Chibi's Day Out: Fanfic

Chibi's Day Out

By Terence Ladan

It was early morning. The sun crept over the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, casting it's light upon the crystal spires of Crystal Tokyo. The reflected light dancing in multicolor upon the sleeping streets below.

In one home near the center of the great city where the palace lay, slept a young girl wearing yellow pajama's with pictures of cute little mice all over them. The girl's nose twitched for a moment as sunlight broke through the open window of her room and fell upon her face making the freckles on her cheeks more noticeable. She opened her eyes, squinting at the rainbow of colors reflecting off the crystal towers of the city beyond that emptied into her room. She then rolled over and covered her head with her pillow revealing the large mop of carrot colored hair she had tied up in two large pigtails.
After a few moments of silence a barely audible sigh could be heard coming from under the pillow. Throwing the pillow off her head and against the far wall, she pulled herself upright in her bed, yawning, and stretched her arms, careful not to hit her head on the bunk above her. She then slid quietly out of bed, stretched again and got dressed in what was obviously a school uniform.
The outfit consisted of a white shirt with a light gray vest over top and a royal blue skirt that hung just above her knees. A blue shoulder cover, the same color as her skirt, sat across her shoulders with a red bow loosely beneath it.
Standing in front of a desk mirror, she then carefully tied a large green bow at the base of each of her pigtails and smiled at herself in the mirror giving out a little giggle. After giving herself a final inspection, she walked over to the window where a small Siamese kitten with a golden crescent moon on its forehead lay sleeping in the early morning sunlight. She petted the kitten as she stared out the window briefly. The kitten stirred and then stretched, only to curl back up and continued to sleep.
She then turned to proceed out of her room when she suddenly remembered something important and glanced at the clock sitting on a night table by the bunk-bed.
"Two minutes to seven, Almost missed it." The girl thought to herself, and she sat kneeling in front of the clock, her arm poised above the clock like a cat waiting for a mouse to come out of a hole.
She sat there for what seemed like forever to her, and was starting to let down her guard.
"Bee-CLACK!!" Her arm hand slammed down on the clock as soon as she heard it sound, turning it off.
"Quickest time yet," she thought proudly to herself and then looked up to the top bunk to she if anyone had aroused. No one did.
She silently crepted up to the bed and peered over on to the top of the bunk. Her younger sister slept quietly, still sucking her thumb. The girl then pulled herself up as close to her sister as possible, the expression on her face making it apparent she was up to no good.
"Hadumi! WAKE UP!!" she yelled as loud as she could.
Her little sister startled awake and then grabbed her pillow and threw it at her, knocking her off balance and sending her to the floor with a thud.
"Naru, we have an alarm for that you know," Hadumi mumbled, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Hadumi then leaned over the edge of her bunk to see her older sister sitting on the floor rubbing her butt.
"Owww!" Naru complained and threw the pillow back at Hadumi who ducked and let the pillow fly past her. Naru then marched out of the room grumbling, hearing Hadumi laugh and stick her tongue out.

Naru made her way downstairs, walking by her two younger brothers room, from the sound of it they were probably fighting, and entered the kitchen. Her parents were already up as usual as well as her two older brothers who were already eating.

"Good Morning," her mother smiled at her, "sleep well?"
Naru smiled and nodded and took a seat at the table.
"Morning Naru-chan, is your sister up?" her father questioned. The question reminded her of sore butt and she winced and nodded again.
"Kanada, are you finished eating already?" her mother asked. Her eldest brother stuffed the last piece of toast in his mouth as a reply.
"Good, can you get your brothers in here?" she asked, although it sounded more like a demand.
Kanada swallowed and replied "Sure Mom," nonchalantly and left the room.
Naru's mother then placed a plate of toast and blueberry jam in front of Naru, which she began to carefully pick apart with her fingers and ate. A few moments later Hadumi entered the kitchen and took the seat Kanada had been sitting in a few moments ago, followed by Kanada pulling the two youngest of the four brothers by the ears.
"Here you are Mom." Kanada said and let go of his sibling's ears. They both responded with an ouch.
"Thank you," his mother responded sarcastically, not liking the way he had taken on the task.
Kanada smiled, "Come on Natou, or you'll be late for school again," and walked out of the kitchen.
Naru's other older brother grumbled, "Alright, I'm coming," put his last piece of toast in his mouth, got up and followed his brother out of the kitchen. A moment later Natou ran back into the kitchen and grabbed both his and Kanada's lunch and sprint back out as fast as he came in.
By this point Naru had finished her toast and left her seat so that her other brothers could sit down.
"Leaving early again Naru-chan?" her mom asked.
"Yup," Naru smiled and grabbed her own lunch.
Her father then looked at the time on his watch, "Oh, I better get going or I'll be late."
"Don't forget your lunch," as her mother handed him it.
"Thank you. I'll give you a call around lunchtime okay?" her father thanked.
"Oh you don't have to do that."
"Yes I do. I don't think I could last that long without hearing your voice."
"I really wish you'd stop talking like that," mother scolded.
"I can't help it, it's just the way I feel." he replied and dashed out the door.
Naru giggled and went back upstairs to brush her teeth.

