows the North American version. The reason for this is this, when I started this fanfic, most of my knowledge of Sailormoon was limited to what was available on TV, namely the DiC version (it is also the reason I started the fanfic where I did). Although I did know some of the japanese version, I didn't think I knew enough to do the fanfic properly using the japanese version. Hence, I made not only the fanfic, but the entire site, using the english version.

As time went by, I eventually saw parts of the original japanese series, got a hold of a few of the manga, and learned even more about the original Sailormoon off the net. Enough so that I eventually converted the rest of ASMO to the original japanese version. The fanfic itself, however, has remained unchanged and will probably continue to follow the DiC version until it is finished. I have to do this in order keep the continuity of the story whole. However, the next story, Sailormoon Infinite, will follow the japanese version and use japanese names and I may even consider re-editting Sailor Moon E if I get enough mail about it.

Sailormoon E start off at the end of Episode 72 in Sailor Moon R, after Reeni discovered the scouts identities, the last of the four sisters were converted to good and the scouts destroyed the dark moon's wand at the bridge. From this point on Sailormoon E goes off into the unknown, charting a new story for the scouts to follow with new people to meet and new adventures to discover!! (pass the cheese please )