A few minutes later Naru headed back down the stairs with a brown leather book-bag strapped to her back. On the way down she passed Hadumi who was heading up the stairs. Before Hadumi knew it, Naru had her hands in Hadumi's dark reddish brown hair and made a mess of it.

"Mom!!" Hadumi yelled.
"I'm leaving!" Naru yelled as she dashed down the stairs, slipped her black shoes on and slipped out the front door.
"Mom!" she could her Hadumi yell again from inside the house followed by her mother voice, "what is it dear?" but by this point Naru was already out of the yard and walking down the street towards her school.

As she walked down the street humming a little tune, the sunlight glistening down from the crystal towers above, she came cross a rather small natural park. The park contained many pine trees and other smaller plant life. Naru decided to take an extended detour through the park and followed the narrow path that wound it's way through it. Actually this walk through the park was more a ritual than a decision as it was the reason she left early for school every morning. Soon the sounds of the street behind her disappeared and she was surrounded by the calls of various songbirds. Naru paused a moment and took a deep breath, then she entered a small clearing in the center of the park.

There was no one there at that moment which was usually the case whenever Naru went. The clearing was a favorite spot for young couples at night, which was apparent by the number of names engraved into the two benches. The two benches sat near the edge of a pond that was fed by a small bamboo fountain that made a periodic clacking noise. Naru took a seat in one of the benches placing her book-bag beside her and peered out at the pond through the mist that still rose above it in hopes of seeing one of the fish which inhabited it. Naru spotted one of the large fish after it gave away its position with a little splash. She then leaned back, closed her eyes and relaxed. She sat there quietly for quite a few minutes, breathing deeply. It was quite serene and peaceful.
Suddenly she got up and picked up her book-bag, pulling her lunch out from within it. From out of her lunch she grabbed one rice ball and hopped over to a small shrine that sat to one side of the pond. She kneeled before the shrine and placed the rice ball in front of a statue of a fox kami that sat inside the shrine.
"I ask for good health of my family and would you please look over my big sister Terra and make sure she stays well?" Naru requested softly and made a shallow bow. The after staring at the statue for a brief moment, she hopped back on her feet stuffed her lunch back in her bag and dashed out of the park. She was soon back on the street she started and she continued walking down the street humming.
After a few minutes, Naru arrived at the gate of a small walled in building. A sign on the wall beside the gate said 'Mizuno Private School'. Naru push at the gate and entered, closing it behind her.

"Naru's here," stated a girl with short lavender blue hair. She was sitting at a desk in the front row reading an algebra text. The room she was in was somewhat small with 12 desks in three rows. The teacher's desk was at the front of the room in front of the whiteboard. A row behind her, a girl with shoulder length black hair, the sides tied up in a bow, picked up her head from her desk.

"Hmm?", the girl replied groggily, "Oh, I know that," and let her head return to the desk with a thump.
The door at the back of the room opened and Naru strode in, "Good Morning!" she greeted cheerfully.
"Morning," the blue-haired girl waved without looking up.
"Hmm?" the black-haired girl picked her head up once again and turned to look at Naru. She smiled once the recognition kicked in "Oh, hi Naru-chan".
"Reiko, did you try to beat Mia-chan here again?" Naru asked the black-haired girl.
Reiko nodded and looked over at the blue-haired girl, "I got here at six and she was still her before me" she groaned.
All they heard come out of Mia was a restrained giggle. The time Mia arrived at school was a mystery to all the other girls in the class. A mystery that Reiko tried to solve on numerous occasions and failed each time.
Naru took her usual desk in front of Reiko beside Mia. "So what time do you get here at Mia?"
Without looking up from her textbook, Mia smiled and replied, "Oh, not that early."
"That's all she ever says, " Reiko grumbled and let her head hit the table once again.
"Ryu's here," Mia stated.
This time Reiko didn't bother picking up her head, "I know."
A few moments later a boy entered the class. He was by far taller than the three girls and had short wavy brown hair and a few freckles around his nose. He wore black pants, a white shirt and a gray vest similar to the vest the girls were wearing. "Good Morning everyone," he greeted and threw the two bags he was carrying on a desk a row behind the one Reiko was seated. The thud made Reiko jump.
"Morning," they all replied back.
Reiko sat up and turned around, " I see your Mom packed your lunch again today," looking at the second bag.
Ryu scratched his head with embarrassment, "Yeah..." and sat down.
Naru turned around in her seat, "Can I have some of it? With all the people in my house I never get enough to eat." Naru begged.
"Sure." Ryu replied gratefully knowing he'd never be able to finish it all himself and his mother would be disappointed if it was wasted. Naru cheered and turned around to look at what Mia was reading. After a few moments she gave up. Naru had a hard enough time with the multiplication tables.
After a few moments of dead silence, Ryu looked up at the clock.
"Five minutes to eight. Mika should be here any second now."
No sooner than he finished saying this than the front door could be heard opening. A moment later a girl with long wavy blonde hair entered the room followed by another tall girl with long brown hair that was tied back in a bow. The blonde girl collapsed on the desk beside Ryu, gasping heavily for air, "Made it, (gasp) I'm not late."
"Punctual as always Mika!" Ryu joked.
The tall brown-haired girl giggled at this and took a seat beside Reiko.
"Good Morning Ohimi," Mia greeted replied, "Happy you're feeling better." Ohimi was a little emotionally high strung, which wasn't a problem in itself. What was the problem was she let her emotions control her scout powers at times which was a little unhealthy for her and others around her.
Ohimi, the tall long brown-haired girl blushed with embarrassment, "Thank you."
"And now A.." Mia began to say but was cut off by Reiko, "Yes, I know! Alex is here.
It was obvious Reiko was getting a little irritated.
Just then a boy about the same height as Okona with short dark brown hair entered the class. He was wearing a outfit much the same as Ryu's.
By the expression on his face it was obvious he had heard Reiko's outburst.
"Rei-chan, if you don't want me here I could leave." Alex asked sincerely.
Reiko's face turned pale, "N-no! I don't want you to leave!"
All the girls started to giggle at Reiko's reaction.
Reiko's face turned bright red as she realized what she said, "That's not what I meant!" trying to convince the others but did a poor job as they continued to laugh.
Meanwhile Alex took up the seat to the other side of Reiko and leaned back in his hair.
After the giggling subsided, "Well that leaves just two more. Think they'll make it in time?" Ryu inquired as if wages would placed on the correct answer.
"Your kidding right?" Alex chuckled.
"Well it's not like Illya to be late," Ohimi ventured to say.
"Oh that's right," Mia just remembered, "my mother said Illya won't be coming to class to day. Apparently she's need for princess duties on Zanadu."
Alex sat up in his chair finally, "Yeah but I bet Little Miss Moon Princess will be late." "She's always late," Reiko conveniently agreed with Alex.
"Just like her mother was," they heard a voice warmly add as the door to the room opened behind them.
The group recognized the voice immediately and quickly sat up properly in their seats. "Good Morning Mercury Sensei," they sang out in unison.
"Good Morning Class," the teacher replied as she walked to the front of the classroom and placed her briefcase she was carrying on her desk. She was dressed in her usual conservative clothing, a brown jacket over a white blouse with a matching brown dress. There was one thing that was very hard to overlook about the teacher's appearance. The similarities between Mia and herself were obviously not coincidental. This was easily explained away by one simple fact. The teacher was also Mia's mother.
"The Queen was always late too?" Mika dared herself to ask the teacher.
"Quite often yes," the teacher replied with a chuckle as she placed the days work out on her desk. The students all gasped with awe at the new piece of information. Stories about Queen Serenity's youth were vague and little known so any information they could squeeze out of their teacher was valued. This particular piece was even more valued by Mika who had a habit of being late herself, although she knew she got it from her mother.
"So how is everyone today?" the teacher chimed.
"Good Mercury Sensei," they all replied in unison again although Reiko more groaned than spoke it. Quickly, Naru threw up her hand to get the teacher's attention.
"Yes Chibi Naru?"
"I'm almost positive that my reaction time is improving!" Naru beamed.
"Really?" the teacher asked encouragingly. Naru nodded her head with a big grin on her face.
"And how is your times tables coming along?" the teacher then asked. Naru's face turned bright red, out shining her carrot top hair, "Ummm..."
The class quietly chuckled at her obvious embarrassment when the door to the class opened again bringing he room quiet once again. In strode a girl with pink hair tied up in two "carrot shaped" buns that flowed into rather large but short ponytails. Standing beside her was a black cat with a yellow crescent moon on its forehead while another gray cat with the same marking on its forehead sat atop the pink-haired girl's head.
"Good morning Luna," the teacher greeted the black cat.
"Good morning Ami," the cat greeted the teacher in returned and then began to apologize, "I'm sorry we're late. The Princess thought it was Sunday and then couldn't decide which shoes to wear."
"That's all right Luna," Ami smiled. It was obvious by the reactions of everyone else that this was a customary event. "Please take your seat Chibi Usa."
The pink-haired girl took the seat on the other side of Mia without saying a word.
"Come on Diana," Luna spoke up again, "Usagi has to study."
"Mom..." the gray kitten complained, obviously comfortable on her perch.
"It's okay if she stays Luna," Ami replied but Luna still objected, "guardian kittens have studying of their own to do."
Diana reluctantly left the top of Usagi's head and headed out the door. However, before leaving, Luna stopped and turned Naru, 'Which reminds me. Naru-chan, where is Gaia? He has to study too."
Naru remembered that he was still sleeping in front of the window as she had forgotten to wake him up, "I think he's still at home... sleeping."
"I guess I'll have to go get him them," Luna sighed, "Bye children," and with that, Luna left the room. "Bye Luna," the class called out and they could hear a "bye children" coming for outside.

The teacher quickly regained her pupils attention, "Okay class, lefts begin where we left off yesterday. Everyone get out your textbooks and review your multiplication tables."

The students grumbled quietly to themselves, all except Mia, and did as they were told.